Friday, 7 November 2014

Friday 5!

Another work week has come to a conclusion and I'm delighted to have virtually no wild as that sounds, lol.

Let's get to the Friday 5 shall we?

1. My Birthday
Thanks for all the birthday wishes via all strands of social media!!! My 3rd year of turning 30 was a blast! ;)
Lola likes to share the lime light. 
Google wishing me a "Happy Birthday" never gets old!

And of course, it's always sweet to get a homemade birthday card from one of your first graders. :)
 2. This Song
I'm estimating I heard it no less than 17 times during Wednesday's 8 mile run. Once again, I am obsessed. 

3. Running, Just to Run
I am completely embracing the idea of 'not having a specific distance plotted out for myself' on the fridge. Running by feel when I want and how hard I want is quite freeing. 

Thursday evening I was totally unmotivated to get my butt out the door though. It was dark, windy and drizzly outside, but my living room was warm, cozy and offered an abundance of Netflix shows at my fingertips. ;) I sucked it up and convinced myself to 'Just run 3-4 easy miles' and I'd feel so much better. There was literally no one else around and I had the streets all to myself. I felt so good running at a comfortable pace that before I knew it I was pushing 5 miles! I made it home with an even 6 and felt so good. Just to be clear, I NEVER have those runs!

4. Lunch With Coworkers
Today was  a professional development day for some of the teachers at my school. What a great way to finish off the work week. :) We headed over to a nearby restaurant for some awesome eats at lunchtime! I love how they serve these fried Cajun pitas before your meal arrives. :D

5. Kara's Recap!
She is truly my running hero. I can't imagine running at the level she does, or the pressure that comes along with it. And having a race not go as planned with the whole world watching has to take such courage. Most runner's would run a 2:37 in their wildest dreams!!! But running your returning marathon at a time that is sub par to your expectations, (based on your gauged fitness level) leaves you hungry for another shot. My Valley Harvest Marathon allows me to relate, on a much smaller scale of course, lol. I can't wait to see what Kara has up her sleeve next. 
Check out her recap here
FYI: My friend Nick is running the Athens Marathon this weekend!!! I am totally excited...and jealous. ;) GOOD LUCK Nick!!!

I hope you have had an awesome week and thanks for stopping by the GGR blog. Have a wonderful weekend!

Any other November birthdays???
What's your current 'repeat song?' 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. IT WAS YOUR BIRTHDAY?! happy birthday Heather!!! ;) PS I already told my BF I plan on turning 30 at least 5 times so he's going to have to deal with that haha

  2. Happy birthday Heather! Have a great weekend of free running!

  3. Current "repeat" song...I have a couple but mainly it has been "Run this town" by JayZ, Rihanna, and Kanye West.
    I loved the post by Kara...real and vulnerable and completely awesome

  4. Happy Belated! I always wondered how old you are! We are the same age! :) Except once I turned 30, Paul said I started going backwards, so now I am 28. :)

  5. I loved her recap, it was very honest and raw. Which restaurant serves these cajun pitas you speak of? I must try them:P

    1. Wasn't it awesome! Check out the Trendz restaurant for the pita chips. :D

  6. I freaking love Kara. I felt for her at the NYC marathon...I have to read her recap. I'm sure it'll choke me up.

    I have NEVER noticed Google wishing me a happy bday!! I need to check that out next time! lol

    Ah, running just to run...I miss that! lol

  7. Mmmm I bet those pita chips were so good, and how sweet of your student to make you such a pretty birthday card! You must be an awesome teacher!

  8. Happy Belated Birthday!! I like how you keep turning 30 lol I need to learn that trick :) My favorite repeat song lately is an old song by Expose' - Come Go With Me ")

  9. How cute is that homemade card from one of your students?!

  10. Happy (belated) birthday!! I swear the best thing about PD days is actually having time to enjoy lunch.

  11. Happy, happy, BELATED Birthday girlie! HAHA, I had to re-read that part about it being your 3rd anniversary of your 30th birthday! I like that :) I've been meaning to read Kara's blog post, but thanks for your reminder I'm going to do it after I hit "publish" on this comment! Glad you're just running to run and those pita chips look fantastic! xoxo, ganeeban

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