Tuesday, 14 July 2015

HOT Running & Coupon Code for You!!!

Happy Tropical Tuesday! 

Sorry, that's just my attempt at sliding in just how hot and humid it has been here in Nova Scotia for the past few weeks without directly talking about the weather...lol. 

I'll tell ya, this sure makes for some interesting training runs. I had no idea I could lose so much fluid in such a short amount of time. :0

Exhibit A: Monday's 4 mile recovery run along the rails to trails.

I captioned this run 'hot hot hot hot' on Strava just to give my friends an idea. ;)
4 miles @ 8:07 pace.
 After an insanely hot and humid recovery run, I felt this was a test of my dehydration...or my sanity? Someone had abandoned this bottle of thirst-quenching blue Powerade on the side of the road and it was calling my super thirsty name! Don't panic, I did not drink it. Although I'd be lying if for that one millisecond in time I told you that I didn't consider it, lol.

After my run I had a gym date for abs and arms with Sam. The AC at Goodlife was so much appreciated!

Followed by some tanning and catching up on RW. :)

Here's how Lola feels about the heat...lol.

This morning I was sure to get out earlier since I had a challenging 7 mile route on the plan.

Super sunny and super sweaty! 7 miles @ 8:02 pace.
Also, some good news if you are a compression sock lover! TIUX will give you 10% off your next purchase between now and July 31 using this code! Check it out. :D

Thanks so much for visiting the GGR blog this evening. Have a beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I'm over the heat and humidity already :( Seriously wishing it was winter right now in FL and saying a silent penance for all the "cold" mornings when I complained about not feeling my fingers :(
    Awesome runs this week!

  2. It is hot here too! I am actually going out for a run in a few minutes... it's not even 7am yet so I have a feeling this will be my coolest run in awhile!

  3. Your new shoes are very awesome, they look so cute with the orange shorts :)
    How do you feel wearing compression when it is so hot? I feel so much more irritated in the heat I just take anything "extra". I feeel like my calves need it though.
    Great job holding your pace on those hot runs :)

  4. Oh gosh it's crazy hot here too. It's a crazy summer because we usually have such a wet June. Good job on keeping the pace on those hot runs!

  5. I have been in that place where I've considered drinking someone's abandoned water haha! Hot running makes us do crazy things.

  6. It's been so hot here lately too!! I have been running through a LOT of sprinklers (and praising the people that are watering their lawns at all times of the day haha!)

  7. HEAT?!?! you want to talk about HEAT lol.

    Yeah I'm ready for some nice 70 and 80 weather, still a ways off for us but hopefully I can bask in the great weather of others soon.