Friday, 20 March 2015

Friday 5!

Well if you've been wondering where I've been, chances are the answer would be 'digging out.' Yep, you know how I mentioned in my last post that I don't like opening with 'weather news,' well there's been a whole LOT of weather talk going on in these parts, lol. Here's why: 

1. Snowmageddon 2015 Yes, blizzard after blizzard has left us buried in the white stuff. :(  Here are some of my storm day pics... (#1 will be sort of long since this week was consumed with weather)

Well good morning to you too Old Man Winter :(
"Mommy is there a plan B in case the door doesn't open for my Peeper time?" LOL
Literally digging out our downstairs windows during the

I had to put a seat by the window so Miss Lola could watch Matt shovel. :)
Really wishing I went here for my March Break. ;)

At least I got to spend my break with this furry chick, who by the way LOVES the snow!
"Mommy where are my puppy shades?" 
 So that the storm drains don't clog with snow and ice some residents have to do this:

2. Training! 
Monday's gym visit:

Tuesday's awesome run outside! A 'Calm before the storm sort of dealio"

Wednesday = Shovelled until the cows came home. Upper body??? LOL

Thursday's 8 miler at the gym/sauna. :S Yes that's sweat on my shirt :(


3. Food
I've been super inspired by Kris' Oats to whip some up. Look how pretty it is! 

Hmm, it's Burger Week here in Halifax, so Sam and I headed out to take part in the festivities following our gym visit today. Healthy people do that right? LOL

4. Boston is one month from today!!!!! I just need to say that I am over the moon excited of course. I don't know how I feel about my performance at this year's Boston marathon. I can safely say that I won't be 'overtrained' like last year. I've done probably close to 40% of my runs indoors! That is definitely a first for me. And the runs I have done outdoors have been SUPER HILLY! So I just don't know??? If you're curious how I'll make out I'll be sporting bib # 17529 this year....Yes that's only 9 digits off of last years bib, lol, (Last year I was 17520). Don't forget to download the Boston Marathon App to track my progress on Marathon Monday. ;)

5. Spring starts today!!! 
I don't know about you but I'm hoping this snow melts faster than the Kenyan's complete a marathon, (raised eyebrow). I'm not scared of snow, it's the super narrow streets, insanely high snow banks and the lack of sidewalks that's got my knees shaking. So hopefully soon we see some tulips on the lawn instead of this mountain of snow. ;) 
Don't worry Mom, I didn't run in this outfit. ;)
Thanks so much for popping by the snowy GGR blog. Have a super springy evening!
How are you keeping up your training during this Snowpocalypse???
Do you feel ready for Boston?!?!!?
Are you having a go at Burger Week? 
If you are from a warmer place, please take some of our snow!

Happy Running,
Heather :) 
PS the Moose Run has been postponed until next Sunday due to conditions so stay tuned! 


  1. Wow you guys sure got pummeled with the snow. Do you ever have off school due to weather? Do you have to make up the days?

    1. Well this week surely would have given us a couple of snow days, but it's March/Spring break. We do not have to make up snow days currently, but the media has certainly suggested that this year..even though the school board I'm employed with has had only 5.5 of them.

    2. Okay sorry to ask more questions but I just want to get it straight. If you have off for bad weather, is it that you don't have to make them up?

  2. No burger week where I am, but I wish there were! There's also no snow, so maybe it's a fair trade-off. Out here in California we could use any snow that you want to send our way, so if you feel like shoveling onto a train or something, feel free!

    I can't believe Boston is coming up so soon! I think you'll do awesome out there. Imagine how much easier it will be for you to run if you aren't on a treadmill or on top of 10 feet of snow!

    1. I will gladly send some snow your way ;)

  3. Oh no!!! I know this winter was bad and I thought our area was bad but we haven't had a storm in a few weeks!!! I hope you see some sunshine soon and those mountainous snow banks melt away!!! I can't believe Boston is a month away! I'm sure you will rock it! You are amazing :)

    1. Thanks Heather :)

      This snow is surely making training very tricky though :(

  4. Holy cow!!!! Those snow banks are crazy. I have never seen anything like it!

    I would gladly take some of your snow. It's already too hot here! It's been in the low to mid-80s for a couple of weeks and next week will be solidly in the mid-80s :( I wish we had spring weather instead of jumping right into summer weather!

    After following along with LA, I am so pumped to watch you and everyone else take on Boston!

    1. Thanks Kristina! I love tracking runners at marathons!

      You can gladly come and take as much snow as you like! I'll have it ready in a jiffy ;)

  5. Wow that snow is nuts and that burger looks amazing! I can't what to hear all about Boston!

    1. That burger was amazing and that snow IS nuts! :(

  6. The amount of snow that you guys have is insane!!

  7. I want to see green grass and warm temperatures....I promise not to complain for one minute this summer!!!!

  8. Oh my gosh, that amount of snow is crazy!! I would be very over it. Your shorts in front of the snow bank picture is great :) This sure has been a challenging training cycle for you, but you have done great even with all the weather challenges.
    Lola - so cute!! and yes, please more sweet potato fries :-)

  9. Crazy pics! I spoke to family back in NS last week. I think you're getting the winter we had last year! holy crap is all I have to say!

  10. 1. I can't believe you still have THAT MUCH SNOW. 2. I love that you are standing by that snow drift in SHORTS! 3. I need a rundown of your arms and abs workouts because you are KILLING IT clearly. Your muscle definition and strength is obvious and enviable!