Monday, 16 March 2015

Being Flexible & March Break!

I have to be honest, I do not enjoy starting my posts with 'weather news,' however I strongly feel the need to get this off my chest: Mother Nature is certainly getting the best bang for her buck this year! Like come ON already! ENOUGH!!! 

There, that feels

Since the great melt of last week I thoroughly enjoyed getting outside after work for my training runs. :D


Lola took full advantage of some alone

As it turns out, running outside DOES make me more fatigued, which I love. It just feels like a gooood workout, you know?
So it makes sense to come home from the last training run of the week and devour ALL THE TACOS! Right? ;)

After an insanely busy week of work and training it was so lovely to find a little jar of thank you mints on my desk. :)

And to come home from work with awesome mail :D

Then  it was HELLO MARCH BREAK! I am really looking forward to resting and rejuvenating over the break.

So Sunday's weather forecast predicted yet another snow storm. :S I have no words.......

This meant that Saturday would be Long Run Day instead. Being flexible with your training in less than ideal weather conditions is a must when you live on Canada's East Coast! Luckily it was gorgeous out! The sun was warm, I could hear birds chirping and snow was melting every which way I turned, which was a lot! As it turns out, you've gotta be resourceful when covering 29km in a neighbourhood with no sidewalks. :(

The stats:

You could say it was sort of hilly, lol.

Apparently running long tires Lola out

We did work up the energy to whip up some of these bad boys: 

So now our street looks like this once again (sniff sniff).

Therefore, it was another gym day since I didn't want to fight for visibility with the 10 foot tall snow banks!
6 easy miles, 8:20 pace, core and upper body strength.
 Then to watch last night's episode of The Walking Dead with Lola. :)

I hope you are staying warm and safe wherever you are training. Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog!
How is your training going this winter?
Are you currently burried in snow or suffering from smouldering heat? 
Did you watch this week's TWD!!!! Omg, Noah!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. There are those leggings I love so much!!! :)

    I wish you would come over and make me pancakes. Yours always look so good.

    1. If you have less snow and ice I'll be there in a jiffy!!!

    2. We def had less but we got more today. ARGH!!!!

  2. I love your owl mug!! My run was done inside today because of Mother Natures Last nights WD was awesome!!

    1. Check out Stokes for the mug! Last nights' the walking dead had me covering my face several times, LOL. I don't know what the priest was thinking but he better have a good idea up his sleeve or he better be the next one to get bitten lol.

  3. Oh my god! Carol has something up her sleeve too! I can't believe there's only two more episodes! :(

  4. I am SO over this weather too. We don't have as much snow as you and our weather has been warming up, but not to the warmth i'd really like it to be. This winter has had me considering moving further south. You are smart to go to the gym on snow days. Running next to those banks looks dangerous! Enjoy your break!

    1. I know, the snow banks make me super nervous!

  5. It's March! How do you still have snow?!

    And the cheese on that taco looks AMAZING. Do you grate it by hand?

    1. Yes hand grated ;)

      We are getting even more snow tonight! :( Can I come live with you????

  6. Yuck, sorry about the weather! March is such a tease. I hope this is the last of the storms and it starts feeling more springy soon!

  7. I hope the weather clears up soon, and stays nice! It sucks having to deal with that :(
    It was pretty hot here today, and starting to get really humid. The high temps were in the 90s :(
    Not sure what's worse, really hot or really cold?

  8. Thanks to California's massive drought, it hasn't really been "winter training." It's just been training. I am loving getting outside. I actually ran on the treadmill on Sunday because it was pouring outside and then entire time I thought I was going to die I was so bored. How did I used to do long runs on the treadmill? I have no idea! You are really going to appreciate summer this year!

  9. You inspire me with your weight lifting, way to go! Your neighborhood run looks hilarious, how did you keep speed while making that many twists and turns!