Friday, 22 May 2015

Friday Five!

Happy Friday everyone!

I won't even get into the absolutely stressful 4 day work week teachers in my school board have had with job applications, but I am certainly embellishing in the Friday bliss tonight. ;)

Here are my Friday 5:

1. Race Pics! I got my Marathon Photo email on the same day as the Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon! Talk about quick :0

Entering the park...this smile totally indicates that I did not foresee the monster wall I'd hit only a mile down the road, lol.

Clearly I feel that I am in fact #1 LOL
Good Lord I'm glad that's done! 

Me finishing with a bunch of 10k'ers

Not from Marathon Photos, but Canadian Running Magazine and Maritime Race Weekend had a cover photo shoot at the Blue Nose expo which was completely cool! I will likely never appear on the cover of a magazine, but I can pretend I did! LOL

2. Shih Tzu Photo Shoot: Lol, well not really. Lola likes to freak out and run barking sprint circles in our back yard so I put my camera in action mode and just started clicking. Look how crazy she looks! <3
"Think you can run mommy? You ain't seen nothin' yet! BEHOLD!" 

Lola Ludy crazy eyes! LOL

Oh you know, just basking in the sun all beautiful. ;)

3. Free Starbucks! Hmm, okay yes please! So apparently the Baristas thought I 'had quite a wait,' and therefore gave me a vanilla misto for free! It was just what I needed after a field trip to the pool with the kids. ;)

4. Easy Runnin' 
I took Monday off from working out but decided that gardening would be okay. Well, my legs and butt were pretty sore from squatting and my shoulders were sore from cutting! Every spring I am abruptly reminded that gardening is like 'Pop up unexpected outdoor boot camp!'

Tuesday-Thursday I did some short easy effort runs in the trail and around the neighbourhood.

I've run by this mural many times, like since we still had a ton of snow, and just two days ago actually took a photo of it! How pretty is that?!

So my phone takes pretty craptastic shots but I want to show you my favourite part of my running route. Along the flat trail, at sunset when you see the church with the river next to it. I love this part. <3

Just another Garmin Selfie and apparently my car key.

5. Fun Friday things: 
Okay, so this heading allows me to sneak two things into one. You see how I did that? ;)

Nutella for Breakfast! Yes thank  you :D

And remember back a short while ago I said that I was playing around with the ebib feature on ? Well, I noticed that Marathon Foto shared my bib! They got way more likes than I did for it! LOL. 

So there's my Friday 5. I'd love to hear your Friday 5! Thanks so much for visiting the rambles of GGR and have a wonderful weekend!

Good luck to all Cabot Trail Relay Runners this weekend! I really wish I was able to run it but my legs are totally toast!!!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Today I ran my first non-stop 5 mile run. I normally take structured walk breaks but I have been trying to increase my endurance by eliminating walk breaks on my shorter runs and today I got to 5 miles for the very first time! :)
    I love the ebib! and that mural is really pretty!

    1. Congratulations on your new training PR! It is really exciting when we reach those type of benchmarks in our training. Evidence of getting stronger!

  2. Lmao those pictures of Lola crack me up!

    Free Starbucks sounds awesome. I love the eBib you's so true!

    1. Lola is definitely a nut! But we love her. Free Starbucks was awesome! I really hope it happens more often LOL.

  3. That picture from the trail looks gorgeous. It actually reminds me of PA. :)

    You look like a rock star on the cover of that mag!

    1. Posing was pretty cool, except that they only took one shot so I'm really glad my eyes were open LOL!

  4. You always have such beautiful race pics! That ebib is hilarious and oh so true!

    1. Don't be fooled, I'm pretty sure I look like a dying troll once I get past the cameraman LOL!

  5. I love Lola in her superman post! She's flying!

    And I totally agree with the comment above, you take the best race pics of any running blogger! Teach us your ways! :)

    1. LOL, it only takes a few seconds to smile at the camera so I know that and once I get past the camera man I totally look like I'm dying! I think Lola had a lot of fun doing her little photo shoot out in the backyard. I am amazed at the speed she can run out though!

  6. You do have the best race pictures :) I love the ebib you made. Lola charging forward just makes me LOL, so flipping adorable! You have some pretty running spots, I just run in the neighborhood, it usually lacks scenery.