Saturday, 20 June 2015

Johnny 1/2 In The Morning!

I hope you are having an absolutely terrific weekend everyone!

I've been face and eyes in two very big tasks this week that I am glad to say I've finally finished!!!! (crowd cheers LOL). There also may be a Summer Vacation countdown going on, but I can't yet confirm. ;)  (10 more days!)

Before we get to Johnny Prep, I'll fill you in on my week a bit. My first grade class grew Painted Lady butterflies for science and we released them on Wednesday. It was super fun!

Capping off the school year sure is busy, but I still managed to get out for my training runs even though I was EXHAUSTED. 

I had some rainy runs...

 I've had some tempo runs....

And I tried the Selfie on the Run...sort of decent attempt, lol.

Lola's really enjoying helping out with stretching these

So tomorrow I'm running at the Johnny Miles race. This will be my 7th year taking part!!! I did my very first ever half marathon there waaaaaay back in 2009 when Matt and I started dating. 

All week I've been so busy, like every single other teacher in these parts lol, so busy in fact I kept saying, "Oh yeah, I'm running the Johnny 1/2 this weekend!" I honestly had to remind myself of it, how ridiculous is that?!

My timehop kept reminding me about the race with these cool snipits from years ago:

I know a ton of people running various events and the weather looks perfect! Remember last year when it rained cats and dogs?! And remember the time I had no idea I was in first place?!

Sam and Jillian sent me this pic this morning from the New Glasgow paper: 
I'd be lying if I said I didn't smile as I saw it when I was PB'ing my English muffin. :) 

After breakfast there was some serious decisions to be made.... thoughts?????

I also got the necessities in case I'm rushed at early o'clock tomorrow.

Okay, it's pasta time in the Callaghan household so we'll chat later. ;)

Also, don't forget to check out my awesome blogger pal, Meg and her Blogger Spotlight Series! There just might be a famous blogger on there. ;) LOL

Are you running Johnny tomorrow? Which event?

Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog and have a fabulous evening!

Happy  Running,
Heather :)


  1. I hope you have an amazing race tomorrow!!!!!!!!! I'm trying to find a half that I'm going to make my "annual half marathon" race. I already have a local 5K that I do. So I need a local 10K and local half to add to the mix :)

  2. I'm running the 10k...first time ever for the this race so I'm keeping with my summer goals of trying new races this year! Hopefully the rain does hold off for us!!! Good Luck.

  3. I keep forgetting you're still in school...that explains your absence haha! I hope the end of the year finishes well for you!

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