Monday, 1 September 2014

So Long Summer Vacay, Hello New School Year!

Well, I literally have 12 hours left of my Summer Vacation. :( {Tears are streaming down my cheeks as I type.} <----just kidding! 

It's the first of September which not only means Summer's over for me, but also that I've tallied up my August mileage and tadaa.......

That's marathon training for ya! ;) 

Tomorrow I will return to work and dive straight into another 10 months that I'm sure will change my life once again. I have compared "Teaching" to "Running" several times this summer, especially to my non-teaching friends/family/neighbours. I feel like tomorrow I will hit "Quick Start" on the treadmill and the pace will speed up without me hitting any of the up or down arrows! In other words, out of my control. It's a lot like intervals really, and September is usually one of those that feels like you're doing fast 400s, but many many of them, and before you know it, you'll be planning for Canadian Thanksgiving activities! P.S. My marathon is on Thanksgiving day this year!!! That can only mean awesome recovery food. ;)

Take a look at how I spent my last days of vacay:

Glorious sunny weather which made for a lovely run along the trail for a few miles. I was feeling adventurous so I took a side street that I have NEVER ran before. Who would have thought I'd find such a metropolis down there! Either way I finished the run with 10 miles at marathon pace.
 The trail in all is glory. :)

I am really loving the plain black Pro Compression socks. I didn't think I would with the logo also being black! I know right?! But they match my new sneakers pretty good and let's face it, I spend way too much time coordinating my running outfits. :S

 Graffiti tunnel ;)

The Stats

Long run day, Hello!

Last Sunday I did my first 20 miler of the plan. This week was a scale down week and I ran at an easy pace. I had no clue what route I'd do and I usually like to plan that out the night before. I ended up doing 9 miles on the streets and then the last 8 on the trail. It was nice to end on the flat soft surface of the trail I will admit.
 17 miles or 27.2km. :)

So not trying to be sexy, the sun is just making me squint! LOL
Matt and I went out to dinner to replace all the sodium we lost on our long runs. ;)

I had to stop by my former VP's house and look what she served me! Now that's hospitality. ;)

Cross training day! I biked along the trail and in a little subdivision for a total of 15.5 miles. The Bike and Bean was closed for Labour Day so I was sad that I couldn't bike there for a scone. :(

 We had a bit of rain last night so my ride was sort of splish-splashy!

 My favourite Quest bar I've tried so far! :D mmm

Lola and I enjoying our last afternoon together of vacation.

This can only mean one thing:
Back to work Lunches! 
Lola was angry that I return to work tomorrow so she thought she'd make me jealous by snuggling Erin. Silly girl. <3

I hope all my teacher friends have a wonderful first day back! Thanks for stopping by GGR and Happy Labour Day!

Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. I hope you have a great first day/week back. I'm sure you'll have everything working like clockwork before you know it!!!

  2. Have a great first day back!

  3. Have an amazing day back! The first day of school is always so fun and scary at the same time. The trail that I ran on is really secluded and not safe for a woman to run alone. There is no foot traffic and strange people live in the bushes! The person I was running with did not believe me that there are people in the bushes and I was trying to convince them the entire time until we were on our way back and a guy yelled, "HELLO!" at us as we passed. I said, "SEE!!!" I was proven right, for once!

  4. Hope you have an awesome first day! ;)

    Running a marathon on Thanksgiving Day sounds like the best idea ever! Mmmm thinking about all the good food you'll eat afterwards will keep your legs running fast to the finish!!

  5. Good luck on your first day back tomorrow! Sept is sooooo like 400s!!! My kitties miss me when I go back to work as well.

  6. Have an amazing first day!!!

  7. Good luck on your first week back! I bet it's exciting to go back after the break with new students etc. Sounds like you had a great weekend to cap off the summer!

  8. I hope you had a great day back to school!!! Looks like you really enjoyed your last few days of summer!!!! My husband loves Quest bars!!!!!!

  9. How does Lola adjust with you being back to school? I know Ro gets all mopey when my "summer" is over haha

  10. Wow!! What a high mileage month :) and the fact that you feel so good is awesome! I love the shoes, what brand are you running in?