Friday, 17 July 2015

Friday 5!

Happy Friday runner peeps near and far :)

I haven't done a Friday 5 post in for-ev-er! Clearly I had to put an end to that streak tonight. Enjoy!

1. Strength Training!
Now that I am on vacation I have no excuse in the whole wide world to use against physically getting my butt to the gym. None. I've made it my mission to get there at least, at LEAST 3 times a week. So far so good. ;)
Apparently this is my gym face? LOL. After my workout I absolutely loved my blueberry orange smoothie!!! 
Oh look, more gym selfies. I'm such a nerd sometimes.

2. My Garden!
One of my favourite summer things is gardening. This year I tried a few veggies to see how they'd make out. I was beyond stoked this week when I saw some eensy weensy tomatoes popping out!

A green pepper!!!
I totally plan on making the world's smallest batch of salsa with my tomatoes, peppers, chives and cilantro when they're
 And here are my marigolds just because. :)

3. Training Runs!
The one thing I love about marathon training is having a plan! I'm working very hard to stick to the plan and that means including speed work...dun dun dun!

This week for my intervals I drove up to the Coke Plant and parked my car because there's a big awesome paved straight-away that runs about 3/4 of a mile long. Oh yeah. ;)
I warmed up on the gravel section for 2 miles and then did 5x800m repeats with 800m recovery jogs in between followed by a 2 mile cool down. My intervals were anywhere from 6:55-7:03/mile during the repeats. When my Garmin beeped at each 0.5mi I sipped on my hand held bottle of 1/2 coconut-pineapple water 1/2 regular water. It was yummy. 8 miles total, 7:40 avg. pace/mile...jelly legs.

Obviously there were some easy runs as well this week... 
"Cheese!" LOL
4. Food!!!! 
I'm trying super hard to watch my diet in terms of quality nutrition...admittedly it's tough at times, lol. Usually when I come home from the gym I'm starved! Sometimes I do this:

Last night was seafood night...mmm. 

While I was in bed this morning I read my friend Meg's awesome post related to food and nutrition and thought it was fantastic! Check it out.

5. Chicago Marathon Corral Preliminary Assignment!
Today I was excited to see this in my email! It's a preliminary corral slot, whatever that Apparently in August I'll receive a final corral placement, but for right now I'm in Wave 1 Corral B. Chicago is brand new to me so I'm not really sure what this means. Anyone run Chicago before and have this change much? 

Those are my Friday 5. :) I also had a fun Nacho date with Erin this week and I completely spaced on taking a photo. :(  We were much too busy chatting about 

Don't forget to enter the coupon code for a 10% off a pair of tiux compression socks!!! They have free Canada and U.S. shipping also. ;) 

On Wednesday I'm off to NL to visit my family! I'll also be running the Tely 10 next Sunday!!! Who else is running the Tely 10???

Thanks for stopping by to visit GGR on this beautiful Friday evening. 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Nice arms! I love your gym face. :) We are growing the exact same things in our gardens. I have some little green tomatoes coming in but the plant part is dying. Too much rain my mom said. But she said the leaves can die but I can still get tomatoes, so I hope I get a lot! Thanks for the nice shout out!

    1. Thanks Meg. :) My garden just got over-rained on as well when I was away. :(

  2. You look super fierce at the gym! I'm such a crappy gardener...I mean well but I always kill my plants - here's to hoping they survive this year ;)
    Hope your run this morning wasn't too wet.

  3. The pictures from your garden are beautiful! It looks like you must be getting the hang of your new camera!

    I have to tell you, this post is really confusing me because there is no picture of LOLA! Haha :D

    1. I know me too I was wondering where she is!? That's okay I saw her on FB today. :)

    2. I will have to dedicate a post entirely to Lola soon! ;)

  4. Your arms are amazing! It's so nice in the summer to have extra time to spend on ourselves, isn't it??

  5. Great post! Looking forward to Chicago too! I've been off my training for a bit...not doing as much as I should :(

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