Wednesday, 26 November 2014

What I've Been Up to....

Rain rain go away, come again and that is all. ;)

Thanks for all  your messages and check ins regarding last week's ER visit. :S Other than some super busy upcoming days at work, all is well. :)

How has your week been so far?!

Let's do a sentence per picture sort of dealio. :)

Psychic Party was a success!
I mean how could it not be with all these munchies?!
 So much info in one cup of tea leaves. ;)

Cooper was the star of the night, (I think he enjoyed all the lady love). ;)

Saturday brought a sunny chilly trail run. :)

How I warmed up post run. :D

My longest run since the marathon last month!!!

Best e-mail I received on Monday!!!!!

So somehow I popped a joint thingy (facet???) out in my back by sneezing :( At least Physio feeds me fudge!

At least I can still run! (even if it is in the rain, lol).

Tuesday's capris?!?!?!

One lazy pup. <3

I'm out of control with After 8 Chocolates!

Has anyone ever said "yes" to this question?!

Yet another wet Not even my elastic was having any part of it. I'm guessing it ditched me around 3 miles or so? ;)

So there's a peek into my week. Thanks for stopping by!

Ever hurt yourself SNEEZING?????
Are you getting all this rain, or SNOW?!
I'd love to hear something random! 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Sometimes I sneeze so hard my throat/stomach cramp up! That's the worst!!

    That fudge looks yummy!

  2. I haven't pulled anything sneezing, but my Grandpa was known for his sneezing. It was SO loud and you could hear it from over at our house (he lived up the hill) ha!

    The Second cup cups are adorable this year:)

  3. Paul hurt his back sneezing and the doctor said it is not uncommon for that to happen- lots of people come in from a sneeze, haha! Something random about me... I LOVE to sneeze! :) We are having crazy weather as well. I run in shorts, I run in cold gear, I run in raincoats... We have snow on the ground now but the roads are completely clear so I get to get in a Tgiving run!

  4. No snow here yet! but plenty of rain :( Popping my back isn't a concern when sneezing i am usually worried about crossing my legs...ummm, TMI lol I have said YES to my Garmin many times. I wear a heart monitor and use to track my treadmill and weight lifting sessions :)