Sunday, 21 June 2015

Johnny Miles 1/2 Marathon 2015!

Happy Half Marathon Sunday! ;)

Yep, it was an early one, and this was after one snooze session. :(

After picking up Sam at 5:20 we all headed off to New Glasgow (Sam, Matt and I). It was a beautiful day weather-wise unlike the torrential downpours of last year.

First stop-bib pickup! Then we scoped out the start/finish area.
Fun Fact: This lady chatting with Running Emcee Mark was looking for someone willing to pace her to a sub 3:35. I'm so super curious if she did it!

Hey look, it's Melissa!

Hey guys! lol

We watched the full marathoners start and then we had to wait an hour for the half marathon to begin. *Sigh* An extra hour for the humidity to rise and the sun to gain strength. I am not a hot temp runner...not even a little bit.
Full marathoners ready to go!

 more full marathoners
 And there's the best running emcee around!!!
A bunch of us runners were chatting at the start line about how it just feels 'wrong' to hear a different voice over the mike when Mark's not there. 
 Say "Cheese" if you're ready to run 13.1 miles!!! lol

Matt and I before. :)

With a jammed start we lined up shoulder to shoulder. I love the atmosphere at Johnny Miles. I always feel the sense of summer's arrival, the end of a school year nearing and that awesome feeling of recognising my health for allowing me to do what I love. No matter how I perform, I always love Johnny.

At the sound of the horn, I knew I wasn't in peak training form but my mind was set on running my best. My Chicago training plan had a long run of 11 miles on the agenda for today but I crossed out my short run for yesterday since I'd push the pace a bit for 13.1 miles today.
Steve's wife Allison always gets great shots of us on the run! Thanks again!!
I always hear about 'Fair weather runners' and I thought to myself today, "how can anyone prefer warm and sunny running conditions to cold crisp ones?!" I just don't get it. The air felt heavy moist. My chest was burning and my belly was aching (guys, stop reading!) lol.....let's just say there were some tummy issues that were out of control ladies if you catch my drift. ;) But I powered on. 2-3 times I felt very nauseous and at one point I was about to walk into the woods to puke but I saw a massive herd of runners approaching from behind and I thought 'no way' so hobble on I

I knew that this wouldn't be an easy peesy half today but I thought I'd push through and try to maintain a sub 8 min pace if doable. There were lots of distractions along the way since we do a double loop. I saw a few people I knew who bellowed out my name, which obviously was cool, lol. I love the trail section that lies adjacent to the lake/river? There are wild roses there and they smell so pretty! Every so often someone would yell "Lookin' strong!" I'd give them an eyebrow, which they couldn't see through my glasses and thank them, lol. I told one guy "Yeah, well I feel like crap!" and he burst into Glad I could make someone smile today. ;)
 Allison snapped this while I ran under the bridge. I love this part! People up above are always so supportive, and loud! :D
 I love the turn down the street to the finish!!! It's my second favourite finish chute!

So thirsty!!!! 1:42 and change for 1/2 marathon #22 :)
Minutes after I was done Matt and I got to witness this awesome photo finish!!! Both Scott and Ray finished in 2:50:13! Amazing and super cool! You can read about it here!

And just because, here's the elevation profile via my Strava account:
A pretty flat run with rolling sections. 
 Lola didn't want me to go anywhere else today so she kept me put, lol.

I had a great day today at my 7th Johnny event! It's a must-do to add to your race list. ;)
Any running success stories to share from the weekend? 
How was your run at Johnny???

Thanks for stopping by GGR and have a beautiful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Yay!! Way to go Heather! Sorry you had some lady issues - that's the worst when that time of the month falls on a race day. You rocked the race though!

    Those 2:50 finishers ... WOW!!!!

  2. I also had a horrible stomach yesterday. Usually save my dry heaves for the finish line! Had to tell myself not all races will be good ones! PS I always feel like a celebrity when I make an appearance on your blog! :)

    1. Sorry to hear that Melissa. :( It totally sucks when your body doesn't cooperate.

      You ARE a celebrity. ;)

  3. Great run yesterday and thanks for everything! You motivate and inspire me so much! Another Johnny in the books now on to fall marathon training :)

  4. Well done Heather! It looked like perfect morning for a beautiful race! I'm hoping to run it next year as it's been on my list for a while now :)

    1. It was beautiful but I still got You totally have to do it Anna!

  5. That is an awesome medal! Glad you had a great time. The weather looked lovely!

  6. I don't understand those runners who prefer summer either! It's so awful compared to winter/fall!

    Nice job on your race, girl. You're always in solid shape to finish a race strong, even when you have stomach issues. I love the outfit you ended up picking!

  7. That's such an awesome medal!!!!!!! Congrats on your finish!

  8. You look amazing heather :) Great finish time! I love the medal, awesomeness.
    It always makes me feel better when someone tells me the heat gets to them. I feel like it's all I post about lately. I love the run happy shirt.

  9. Hot and humid race weather is the WORST! Great job powering through, especially choking down the puke so the pack wouldn't pass you -- that''s awesome. :)

  10. Very nice run, in shape or not. Didn't rub at all this weekend, exciting right lol

  11. Congrats on a very strong race even though you didn't feel very well. I never feel great running on the first day of my period, but after that I am okay. I got my period the morning of my BQ and current PR. Can you believe that? And on the first day I always have to #1 AND #2 a lot. My back hurts, my thighs hurt.... but for some reason that morning, my body was just like, EFF YOU MENSTRUATION and I didn't have any of those symptoms during the race.

    1. Okay, that's amazing! I suck when I'm on my period!!