Monday, 8 June 2015

Sentence Per Picture & Tiux Giveaway Reminder!!!

Howdy runner peeps! Yeah, I think we can all agree that I cannot pull of a "howdy," LOL. So I'll just stick to "hey there!" 

How's Monday treating you? Well if anyone is interested in my Monday, it involved a whole lot of sneezing! Holy allergy season!!! :(  It's probably from running for over two hours in the trail yesterday followed by a couple of hours doing yard work. womp womp. Now that I've whined a little, let's get on with my sentence per picture shall we? ;)

My Run for National Running Day felt great! 

I had to go back to work on Thursday evening to help out with the play performance so I squeezed in a super quick run in between. :)

On Friday my class went on a field trip to the Heritage Farm Museum and look at the little baby sheep we saw!!!

Being zonked to the max on Friday night meant indulging in some serious carbs with Jaques famous pumpkin cheesecake and a Dunkin Donuts french vanilla coffee...mmm.

Saturday morning's ten mile run was SOGGY and apparently I do not know how to rotate my photos anymore.

I was frozen and dirty post run, as evidenced by the mud and goosebumps in my below pic.

My sneakers were soaked but the dehumidifier and newspaper had them plenty dry in time for my Sunday morning long run. :)

A tall blonde helped warm me up. :)

We planned a Girl's Night for Saturday so I showed up with my Mango Salsa.

Oh look -The bunny showed up again on Saturday!!!

Our family. <3
Is anyone else's fridge covered in photos and running things??? 

Girl's Night means you can decorate your wine glass = fun!

Oh no, I've decapitated Heidi!!!!

Marg and I sayin' "Cheese!"

Group shot with some beautiful ladies.

My Sunday long run along the trail had PERFECT running conditions!!!

I really wished I had ten of these on the run because they it was just like having dessert! :D

I ran into Sam at 11.5 miles and made her have her photo taken with

And yet another upside down Garmin Selfie....oops!

I get to drive this swanky ride until my car gets repaired and I'm not complaining. ;)

I hope you have all entered my tiux compression sock Instagram Giveaway!!! Just look for this picture on IG and follow @girlgoesrunning and @teamtiux also comment in the photo to tell why you deserve to win a FREE pair of tiux compression socks. :) You can read my review here! GOOD LUCK! (Today's the last day!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

Thanks for dropping in to check on GGR and have a wonderful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I get really upset when my road shoes get wet. Something about trail shoes says "must be dirty, muddy, and wet" lol

  2. You have a beautiful family. :)

  3. Mmmmm mango salsa is my favorite. Can I get an invite to the next girl's night? :)

    Those little baby sheep are adorable, just like Lola (except not quite as cute, of course)!

  4. I didn't know about the giveaway! I'll head over there soon!

  5. OMG baby sheep!!! Baby sheep and goats are my favorite things ever!!!

    My fridge is covered in pics, wedding invitations, and running magnets!

  6. What happened to your Versa? Swanky socks!

    1. Hey my versa got dented in the passenger door and I have no idea how it happened! :( I had to file a hit and run and go through insurance :( :( :( It's going to take 6 days to repair!!!

  7. I love the running shorts you're wearing in that first picture! What brand is that? Is it ink burn?

  8. I love when you get a really cool rental car :)
    You look great in every thing you put on!
    I bet you have accumulated quite a bit of running stuff !lol