Friday, 5 September 2014

Friday 5! (The Back to School Edition)

Yay!!! My first TGIF of the new School Year! I hope you had a spectacular week and if you are a returning teacher I hope  you are not too zonked to read GGR's Friday 5. ;)

1. Fuel! I popped by the Running Room today before my leg massage and reloaded our fuel stash. Now that Matt and I are both doing long runs on the weekends MY (cough) Gu seems to be disappearing, {raised eyebrow}.

Heidi had these Cherry Cola Honey Stingers and I was dying to try them. When I saw them today I got weirdly I can't even tell you how excited I am to also try the Salted Watermelon Gu Sam brought me back from Boston!!!
You could say I was a little demanding on my coffee order, or let's just say 'passionate' about my caffeine fix. ;) Matt is still trying to figure out where I hid the pumpkin flavoured coffee...LOL.

2. Getting my runs in even after a crazy day at work: 
Getting up at 5:30, working, walking Lola, running and then cooking dinner leaves me pretty wiped at the end of the day. My plan is to look at all this craziness as good 'endurance training.' ;)
"You're going WHERE Mommy??? Back to work? say it ain't so!" :( 

My brain was racing as well as my legs on this run being the first day back to work and thinking about how busy my life was going to be again. I wasn't planning on running far at all and once my legs hit the pavement I was in the zone. Before I knew it I had hit 9 miles and decided to head for

This was a great run along the streets with my two start up miles on the trail. Lovely weather for running!

Yes it WAS 28 degrees Celsius when I headed out for a run. :S

Now that summer is over I feel like my body is finally adjusting to the humidity. You know, just in time for all those hot humid summer races and long runs....oh wait: that already happened!!! LOL.

3. Shakes....and I don't mean the caffeine jitters from all the coffee shown above ;)

I've been loving mixing raspberries, orange and banana together with ice cubes, protein, chia seeds, flax meal and of course almond milk.

Check out my new drinking glass from Sam!

4. Back to work and professional development lunches with teacher pals! We headed to one of our favourite cafes for a lunch in the sun since it was absolutely gorgeous out. I had the chicken pesto sandwich and sweet potato fries...super yum!

5. Body Work! Where would I be without body work?! I'll tell you where: snapped off like a twig somewhere from all the muscle tension that is the face of marathon training. :S Yikes. Leg massages have been a staple in my marathon training this year...even if at some points I tell Yee that I might be her first 'fainting client.' Darn that Vastus Medialis of mine!

And darn those trigger points! Especially the ones that make me pull the sheet over my face...LOL.

Those are my Friday 5. :)

p.s. I also want to share a link with you since Boston Registration opens up next week!!!!!!!!!!!! I was reading this Boston Qualifier questionnaire shared by Competitor Running and it was pretty cool when I saw that one of the people surveyed was Janae from The Hungry Runner Girl! I know I don't actually know her, but when I saw her name it felt like I did, lol.

Thanks for visiting GGR on this fab Friday evening! Have a beautiful day. :)

p.p.s. I am running....not racing, the Cole Harbour Harvest Festival 6 Miler tomorrow morning. Sam and I are going to use it as a good training run since we both have 20 milers on Sunday!!! Wish us luck. ;)

p.p.p.s. Lola says she'll have a honey glazed timbit to

What are your Friday 5???
Any runs/races this weekend??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I am really craving a smoothie now. I am too lazy to make one so I think a glass of milk will have to do! Good luck with your 20 miler this weekend! I am going to try to get a long run in tomorrow... I haven't run in a week!

    1. I get too lazy to make those as well, lol. Thanks Meg! I hope your run went well. :D

  2. Thanks for linking to the questionnaire! I'm always looking for more runners to take part. Any other runners with a BQ out there?

    1. I'm sure there are a few BQ'ers reading my blog. I have a few friends with one. I have one, but I think it's what Runner's World calls squeaking

  3. Good luck on your run/race this weekend. I hope you're students aren't too crazy this year and that you like your new school!

  4. This post had me lol'ing. Esp. at the part where Matt is still looking for your pumpkin coffee:D Smart move on hiding it, because it is precious coffee lol!
    Let me know how you like the cherry cola stingers, I really loved them.
    Boo, I had planned on running the Cole Harbour race, but I am taking it easy this time;) Did I tell you I ran 8km yesterday pain free?!?! Yup!! Good Luck this am! :)

    1. 8k pain free is so awesome!!!!! And Matt is never going to find the pumpkin!

  5. I got a Salted Watermelon GU at my race this weekend and was going to save it for a training run. Seems I have lost it and now am sad. I can't seem to find them at my local running stores. Will I ever get to try this fabulous watermelon GU?

  6. Popping in to say I miss you lots and having a LOT of catching up to do!

    1. So glad you're back Ali! I missed your posts. :D

  7. Hooray for making it through the first week of school!

    I have that same Boston pint glass. Are you doing Boston in 2015?

    1. If the BAA will let me in with my squeaker of a time I'm going!

  8. You always crack me up. I love your blog and I adore you!

  9. Lola looks like she miss your company. I like how you hit the pavement and run longer than planned, always a happy feeling :)