Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Tuesday Long Run??? & A Few Other Tidbits

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If I was ever confused with the days of the week this summer, it's definitely today. I ended up doing my "Sunday long run" yesterday (Tuesday) because of Sunday's Navy 10k race, so let's talk about confused!

After the race I woke up feeling pretty decent on Monday. I debated running my originally planned 19 miler (scheduled for Sunday) but I decided against it due to the unfortunate condition of the Kayano bottom. It was a sad state of affairs and I realized that running for over 2 and a half hours in shoes that are over-worn with basically zero support would be not such a good choice stupid.
If you can imagine they actually are a bit worse not post-10km race. :S 

My new shoes would arrive Tuesday morning so I'd do my long run then. :D 

Back to Monday! I hit up the gym for a real good core and upper body workout where I warmed up on the stationary bike first. I wasn't really feeling it, I have to admit, when I first walked in the door but when I started my core routine I felt much better. By the time I was late into my upper body exercises my arms felt like noodles. It was then that I knew it was a good workout. ;) 

Post workout I drank this ginormous protein smoothie. :D And of course then I felt bloated for the remainder of the afternoon, lol.

Lola loves it when I decide to flake out and watch PLL so that she can snuggle her Bee and nap next to me. :)

I tried to make a good hearty chilli for dinner on Monday. I swapped out my usual extra lean beef for extra lean turkey and I couldn't even notice the difference!
 It was very yummy!

Here's what Lola does approximately 25 seconds after I pull her out of bed.
What a lazy butt.
 Breakfast #1 for the
 Yes, I had 2 breakfast sessions on Tuesday. I met up with Erin for some great food and conversation (which obviously revolved around intellectual things like who is A? on PLL and which girls style we like the best), obviously. LOL.

On my way home I was so excited to pick up these babies from the mailbox!!! Hashem's sock choice this time was da bomb! Look at these FREE hot pink asics socks! And hello, how cool are these Nimbus 16s folks?!

My long run today was going to be tough. :S It was 19 miles, late in the day, a hot day, after eating a ton of food, in new sneakers. :S Gulp. I debated switching shoes midway and I even put my old Kayanos in the back seat of my car so that I could run by the house, grab them and make a quick shoe change...but I decided against it when I realized that these shoes were not fit for the roads anymore. :( RIP Kayanos.

The first few miles actually sucked for sure. I'm not going to pretend it was awesome. I could tell I had a full belly and my first run in new shoes can go either one of two ways 1) awesome and I love them! or 2) my feet feeling crampy and burning (I apologize if you have no idea what I'm talking about).

Well the Nimbus shoes were feeling fine so I kept plugging along but I did stop at my car at 11.2 miles to pour the bottle of premixed nuun water I stashed in there just in case into the Camelbak bladder since I was running low on H20.

I ran 5 miles on the trail to start, ran into Nadia and ran/chatted with her for a short time, then I hit up my favourite subdivision with rolling hills and made up about another 5.5 where I then hit the trail again and then finally 3 more street miles. Phew! All done. And thirsty. And can barely walk properly.

My recovery shake....which tasted like heaven after I ingested as many slices of watermelon as I had left, an orange and a glass of water.
Everything but the kitchen sink! LOL: banana, ice cubes, frozen berries (blue, black, straw, cran, cherries), kale, protein powder, chia seeds, flax meal, and almond/coconut milk. :)
Then I hit the shower. OUCH! Chafe, chafe and more chafe. I forgot to anti-chafe my body pre-run since I was so concerned about running late day.  Hey I can't remember every single thing all the time! LOL. But let's just say it won't happen again!

Insta Repost
A late day long run really messes with my head. I wasn't sure if I was coming or going and I can safely say I'll never run long so late in the day again!

Kale Chips made me feel much better though. :)

I am so going to text this to Matt! LOL. He always calls when it's getting really GOOD!

