Friday, 17 October 2014

TGIF, More Marathon Ramblings & Recovery Food

Happy happy Friday everyone!

When I'm driving home on a Friday after work I feel such a sense of relaxation just waft over me. I LOVE weekends! I know, who doesn't? ;) My coworkers who still are getting to know me even told me to 'Get some rest and don't do any racing this weekend.' LOL. Too funny! FYI: I am NOT racing this weekend. Instead I am nursing my anticipated post-marathon cold. Yup. :S

Marathon Ramblings
Check out my finishing photo from the Valley Harvest!

Don't you just love the braid flying in the air? LOL.
Obviously as soon as I was done stuffing my face and showering I uploaded my run onto Garmin Connect to check out my splits and the insane elevation map...obviously. Because I don't have a mac or know how to get the elevation onto my phone you will have to settle for this fuzzy shot of my laptop screen, lol.
If I figure out a way to give you a clearer picture I will! Until then, my elevation is in the green and the pace is in blue. :)  Happy running mountain climbing. ;) 

Of course I had to analyze my erratic splits as 

Mile 20: "Hello massive hill."
Mile 21: "Ahhh, feet are on FIRE!"
Mile 22: Hitting the wall like a champ. Even walked with my hands on my hips, ruffled up my eyebrows and moaned like a real big baby, LOL.
Mile 23: "Well there's only 5 k to go....I might as well just keep going. Forget about your fire breathing feet! Real runners run through the pain! Yeah well, REAL runners are crazy then!" 
Mile 24: "Oh my god, I'm almost done and my time doesn't completely suck!" 
Mile 25: "Anyone can run one mile. One mile is only from my house to the convenience store. That's nothing. I can do this. Oh my goodness I'm going to puke. Just one mile. Get your ass in gear!" 
Mile 26: "Why can't I see the University??!?!?!?!? The Course IS long! I knew it!" :S 
Last 0.6 Mile: "Go go go go go go go go go.....OMG I can have water real soon!!!!!"  

Recovery food....Sort of
I bought these a few days before the marathon with the full intention of baking them as soon as my race was over. They only lasted a day between Matt and I! 

I treated myself to this on Monday, but didn't finish it since it wasn't what I thought it would be.

So then I made these and they really hit the spot!
I think I need sugar rehab. 

If you follow me on Instagram you probably already saw that Lola photo bombed my sunflower 

Our Thanksgiving dinner was just what I needed! mmm

This made me giggle nervously since I was battling a similar issue before the marathon....
Thank goodness I saw this a couple of days AFTER my marathon! 

 Some of the shots from Marathon Photos:

In true runner fashion I'm hitting the Garmin with a smile at the finish. Every second counts! ;)
 I love this picture below! You can See Courteney, Matt, Jason and Katie all snapping pics and cheering in the background. :)

 And of course a Friday giggle.... LOL

How true is this?! LOL
I hope you've had a fantastic week! Thanks for stopping by the GGR blog. Have a wonderful evening!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Congrats on your 10th deserve every once of sugar you ingest!!!

  2. Congrats on your finish! You look so good in your race photos. You're going to have to give the rest of us tips on how to pull that off.

  3. Awesome 10th marathon! You rock!! Glad you treated yourself to some sugaaaaaa! Those pumpkin cheesecake cookies look amazing :)

  4. Haha one morning my normal 5 miler clocked in at 4.99. I was torn. I mean, the route ALWAYS clocks in at 5 miles... do I run around my yard, do I stop, WHAT DO I DO?????????????????????????????????????????

  5. That last meme! So perfect. I HAVE to keep running when it's that close, but I do always end my runs on strange numbers. Like 10.12. I don't know why. I would never do 9.94 though. Too much OCD for that. I am so frustrated because my computer's operating system is too old now to upload my runs, so I can't obsessively check my splits from my previous races. I need to find a computer that will allow this.

    You are awesome! Congrats again on your tenth!

  6. A+ choice of recovery food!! Your photos from races are always the best!

  7. I love all your comments on your splits!! Cracking me up lol Congrats again you dd a fabulous job! You have some great photos to remember it by. I love the sunflower picture, Lola is the cutest :)

  8. those pumpkin cookies are pretty good, hey?
    love the commentary from your marathon! :)

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