Friday, 21 November 2014

Friday 5!

Boy, am I glad this work week has been packed away! Between parent-teacher interviews, PD, Meetings, Teaching and oh yeah, LIFE in general, I'm wiped! Okay, enough complaining, lol.

Here are my Friday 5:

1. This Song!!! 
It's "Midnight City" by M83. Amazing :)

2. A Few Good Runs! 

A run like this makes me feel like I've put in a vested effort. ;) Or was just too lazy to avoid puddles after a while. You be the judge, lol.

Yes, this run was C-H-I-L-L-Y!
That is indeed SNOW on my steps. :(

3. Macaroons and Walking Dead after Parent-Teacher = The best idea ever! 
Okay, so I thought this was pretty funny......LOL

4. Yep...this about sums up my Thursday. :(

An unexpected trip to the ER. Never fear: I am A-Okay! And to quote my doc my "heart looks awesome" and "it's great to see a set of lungs on someone who takes such good care of their body." I may have blushed, lol.

Check these babies out!!!!
I've never actually seen my lungs and I depend on them so much for running! I was totally amazed and demanded that they allow me take a few pics for good 'blog material,' lol.

5. Girl's Night!
Mango salsa is made and I'm heading out for some girl time.  

1 Mango, 1 red pepper, 1/2 an onion, 1/2 cup cilantro, a few slices of jalapeno peppers, lemon juice and vinegar. I just threw all the ingredients in the food processor and Voila!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for stopping by the GGR blog! 

What are your weekend plans???? I really wanted to go see the Hunger Games Mockingjay this weekend :( But I think I'd enjoy it more if I was on Christmas break, so I think I'll hold off. :) Who wants to go with me?!
Have you ever seen your lungs??? Or had an x-ray???

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Glad you're ok!!!
    If I remember correctly, did you bring your mango salsa over here for a girls night before? Have a great weekend! :D

  2. What happened??? I am glad you are alright, I am sure that was scary.

    1. Thanks Meg! Some chest and back pain gave me a scare so off to the ER I was taken. :( All good now though, just some tension.

  3. So glad you're okay!!! I'll go to the movies with ya!!!

  4. I am so glad you are okay! That mango salsa looks amazing. I think I may need to make some tonight. Also, I wish you lived closer so that we could run together. Our paces are pretty much exactly the same.

  5. I'm glad the trip to the ER was nothing big!!

    TWD characters look so young in that picture lol!! They're so...cute and innocent!

  6. I have seen my lungs :) I had pneumonia a few years ago and had an xray. Hope you are feeling better! Your salsa looks amazing! I want to see Mockingjay, I haven't gone yet...holding off till my hubby had off work (he works nights) Can't wait to see it