Oh and orchid #2 has bloomed! :D I am such a proud mama.
More floral: The purple is from the anniversary bouquet Matt gave me but I picked the white Hydrangeas from my garden and they smell lovely!

Thanks Matt! 
I headed out this morning for a super duper easy run of 4 miles. I felt sluggish at first but then when my legs got moving it was alright. ;) I even had to chase down an elderly lady's little puppy that escaped off the leash from her. :( She was trying to chase her through the trail as I was running by. After lying to the little puppy that I had came over to me and I scooped her up. The lady was so grateful and I helped her tighten the harness a bit. I hope little Emmy made it home safe and sound!

I am going to leave you with some photos that Runalicious sent me of the shirt creation sequence! How cool is this?! 

 Love the pink!
 The phrase:

Love the female runner over top of the words!

New spine logo! Which is totally cool!

 Congrats again to Lee Anne for her entry and win!

Thanks everyone for staying tuned to this crazy long post! Serves me right for not posting more frequently. ;) Have a wonderful sunny day!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. haha my long runs for the past bit have NOT been on Sundays. I did my long run last Friday and will be doing the same this week too. Odds are I will do most of my long runs not on the weekend.

    That shirt is awesome!

    1. I'm such a creature of habit and feel so disoriented now that I've plopped the long run into the week! LOL

  2. I usually use turkey for chili and Kenny doesn't know the difference. Then suddenly if I tell him it's turkey he gets all "ooh, yeah, I thought something was different" but really he didn't notice lol!
    Love the new sneaks! They're beauties! :)

    1. Aren't they pretty?! I can totally picture Matt saying something exactly the same about the turkey!

  3. Dang, you go girl! I was worried when you said you were doing 19 miles in NEW shoes, you are a brave one! I love the vertical spine logo, that's dope! Ugh, finding out you have chub rub ( re chaffing) after a run, in the shower, is the absolute worst :( Way to kill your training girlie! xoxo, ganeeban

    1. Thanks Ganeeban! I was a little worried about going that far in new shoes, but they weren't bad at all. :)

  4. LOVE that shirt!!! Can't wait to sport that baby!!!

  5. We have been making chili too! I needed to use all the veggies from my garden somehow. Lola cracks me up. What a diva! I have never watched PLL... I will have to google that and see if it would interest me. :)

    1. LOL....I NEVER thought I'd like PLL at all! After one show, I was hooked!

  6. I just made chilli today! It must be that time of year!!! LOVE THE SHIRT....that is soooo cool!!!

    I want to know what is in that shake...could you put your ingredients in a caption as I need to get more ideas for my after run recover shakes. :-)

    Great job on your long I increase my mileage I have no idea how you run at the pace you do for as long as you do! You are a beast!!!!

    1. Thanks Courteney! You're doing awesome with your mileage increase! I just added the ingredients! :)

  7. I once attempted a late night long run and it was a total failure. I'm just so worn out from the day by that time usually!! Great job getting it done! How do you like the nimbus compared to the kayano? I didn't know they were similar at all! I love the color.

    1. Thanks Ali! I am liking the Nimbus so far. I was destroying the edges of the shoes but I'm hard to fit since I supinate and my ankles roll in. :S

  8. You're such a badass! I love it!

  9. Another great post!! You look fabulous!! Please send me the recipe for your chili...looks delish! 😊

    1. Thanks Gayla! I am so happy you commented!!! I hope you got the chilli recipe and enjoyed it!

  10. Late-day long runs are rough. Once I did an 18-miler after work on a Friday. That was terrible. Great job getting it done!!

    1. Thanks Cassie! They sure are challenging and I'm hoping never to do it again!

  11. Love the new shoes!!!
    Great job getting out there and doing your long run!
    I don't think I would have ever been able to do that many miles that late in the day! It would not be pretty and I would probably be out there for 5 hours! LOL!!
    Keep rockin' it!!!!

    1. Thanks Heather! I do love the new shoes! I"m finding it hard to match them with my outfits though, lol.