Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap Round 2!

Hey guys and gals!

I hope you are having a fabulous start to the work week. :)  I am counting down the days until Christmas vacation and we are at 3!!! The holiday break is so close I can smell it. ;)

If you were a GGR reader last year you will probably remember when I took part in the Canadian Blogger Christmas Swap hosted by the lovely Leigh. Well this year I was paired up with Shannon and I was so excited to receive my package! Apparently Lola was too....lol.

How cute are these beautiful stars?! I also love the red and white colours. :) Thanks Shannon!!!
Honestly: this card made me crave macaroons. 

We finally did our tree this weekend so I could actually put the ornaments on...lol.

And the finished product: (drum roll please) ;)

Upon reviewing the pics, I realized that Matt didn't see the importance of getting the whole tree in the picture, lol.

Here it is....

"Santa, we are ready to accept your presents!" ;) JK
After all the decorating was done, I was zonked! Good thing I took Monday as a rest day.

 Here's my Tuesday Tempo Run:
I did a 10 km tempo run with the first two miles at a conservative pace and the next three at tempo pace and the final mile as a recovery mile. I figure since I'm beginning Boston training at the end of the month I better remind my legs about the concept of a quick turnover before they completely forget, lol.

Okay, I know some bloggers/readers get annoyed by food photos, but look how beautiful the colours of my dinner are! :) #stilllovingthepurplepotatoes  LOL

And finally, I stole this one from Shauna: 
Teacher pals, we so got this (virtual fist pump)
Okay well have a great evening folks and thanks again for checking in on the GGR running rambles. 
What are you most looking forward to for the holiday break? Sleep! And of course, food!
Do you have your tree up/decorated yet??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Our tree is up and most of our outdoor decorations are up too, finally! I love the lovely purple ribbon on your tree. Very pretty. -M

  2. Lola is just the cutest! We should do a pet gift swap next year so that all of the furry kids from the blog world don't feel neglected by all of the blogger gift exchanges. I mean, Lola is clearly saying, "is this for me?" :D

    I am most looking forward to sleep during the break too!! I've got about two glorious weeks off and I'm going to sleep in every day that I can!

  3. Those ornaments are awesome. I'm looking forward to the family memories during the holidays, always a great time to be together. We have little ones so we absolutely have a tree up lol

  4. Your tree is beautiful! I wish we could have a tree. We have FIVE days until break! We have school clear up until the 23rd! Kids are dismissed at 2pm that day... which is a whole hour and 20 minutes earlier than normal. "Merry Christmas"!????

  5. Beautiful tree! Ours is up but not quite decorated yet. We've only put the lights on so far.

    Hang in there this week! You're almost there!

  6. Your tree is awesome :) I love the purple! Your dinner plate looks yum. Sleep and running, I can't wait for break! Just three more days for me :)

  7. Love what she sent you! Thanks for participating again this year :)

  8. I am looking forward to being lazyish and reading!

  9. Your tree is beautiful! I love the purple!

  10. OMG a purple tree!!! I LOVE IT!!!!

    Our tree is always kind of sad. We have mixed ornaments instead of themes/colors so it's never like..."mature" and really put-together looking lol.

    I have ONE MORE DAY until break. OMG I hope I make it.

  11. Love blogger swaps! I just did one too! I start my holidays next Tuesday and can't wait! We've decorated the tree and I still need to wrap presents! Hope you have a great Christmas (and break from work)

  12. Love those star ornaments! And gorgeous tree! Also, I totally have those same leggings :)

  13. aww! Lola! haha! Romeo always assumes whatever comes in the mail is his because boxes = toys!

  14. Yay for Christmas break! I too am looking forward to sleep!

  15. I'm not putting up a tree this year cause I'm going home to Jamaica for Christmas but the your tree is beautiful (and not just because of all the purple and the fact that purple is my favorite color!)