Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Happy National Running Day!!!

Hey there runner pals! ;)

It's my favourite day of the year: National Running Day! A day where we can all gush and ramble on and on ..... and on again, about running! (And no one can roll their eyes at you, haha!)

"I Run __________________________" <--- Fill in the blank
Every year I stop and think about why I run when I see these captions. Running can be such a topsy turvy relationship but no matter what, I still laceup and hit the roads (or the treadmill during our everlasting winter)! So then I really gave it some thought and tried to figure out what it is about running, it's allure if you will, that keeps me coming back for more. I worked really hard to write an honest post, not a corny post, lol. So enjoy!  Here's what I came up with:
As a shy and quiet person who turns as red as a tomato when speaking in front of peers feeling strong isn't something that comes naturally to me. However, once my running shoes are on something magical happens. I feel totally at ease and in the zone. I'm confident and ready to tackle the hill, route or workout that's waiting for me, (not in a cocky boastful way, but a comfortable way). I feel completely in my element when I'm out there on the road or trail. Some of my best solutions to stressful situations and best ideas have stemmed from my on the run thinking time.

I like that in running the greatest competition is with yourself, unless of course you are one of the elites. Then it becomes a whole other ball game! ;)  But for us regular folk, running is a craft that you can work on and grow to see progress. Or in other words, develop Strength, both mental and physical that make you a 'stronger' runner. "Stronger" here can mean anything you are striving to do better as an athlete: Whether it's developing higher individual athletic intelligence in learning to understand your body, nutritional fuel for optimal performance, conquering the unforeseen during a run/race like those nagging side stitches or the dreaded wall, tackling a new distance, or running faster than you ever have before! Every marathon/race teaches me something new about myself as a runner and about running in general. I am always learning and I love it!

One of my favourite quotes is, "Without struggle, there is not strength," (unknown). I have this quote on my refrigerator door right next to my training plan. The ebb and flow of the training cycle always gets me questioning my physical and mental strength. But I enjoy the unknown of where I am in fitness and fighting my mental battles late in the game of a race. I enjoy working my butt off hauling ass to the finish line of a marathon with a grimace, sweat, blood and usually tears, lol. I enjoy it so much that I immediately plan my next marathon moments after limping across the finish because let's face it, at that point I feel like a warrior. I feel strong and full of power no matter what the 'chip time' says. ;)

So even though I will never be the fastest or finish first, Running makes me feel strong. So that is why I run. :)

Your turn: Tell me why you run!!!

Thanks for visiting GGR and have a wonderful National Running Day!
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Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Yes! Great reason to run! Running makes me feel strong too. And it helps me FIGURE. SHIT. OUT.

  2. I always love your freaking race pictures, you look so good. As someone who waited until 46 yrs. to start running, i do love how strong it makes me feel and just the sense of accomplishment. I didn't run all those years because I believed I wasn't capable.
    I hope i can get past this stress fracture and start feeling more confident again about running soon.

    1. It's never too late! YOu're doing awesome and rest up to let that SF heal! :)

  3. Great post! Like you, I always have my best ideas while I'm running. Of course, that means that sometimes I have to repeat them to myself over and over until I get home :)

  4. I run to be the best version of me. Running has made me more confident. It has brought me happiness. It has opened the door to greater friendships, travel, and purpose for my life. It's only been two years since I started running and I can't imagine my life without it from now on :)
    Awesome post!!!!!

  5. ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing :) :)

  6. Even when I hate running, I love it! I run because I! It's become a part of me!

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