Saturday, 20 September 2014

Let's Talk Numbers

Ah weekend, lovely lovely weekend! How I've longed for you........  lol.
Apparently even when I'm doing word study with my literacy 
I thought I'd like to do a "Numbers" post this evening to mix it up a little, so here it goes:

(3) Three! The number of photos I took of lattes/americanos this week. I really need to start snapping photos of things other than caffeinated beverages and my 

Still lovin' the free lattes at massage. :D

I promised myself this reward all week:  Starbucks was my first stop at dismissal time on Friday! :D

(4) Four! The number of runs I've completed so far this week. 
Sunday 8.5 miles...technically this was last week.

Tuesday 8 miles in the reflective vest! 

Wednesday! I know, I know, Fitsnap is everywhere, but hello....It's super easy to IG these shots...LOL.

Thursday: 9.5 miles along the trail. I saw one other runner, a group of cyclists and 2 rainbows!
Of course I didn't take my Darn. 

Saturday: 10 easy miles along the trail. 
 I even ran into this guy on the

(1) One morning that I've actually seen FROST on the lawn, (Today).

(21) Twenty One Days until the Valley Harvest Marathon!!!

(4) Four more days until I get an answer!!!!
I submitted a -2:24......Please be enough! :0
(1) One Friend I spy cheering at the finish during last Saturday's Sunrise 1/2. ;) Can you spot Heidi???

Thanks Colleen for the pic!
(1388) One Thousand Three Hundred Eighty Eight miles logged so far in 2014.

That's 2220.8 km. 
(34.5) Thirty Four point Five Miles logged so far this week.

(1) One super sleepy pup when I got home from today's run. :)

Tomorrow is my last super long run before I begin to taper down in mileage. Wish me luck!

Thank you so much for stopping by the GGR blog this evening. Have a wonderful day!

What are some of your numbers this week??? 
Are you running long tomorrow? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. it is too early for frost!!!!! also, lola is adorable. romeo gives me the same "did you just wake me" look haha. but I'm sure you're going to get into Boston! I've seen quite a few acceptances on my facebook feed last week and you're just as, if not more, amazing than they are ;) happy weekend!

    1. Thanks Carmy! And I agree, it IS too early for Frost!!!!!!!

  2. I was going to run long today but it turned into a tempo run! Long tomorrow. :) My #s.... hmmmm.... 1 time peeing in a cup in the car, 2 Dairy Queen Blizzards, 1 trip to the zoo, 1 window fight between Christmas and the neighbor's cat. (Window fight means Christmas fights him through the window.)

    1. Now I want a DQ blizzard! I am laughing at the cup peeing and window fight! LOL

  3. I'm running the Army Run half tomorrow - yaaaaay!

    I really hope you get into Boston again!

    1. I hope you had a great run!!! I need to read your recap. :D

  4. Awww I hope Lola has been managing okay with you back at work! :)

    7 = the number of days my allergies were bothering me last week!
    5 = the number of K's I will be running this morning at my first 5K since February!

    1. I miss her in the daytime. Is that weird? lol

  5. I am sad to see leaves on the sidewalk in one of your run to the end of summer....but yay to cooler run temperatures.

    Sam and I have got Matt's running form down pat...we could tell it was him coming from 500 meters away! And jeepers...way to scare a girl...posting how many days are left until her first 1/2. Eeeeeeeek!

    0 = the number of days off I have left....I start working tomorrow. :-(
    8 = the number of kilometers I have today.
    1 = the number of squirrels I have in my backyard that drive Indy CRAZY!

    Hope you`re long run goes by quickly! Last one before taper time!!!

    1. I think the leaves look pretty but I do not want snow yet!!!

  6. OMG you're already getting frost?!?!? I am SO jealous!!!

    This is such a cute idea for a post!

    1. We're just going to pretend the frost thing was a pigment of my It's a minor sign of what's to come, lol. :0

  7. Good luck with your application!!! Fingers crossed for you!

  8. You were only 4.5 miles ahead of me for total milage for the year! We're practically twins! :-D I hope your long run went well today!

    1. I like being mileage twins. :) I think in a short while you will surpass me though. ;)

  9. Crazy, impressive milage! You rock!

    1. Thanks Heidi! Now I want to eat everything in sight

  10. I just downloaded that app! I've been seeing it forever on social media and keep forgetting to get it, but BAM, done! Thanks :) I absolutely adore this numbers post! I might have to copy you soon, great idea! I use anything other than a black coffee at Starbucks as a treat to myself too. xoxo, ganeeban

  11. I never get tired of seeing Lola pictures :) Great post :)
    2 - the days off work I am taking this week- yaa!
    9 - finally got a longer run in :)