Saturday, 4 July 2015

Summer Running!

 Happy 4th American Peeps!!!

I hope everyone has had a stellar weekend so far. :) I was super joyed when my peony bloomed a few days ago!!! Isn't it pretty?

Lola is totally basking in the summer vacay mode...
As soon as Matt leaves for work in the morning she sneaks over and lays in his spot. <3
Before I share my running wisdom with you (sarcasm meter on high, lol) you need to add this song to your play list! I have beaten it to death on the run and in the car this week. Check out "Fight Song," you'll love it!

Summer Running
Others may disagree but I really feel like Summer just suddenly showed up in Halifax. We went from cool and breezy to "oh dear god, I think I might just melt into the pavement!"

There are a few things I've learned about summer running and each year I have 'that' run that reminds me that it's time to switch into summer mode. You know the craptastic hot sticky run that I'm talking about. :S

Here are a few things I do to accommodate for summer training runs:

1. Hydrate! 
My Camelbak is da bomb dot com. ;)  I'm so glad I purchased one of these last year as an 'end of school year reward.' I stash my gels/phone in the pocket on the back and load up on 2L of liquids...2L!

Now not all runs require this much fluid so a hand-held bottle does an awesome job for shorter runs. 
This little Running Room one does a great job for shorter runs. I love that it has a key compartment as well.

2. Run Early! 
If your schedule permits, running early is key in the humid months. I know this one is super obvious but let's face it, sometimes our bed is just waaaaay more comfy. ;)

This photo reminds me to suggest braiding those strands so that they do not stick to your back...eew, I hate that feeling!

3. Wear Shades!
I like fitted ones that don't bounce around a lot or pinch my nose for running. These ones do the trick for sure!
My sister made a few comments about how there are 'so many owls' around my house and today I thought I'd send her this as a joke, but thought it was too hilarious and I had to show you, LOL.
4. Invest in a cool hat or visor!
Cool can mean either style or fabric here...I was leaning towards cool breathable fabric though. ;)  I personally prefer a visor to keep the head cool and the face shaded, unless rain is expected, and then it's a hat for sure.

5. Wear cool gear!
I like ventilated tanks and lightweight shorts for sure on my hot humid runs. I bought this Brooks Run Happy mesh tank in Boston last year and I LOVE it!!! It's great for hot runs, especially if you're not comfortable running in a sports bra alone. If you don't have mesh, lightweight moisture-wicking fabric and light colours are a great go-to.

6. Anti-Chafe as much as possible & Apply Sunscreen! 
I sweat a lot when I run!!! I also tend to lose a lot of salt which causes friction when my clothes/skin rub together. Admittedly there have been runs where I've neglected to use Body glide or Vaseline on my frequent chafe areas and I've regretted it in the shower when I got home. :(  

7. Adjust your expectations
Pushing the pace when the mercury rises can be plain dangerous so realize and be aware of how much extra effort your body is expending in attempting to keep you at a safe core temperature.  

8. Don't neglect the warm up!
It's easy to get tricked by the warm air into thinking that your muscles are already warmed up because of how warm the air temperature is. The truth is that your muscles, bones and joints still require a solid warm up to allow flexibility in motion and to keep you from getting injured. 

9. Hydrate some more! 
I always, even in the winter months, leave out a glass of water to chug down when I get in the door. This usually ties me over until I get a protein smoothie or a solid recovery snack/meal in me. 

10. Stretch!
My frequent niggles remind me that stretching immediately post-run, no matter how thirsty or hot I am, is a must! Okay okay, so does my PT. ;) Even though that super cool refreshing smoothie is calling your name or a nice clean shower, take a few minutes to stretch out properly post-run. Your body will thank you. :)

Clearly I am NOT a Pro, so share your summer running tips in the comments below! Thanks for stopping by and sharing!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Great tips now that the summer months have finally arrived!!!

  2. All great tips :) I have an Under Armour visor I love, but haven't found glasses yet! I need to. You are so right about the stretching, I want to get to the shower so bad I skipped stretching last week on one of my shorter runs and paid for it all day...ouch.
    Fight Song is awesome!

  3. Great tips!!! Thanks :)
    Do you ever have problems with the straps of the camelback rubbing the skin on your arms/shoulders and causing chafing?

  4. Awesome tips! You mentioned sunscreen, but you didn't say if you have a preferred brand or type (lotion vs. spay). I feel like I have tried 11 thousand types of sunscreen and I can't find one that I have been really happy with. I have hair and skin colouring similar to yours, so sunscreen is a must. Any suggestions?

  5. Owwww your chaffing looks painful! Those are great tips for running in hot weather. As you know, I recently committed to the visor and am very happy with the decision, hehehe. My cats love summer vay cay schedule too. Their mommy is home all day! What could be better?

  6. Awesome tips! I also love the "Fight Song." Definitely one of my anthem's right now :)

  7. Aw, I love peonies!! So pretty.

    I need new running sunglasses REALLY badly. I want a nice pair but I don't want to spend the money on them lol.

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