Thursday, 30 October 2014

Girl Goes Cheering! & Of Course Other Ramblings

After I ran the BLT 5K last Saturday, I showered, scarfed down some left over pasta while finishing an episode of The Walking Dead and then high-tailed it to Moncton, NB with Matt for the Legs for Literacy Marathon!

Here are a couple of cool shots from the BLT 5k!
Outta my way!!! ;)
That was harder than I anticipated! LOL
 Lola and I are ready to hit the road!
 "Are we there yet?"

First stop was the expo to check out the Runalicious booth! The owners were super sweet and have the absolute coolest UK accents. :)

 "I could get used to this Mommy." ;)
Lola was digging the king size bed.
 Race morning: we headed to the hotel lobby and found this!
Since the Delta is literally on the starting line, many runners stay there. 
 Ron and Matt are ready to hit the roads!

Check out these pacing signs! Yes, the signs at the back of the pack read "Slow Runners" and the middle said, "Middle of the Pack." So funny!

When I got really envious of all the runners. :S

Nothing a steaming hot Americano couldn't cure, sort

I headed down to cheer at approximately the 17km mark. I caught a glimpse of Matt zooming by and looking strong!

Once my teeth began to chatter I ran back to the hotel to layer up and pick up this cute chick.
"I should have ran today. I would have been a shoe-in for the win." 
 Lola and I headed out once again.

Moncton sure is beautiful.

Frozen and frizzed we cheered on the runners. :)

So this guy ran the 1/2 Marathon in fire gear. :0

 And this crazy fast guy won the marathon in 2:40.....I just can't even comprehend.

And this guy....oh wait a second, it's Matt! ;)  This guy just finished marathon #15 in 3:16!!!

I don't know what happened here but something sure was funny! Thanks to Charlotte for snapping this family finish line photo. BTW she totally rocked her race!

All done. "Where's the chocolate milk?" LOL.

Cheering for a race as opposed to running it certainly offers a different perspective. Countless times I was asked, "Why aren't you running?" or "You're not running?" I had  a lot of fun though and I only said, "Almost there!" when the runners were really actually almost You know what I'm talkin' about. ;) 

Stay tuned for our Lucky 7 Relay this Sunday! Sam, Marg and I are gonna rock Citadel Hill! :) Just don't ask us to make any tutus!!! LOL. 

Have  a great Halloween tomorrow and thanks for checking in on GGR!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Awesome Job, Matt! I can't imagine running a marathon in 3:16. Stupid boys!!!!

  2. Congrats to Matt! Also, I LOVE the boots you're wearing in your "ready to go" picture. I need to get some boots...


    I really think you need to get Lola a King Size bed. She deserves one and looks so perfect on it :)

  4. Congrat's to Matt!!!!! Having just run a half....I cannot even imagine wearing fireman gear and doing it! See you on the hill!!

  5. Great job Matt!! I can't comprehend 2:40 either...holy smokes lol Lola looking out the window is tooo cute :)

  6. Wow! Congrats to Matt. It sounds like the Legs for Literacy was a great event. My running buddy ran her 2nd half and got a sub 2 hour!!! Glad you got to enjoy it as a spectator...something I have yet to do at a big event! Have a great weekend and Halloween!

  7. Congratulations to Matt! I can't even comprehend running a marathon, let alone a 2:40. But, my friend is gunning for a 2:38 at CIM in December. I can't even imagine. At the Rock N Roll half, someone said, "Good job! You're almost there!" mile 9.... I have never been so annoyed in my life. Do they even do math???

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