Saturday, 9 May 2015

Heading to Freddy!

I had high intentions of doing a Friday 5 post but apparently I've been hit with the post marathon Plague once again, womp womp. :(

After work yesterday I had an appointment for some leg work with Yee and then I came home to veg....and take as many 'make me feel better' medicines as I could. :D You see in a couple of hours we're heading to Fredericton for the marathon. Once again this year I'll be offering up my sneezy skills as a cheerleader + photographer for Matt and the other runners. I was super excited to go since I know quite  few runners taking part in the full and half marathons. The weather looks great for spectating, let's hope the temperature drops a tad for some great running as well. ;)
Fredericton is so special to me since it's where I ran my first ever full marathon and where Matt and I qualified for Boston together!

So before we head off I'll share some tidbits of my week with you.

I'm finally feeling like I can run safely again. :D It's such a bizarre series of events if you think about it coming off a strong run and then only hours later needing assistance for anything that requires lower body, lol. During my recovery I realised that I have definitely matured as an athlete/runner. In the past I'd let myself get pressured into running too soon post race from Social media feeds. I'd see so and so out logging massive miles super quickly after a race, and think "gee maybe that's what I need to do to become better!" But now I know differently and that I have to listen to what MY body is telling ME to do...not what others are doing. I also embraced the rest period and it helped me appreciate my return to running that much more.

I do love my new Bumper sticker, actually it's a magnet, lol. <3

A nice short run after work.

And I do really love my new Adidas Boston Marathon shorts. :D
Hungry Runner Girl said she liked my pineapple phone case. :D

I have to send a special thank you to a lady on You tube who sent me the link to the Boston Marathon finish line stream camera!!! For the first time I got to see my Boston finish! It was awesome! You can see me at 3:49:40something (video play time), when the guy says "Happy Birthday" to someone. The clock on the left is reading 3:31:40something and the one on the right is 3:56:something. Check it out and look for yourself if you ran!
That's me on the left of the camera with black arm sleeves and arms in the air!

 I synced my Garmin with Garmin Connect and this popped up! :D
Sadly, my 10k and 5k PRs were on my old Garmin :( 
 There are finally some actual signs of Spring in Nova Scotia! I found these cuties in my flower bed. :)

My last run before I got my post-marathon cold. I thought it'd be fun to dress in watermelon colours. ;)

Oh just taking off some polish and finding some Boston battle wounds, LOL. True signs of a distance runner: chipped toenails, black toes and nail polish that has been beaten off by mile logging. :)

So I'm really hoping this head cold disappears completely before the Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon next weekend! I was sick for it last year too!!!!!!!!!! Not that I was anticipating any PRs or anything, lol especially with 3 weeks recovery from the Marathon. But I still would like to show up at least slightly healthy at the start! ((fingers crossed))

Thanks so much for stopping by GGR and have a beautiful weekend :)

If you're in Fredericton come say hi! 
Are you taking part in any of the Blue Nose events??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. My flowers are desperately trying to come up....I may have lost my tulips this year!! Have fun in Freddy...I know it holds a special place for both of you!!!

  2. I love your new BOS 26.2 car magnet - it's so pretty!

    The beauty of nice thick nail polish is hiding black toenails. Although my mileage has been so low lately my toes are actually looking the best they have in a long time! haha

  3. Glad to see your back on the run ;)
    What did your weekly mileage look like during your Boston training?

  4. I hope you feel better soon!!!! :) Glad you took some time to relax after Boston! You definitely deserved it and needed it!!

    PS~ I started my blog again :)

  5. This is funny... we watched Jeopardy today and the question was which Canadian Province was associated w/ Blue Nose... Answer: Nova Scotia! I didn't know the answer but had I read this first I would have! (I don't think I wrote the question right, but the main thing was blue nose = NS) Your feet are so pretty. How do you have such pretty feet?? Mine are just horrible. Glad you are running strong again!

  6. I definitely feel like I see so many runners finish HUGE races and still keep their mileage up really high without taking time off. I always wonder how they avoid injury?! I will likely never be that runner. I always need a break after a big race and that's okay!

    I read something recently on why people get sick after their marathons...I wish I could find it. Basically, a post-marathon cold is normal!! Give yourself some TLC!

  7. I hope you can kick the cold soon. I have been trying to fight stuff off for a week, I hate that run down feeling.
    You always have the cutest run outfits :) Love seeing the 3:31! I would smile every time I saw it! your finish shot at Boston is awesome.

  8. Hey! I hope Freddy was fun and that you're feeling better. I'm headed to Halifax next weekend to run 10K at the Bluenose! It will be my first time at the race. Really pumped!