Friday, 27 March 2015

Friday Feelings: The "Think Boston" Version ;)

We are T - 23 days until the Boston Marathon!!! I can't believe it either.

I think this training cycle's end snuck up on me as I was (cough) shovelling or falling on the snow/ice. :S
Spraining my ankle was not fun, but let's face it: Falling sure does make for good blog material ;)

The sudden realisation that Boston is getting ever so close has led me to really evaluate where  I am and where I need to go in terms of training, nutrition, recovery and maintenance for these next 3+ weeks. FYI it's reporting season once again at work so I have been running around like a chicken with my head cut off, who is also training for a marathon. Good times! 

My motto for these next few weeks and the past short while has been "Think Boston." For instance, when I'm super exhausted at the end of the work day and a run is yet to happen, I think of Marathon Monday and how all these cold, snowy, tired, treadmill, hot gym, hilly, long, short, fast and rainy runs will all be worth it. ;)
Visualising this moment usually gets me out the door. ;)
So let's take a look at some training snippets from the past week: 

Boston Bound runners in our parts have to be quite creative to get their 20 milers in these days. You see, we are stuck in some sort of infinite winter weather pattern, even though in meteorological terms Spring has apparently Sprung....yeah whatever, lol. 

Last Saturday Nick and I drove out to Victoria's town and ran a route along a road that had virtually no traffic. We did ten miles out and back over very rolling terrain but I didn't even care because I was just so happy for clean dry pavement and to be running OUTSIDE!

Mile 17 ish

20 miles in the books!
20 miles 2:55 hours 8:45 pace/mile

Route and elevation profile:

I've been lazy in self care so I turn to Yee to fix me up. If I would just get my butt in gear and foam roll more consistently my visits with her probably wouldn't involve as many teeth clinches as she works out tension. :S
She is a very thoughtful RMT since she purchased this cozy blanket for the frigid winter months. :)
Narrow streets and icy roads left me on the good ol' treadmill a couple of times last week. Super thankful for my gym membership this winter!
 Yay, look at me workin' on my fitness and sneaking selfies in the

Oh look, clean Gu wrappers that have been through the wash! Unfortunately this is not the first time this has

Okay, wide-er streets permitted some outdoor running again. :D In case you were wondering I DO wear my orange zest Boston jacket all the time these days. It offers awesome visibility around the snowbanks and of course it's motivating to be sporting my Boston Swag. ;)

Yep, orange jacket And I got rained on big time! But when I was out in the pouring rain with squishy toes, "Think Boston" got me through, seriously.

Soaked and apparently fogged from the 
I've been working really hard with my nutrition to focus on effective fuelling foods that aren't more on the 'treat' side of things.

And I was doing very well too...but today, warm cookies fresh out of the oven were a no brainer. 
Apparently I can't turn my head for a second when walking Lola. Clearly she's quite the adventurous chick who enjoys exploring snow banks. Silly girl. <3 

Speaking of this crazy girl, I was scrolling through some of her puppy pics and look how cute she is! 

Hehehe, I could just squeeze her little fuzzy

Oh HELLO! New season of The Mindy Project...Yes please!!!

And finally, Sunday is the Season Finale of TWD :( sniff sniff.  All I have to say is....

Thanks again for stopping by and checking on GGR. :) Have a beautiful day!

What motto or mantra helps you push through? 
What are you training for??? 
Are you a Walking Dead or Mindy Project fan????? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)
P.S. I'll be heading over to Cow Bay on Sunday to do the Moose Run 25km with some runner pals. Hope to see you there!


  1. I'm so glad the walking dead will be over so I can finally watch it on netflixs ;) Jackson does the same thing on the snow banks lol
    Can't believe Boston is so close! I'm so excited for u.
    See you at the moose run :)

    1. I know! I love when a series finishes up so it appears on Netflix :D

  2. Wow, it's getting so close! You are brave running on that road to Peggy's Cove - though this time of year it does have less traffic!
    My motto right now is don't get re-injured! And I'm training to be injury free at the moment - might sign up for a 5k and 10k but I still am working on my hamstring! I love the Mind Project, it's one of the show's I watch when I run on the treadmill at home.

    Good luck at the Moose Run - sounds like a lot of fun!!! Enjoy :)

    1. Yes Anna, normally I would be terrified to run on that road but Victoria and her friends run it all the time in winter and there are very few cars out there. I guess no one wants to go to Peggy's Cove in the winter.

      I hope your hamstring starts being cooperative for you. I have to catch up on your posts since I've been occupied with other things lately and have fallen behind on blog reading!

  3. I can't believe Boston is so soon! You will certainly have earned that medal with all the tough training you did throughout the crazy weather Canada has received! I have yet to wear my orange zest jacket for training. It just hangs in my closet with like this halo around it hehe. I have been wearing my jacket from 2009 though. It is blue with really bright yellow so good for visibility.

    1. Oh I know right! Can you believe it was almost a year ago?! You should wear your Boston jacket Meg!!!

  4. I first thing I noticed was that comfy blank at your RMT's office....nice!!! The other thing I thought was how nice it was during your boston pic....I hope you have some nice weather again this year....would make up for all this darn snow you've had to deal with!!!

    1. Good grief, can you picture running in shorts and a tank in 22 days???? LOL

  5. OMG if Carol or Daryl die tomorrow night I will stop watching TWD!! I have a feeling Sasha is in for it...she's been going slowly crazy since Tyrese's death.

    Lola was SUCH an itty bitty fluffball!!!!

    1. Okay, Sasha has to GO! She's driving me bonkers!!!