Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Snow Day, Food & Training :)

 Soooooo, Winter decided to show up, (womp womp).

We got totally blasted with Winter last night which resulted in a snow day for me. :) 
I don't think I always appreciate Matt's artistic abilities, or his ability to predict a snow day. ;) 
On my snow day, I watched way too many episodes of PLL and didn't take off my PJs until cough, noon. Then I decided to conquer the ginormous mess of ice chunks that the plow dropped off at the end of the driveway and thaw out my ice-box of a car. Thank goodness Matt spent an hour chiseling the coating of ice that had formed over the already huge piles of snow in the driveway before he left today! Who needs a gym membership when you live in Canada in the Winter??? LOL.

After shovelling, I figured I was already sweaty anyway so I broke out the Yak Trax for the first time this winter and hit up the neighbourhood for 6 miles. :)

When I finished my six miler today I was in a real cooking mood...go figure? Usually I just grab whatever salty carb-like thing I can reach in the pantry.  I made mango salsa which goes lovely with chicken fajitas, sweet potato and kale chips! mmm

I was also in a chicken-soupy mood so I whipped up a recipe that Denise gave me a few years ago. :) This will be great for lunches this week since winter doesn't have any plans on leaving any time soon.

Now this post is about to go all over the place because there is valuable information about complete randomness that I have not yet shared with you. :)

Saturday evening Sam and I hit up a fancy Cheesecake place for the first time and it was awesome! 
Apparently cheesecake makes me laugh like a weirdo...lol.
 Hello lovely!

I thought it was funny that we both wore our funky leggings...lol. I'm peacock in case you were wondering. ;)
You can see Sam's boot on her right leg here. :( She's rid of her crutches now though. :D

The cheesecake made for some good fuel for my Sunday run which I nearly froze to death and blew away on. :S 10 miles 8:34 pace. 
There is ice frozen on my right eyebrow.
Liane and I hit up a great brunch spot downtown afterwards. Hmm, do you think I have enough french toast?! LOL

And I had a major freak out when this happened on my Instagram feed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Day was officially made. :D 

The only bits of the big super bowl game I watched were the parts immediately before and after the halftime show...lol. I know absolutely nothing about football! The one thing I took away from Sunday's game, which apparently a lot of other runners did as well, lol..... 
I'm pretty sure the last time I heard this was in my University days when my friends and I thought we were the sh#t dancing to this...lol. 
On Monday afternoon Sam and I hit up the gym. We got in a good solid 1.5 hours of cardio and strength training! Beware, I look like the hulk now.....LOL.
If you look very closely behind me on the right side you can see Sam on the leg machine lol.

Okay, so I think I've rambled enough. ;)  Thanks again for stopping by the GGR blog! Oh! I almost forgot, I ordered new sneakers today!!!!!!!

Did you get pounded with Winter this week? 
Did you watch the super bowl?

Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. Great arm definition!!!! Awesome job getting out there and doing your training despite Mother Nature throwing her fury at you!!

  2. Boo to the snow! But woo hoo to the snow day :) It was gorgeous here last week and we got a bit of snow on the weekend, but nothing compared to you. Those are some funky leggings!

  3. You do look like the hulk! I like it! I also love your leggings. I am also glad to see someone who EATS like I do. But when you train big, ya gotta EAT big!

  4. Holy snow! Ha ha nice pipes! No super bowl for me. I was too busy nursing a hangover! lol

  5. PJs til noon?! On days off, I sometimes stay in PJs ALL DAY. I am such a bum.

  6. The roads are a mess for running these days. Not that I've been running outside due to injury but my Yak Trax are looking terrible. Where did you get yours?
    Love your leggings, I'm actually having a party this weekend! Can't wait.!

  7. Snow days are the best! I always only bring home about a night's worth of work, so when we have a snow day, I really can't do work and it's glorious. :) I just got some YakTrax. Not sure if I'll get to try them out this winter or not.

  8. You look great!! I love cheesecake, truly my favorite ")

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