Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Another Year, Another Load of Running Adventures for GGR! (2014 Recap)

Well folks, thanks for sticking with me for another batch of GGR running adventures. :) I continue to be amazed at what a year can throw at you, whether you're ready, or not. 

We're going to begin with a tune of course....of course you probably know I want you to play it as you read right? ;) I am in LOVE with this group and am embarrassed to tell you just how many times I hit repeat on my Sunday long run for this song. It's "Time," by Jungle. You may also LOVE "Busy Earnin'" by's also amazing!

It would be lovely to share with you that it was all glitter, unicorns and rainbows, but let's face it-if I told you that, it would be a big fat 2014 has once again added a brick to the wall of my character and has taught me that I am strong, determined and constantly learning about myself as a person and an athlete.

I am going to try super hard not to make this rambled or here goes some of the highlights and hurdles over the year.

The year began with my winter training for my 2nd Boston Marathon. I had so much gusto and motivation that I felt like I was unstoppable-running 6 days a week, working on strength and being diligent with my diet. I ran the Hypothermic Half Marathon with Sam, Steve, Kim and Jennifer on March 2 and it was a terrific start to my 2014 race Season! I snuck in under 1:40 for only the second time in my running career and it felt awesome!

A few weeks later, Sam and I ran the Moose Run, which was a 25km route that took us around hilly Cow Bay, Nova Scotia...HILLY! Following this race, I had some Achilles and IT Band annoyances and had to scale down just before my taper for Boston, (womp womp). This was my first time ever running the Moose Run, or a 25km race for that matter. It was super fun and they fed us afterwards! ;)

My third race of the season was the BIG one: Boston! This was my second time running the world famous marathon and it was a BLAST! Garmin wise, it wasn't my most glorified run, but in terms of experience, nothing compares. Matt and I got to have a dinner with Hal Higdon at the 4:09:43 party!!!!  ;) 
I got to meet Meg @ MegGoRun in the Athlete's Village! At the finish line I shook hands with Dave McGillivray!!!! AND I got to help take back the finish line with 32 000 other runners! No words, simply no words.  I left a lot of sweat and tears on the course that Monday in April and I thoroughly look forward to returning to the 2015 event. See ya in Baastin!
Heading up the Boylston Stretch towards the beautiful blue arches!
Boston left me sore for DAYS! I literally couldn't walk properly down the stairs for 4 days or run for over a week, {Gasp}.

There was a little downtime in between events post Boston. I then set my sights on the Blue Nose 1/2 Marathon to see what I had in me. I had a horrible cold leading up to it that just wouldn't let go but I managed a solid 1/2 in the end.

Next up to start the nearly Summer running season was the third annual Sole Sisters 5k run. Sam and I headed over and and had a blast with over 2000 women!

Then I thought, what the heck, "Why not run ANOTHER marathon?!" So on June 15 I ran my second full marathon of 2014 at the Johnny Miles Running Event. This was Sam's and Steve's first marathon so that in itself was highly motivating. I had no business running the full 26.2 so soon after Boston, but I did it anyway, I even drank a beer with less than a mile to go. ;) 

This Summer was filled with Running and Races. I did this one and this one and this one and this one. Sam has been a great running buddy this year! LOL...every race I mentioned, she was game and vice versa. Sometimes we even got other running buds to tag along, where we set up a photo shoot on someones front steps AND got a parking ticket! (good
Sam, myself and Melissa
Before I knew it, school was started up again! :0 But never fear, I signed up for the first race available to me after school got going. ;) I was in heavy training for the Valley Harvest Full so I used the Cole Harbour Harvest Run as a good tempo run. It was only a week later that a bunch of us were doing the Maritime Race Weekend Tartan Twosome! Once again I did the Sunset 5k and Sunrise 1/2 Marathon. This is such a fantastic event! Be sure to sign up if you're interested for 2015! 

September wouldn't be September without the popular Rum Runner's Relay here in Nova Scotia. This was my 6th year and team Upright and Mile-ing had another strong performance! After Leg #8 and I broke off our love/hate relationship, sparks flew between Leg #3 and I. ;)  LOVED this leg! 

October brought me to my tenth marathon! I had high hopes for  the Valley Harvest Marathon and even flirted with the idea of the 50k for a bit, but after fighting off some minor injuries, that couldn't possibly have resulted from too much running (sarcasm meter on high), I was happy to finish strong and happy with my fastest marathon of the year. I felt so proud to have my friends at the finish! 

We also had the first ever BLT 5k fun run on our very own trail! It was super fun and very well organized by Courteney @ Runner Girl

And to cap off the year I took part in two final races: The first was the Lucky 7 Relay where it rained from the heavens, but Sam, Marg and I still had a blast in our red tutus. ;) And then finally Sam and I shuffled our way through the Santa Shuffle 5k once again getting good use out of our very own hand made tutus. Hey, we've got to use em' when we can right? 

A few days after the Santa Shuffle I received some very good news that left me confident in my physical ability to continue to train and run marathons. I have a new appreciation for my ability to lace up and hit the roads than I had previous. Every day is an opportunity and every run is a gift. I am grateful. :)

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a year to remember! Special kudos to my husband who is forever supportive of my passion, my best chick who offers super snuggles post run, ;) my friends and family whose words and gestures of support definitely do not go unnoticed and my crew at PT Health for keeping me limber and healthy. ;) Spectacular thanks to all my beautiful GGR readers who motivate me guys rock! 

Here are some of my favourite shots from my 2014 Running Year:  

With 2014 behind me, I look forward to see what 2015 has in store! Stay tuned....
What were some of the highlights of your year?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Sounds like a great year!

    Highlight was NYC Marathon for sure - and my PB half marathon in the Army Run - lots of new races this year, a trend I am probably going to continue with in 2015!

    Happy New Year!

  2. What a year! So many races - awesome job! Some highlights are PB's in 5k, 10k and my Half! I absolutely love your last photo - so creative!

  3. You are awesome Heather :) What a year! Your last photo is really creative, love it. Congrats on the PB marathon and all your accomplishments. It's fun to follow all your racing adventures. Glad your health issue worked out and you can run happy!
    Have a great New year :)

  4. This is a beauty of a post, congratulations on every step you took & continue to take! I'm loving the bibs in the wind shot! Keep on running! Charlotte in Moncton!

  5. What an awesome year!! I would say PR'ing at the NYC Half was definitely my highlight! As was, running five half marathons! I hope to tackle a full in 2015!!

  6. 18 races! That seems like a lot to me, but also a lot of fun! Congratulations on a great running year.

  7. Love the collage of all your great shots!!! Such an awesome year and I look forward to watching you train for your 3rd Boston Marathon!!!!

  8. Love seeing you run. Such great style and form!!

  9. Your had such a great year and I'm so glad your blog has allowed me to follow it!! Here's to 2015!!

  10. Love that pic! Great job in 2014. Cheers to 2015! I'll be reading.

  11. What an amazing running year! I can't wait to continue reading in 2015! Happy New Year!

  12. What a fun post with all your highlights of the year! Love your bibs kite. Good to see that you had a very good year running with no major injuries. Here's to 2015!

  13. Awesome year in review, totally looking forward to see the great things you do in 2015.

  14. You had such a strong running year, Heather!!!! :) I am in awe of how you can push yourself each of these races and not get injured. You need to teach me how to do that!

  15. You have some great running pictures! What's your secret? I always look like a baffled dinosaur in mine. :) I hope your 2015 is as good or even better than 2014!

  16. You had an awesome year of running in 2014! I hope 2015 is even better! I look forward to reading all about it :)

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