Sunday, 26 April 2015

More Boston & MORE RACE PICS!!!!!!!!!!!

Good morning runner friends!

I have to say thank you again for all the congrats and support I've received. It's quite overwhelming actually. :)

I've kept it pretty low key since the Marathon. There was some much needed rest and recovery that just had to happen. That isn't to say I haven't been riding off the BQ and PB runner's high. ;)

I should probably be embarrassed at the length of time I sported my Boston tattoo. But let's face it, I secretly wish it would stay forever. 

Instead of zipping out the door bright and early on Saturday morning for my run, I rested, enjoyed my coffee and read the local paper from the day after the marathon.

My FIL saved it for me and even highlighted my name. :)
Nova Scotians who took part in the Boston Marathon.
I also finished unpacking all my new running gear from the expo. Obviously I purchased the Zensah Compression sleeves that Kara Goucher wears. :) And from the colour, it was clearly meant to be!

After the marathon I was puzzled why Marathon Foto hadn't captured my finish?!?!? When I ran across the finish line on Monday I looked up and there were so many big black cameras pointing down at me and I was like, "One of them HAD to see me?!"

Then yesterday morning when I opened up Safari on my iPhone I my purchase from Marathon Foto was still loaded from a few days ago. As I was about to hit the x to close, I noticed a photo that I hadn't seen!!! What is this I wondered??? And I was thrilled that they had added new photos to my package! They also said that 'new images may be added without notifying you.' And then it all made sense, lol.

Check them out! I LOVE them!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 Joy joy joy!

And maybe some

About to do the ugly cry, lol.

Practising the smile I'd wear all week. :D

 Last night I actually got to watch the Boston Marathon for the first time. I don't think I blinked once.

Well I'm going to head out for a super short easy run to get those legs moving. Have a happy Sunday and thanks for stopping by!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Great pictures, you look so exuberant coming across the finish line, and so fast!

  2. Beautiful pictures, Heather! :)

  3. Those finishing pictures are just fantastic. Your joy is SO bright and genuine!!

    If anyone deserves some rest days, you do!

  4. Glad to hear you are still riding your high!! Love the photos! I hope you frame some!!! :)

    1. Thanks Heather :) I have some definite plans of framing :)

  5. Your finish line pics are great! That is so cool that your local newspaper announces all the residents who ran. I wish ours did that!

    1. Thanks so much!
      There were only 99 of us so I guess it's easier that way ;)

  6. I love those finish line pics! They are perfect!

    Enjoy your rest days and easy run days, you totally earned them!

  7. Great job--keep riding the high!

  8. You look so awesomely strong! What great pictures to capture the memory :)
    I love the color of the sleeves. Zensah are so comfy :)

    1. Thanks Karen!
      I love Zensah! The people were so nice at their booth!

  9. Those pictures are amazing! I'm so glad they were able to capture your finish! The best part of the race ;)
    I'm nervous about running my first one :( it's still 5 months away but also IT'S 5 MONTHS AWAY!!!!! I'm not ready (granted training starts May 1st but still)
    I will be checking out your page for frequent motivation from now until October :)

    1. Thanks :)
      You will do great with your Marathon! Just KNOW you can do it and you'll surprise yourself :)

  10. You look so great in your photos! So wonderful!!

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