Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Training Tuesday!

Hello Runner Friends! 

It's time for another round of "Training Tuesday!" :) 

But first up, I have a new tune for you to check out:

Tempo Tune
It's been a while hasn't it since I've suggested a tune for your running/workout playlist??? Well never fear, "Boom Clap" is here! It's pretty darn awesome too. ;)

Now, time for the Training part!

I got an unexpected call from Lola's Groomer asking if I was still coming for the appointment! Oops! I accidentally wrote that her grooming was on the 28th. :S After we raced there, I headed out for my run. I was trying to squeeze in as long of a run as I could before I had to leave and pick up Lola. I made it 7 miles...lol.

One way to keep my K tape from flopping around and eventually falling off my shin:
 Plus I think we can all agree that pink socks are just cool. ;)

So I ran with my phone in case Lola's groomer called while I was in the trail and apparently my screen got foggy. :(
P.S. these sparkling waters are phenomenal post-run!
 There she is all groomed and beautiful! Too bad she gets super cranky after a haircut, lol.

When I got home Matt let me help him stain the deck and we did some work around the house. Heads up: It is not a great idea to be in the squatting position for so long (while staining the deck) when you have a 20 miler the next day!

Second attempt at these muffins! YUM :D

Long run dinner fuel!
Chicken, sweet potato, veggies and quinoa.
Before bed I read the Hungry Runner Girl's Blog on things she does to prep for a long run in case I missed anything. ;)

"You're running HOW far today Mommy??? My paws are tired just thinking about 20 miles!" LOL.
Lola really appreciates her beauty rest. 
The Run!

20 miles is no joke! For real! :0 I wasn't taking any chances with IT Bands, TFL's, Achilles tendons or Tibialis Anteriors today! NO WAY!

The trail it was. :)

I loaded up the Camelbak with nuun, stuffed gels in my shorts and chews in my pouch along with phone & keys. Then with the iPod and Garmin I felt like I was heading out for battle with all the gear!

My plan was to run a straight ten miles out towards the Bike and Bean first, but then Matt suggested I do a closer radius since I was complaining about my calf earlier in the week. Good plan.

Running a long run on the trail on a beautiful sunny Sunday morning is pure bliss for a distance runner. :) I was so grateful to be out there and I get weirdly excited to do my long runs. I planned a slow and steady pace today so that I could cover the distance safely.

At 8ish miles I heard what I thought were two Kenyans approaching from behind. Nope. Just my speedy friend Erin and her man. :) I ran with these speedsters for a mile or so before they had to turn. They probably felt like they were crawling with my 8:20ish pace!

Look who I saw after they left!
This is Emmy---the dog I had to chase down for the elderly lady last Wednesday! Emmy gave me a few kisses and I made sure her harness was tight before I headed off, lol. How cute is she?! 
I took an Espresso Love Gu at 10 miles and then at 14.25 miles I really wanted some of these...I believe partially because they are like candy. :)

Eew, and then I saw this! The jury is still out on whether it's a weird salamander or a snake. It had the tiniest little legs and was pretty small. Eew again! :S

I actually took another gel at 17 miles because I was running a little low on energy. This time it was orange tangerine and boy was it tasty! I actually had one of these exact gels at the Power Bar Cheer station at Boston this year and every time I have one I think of that part of the marathon. :) It was right before the Newton Hills and they were blasting "Like a G6" when I ran by. :)

Before I knew it I was done! I like running my 20 milers on the trail and I think I'll do it more often. The soft surface is so great on your legs!!!

Post run smoothie. :D
 Post run icing. :D

And of course, post run collage :D
Insta Repost

Too soon???? LOL
These were on display when I went to the grocery store Sunday afternoon!!!! 
Lola and I chilled and I watched the Season 4 Finale of PLL! How is it that I run 20 miles and Lola gets a belly rub?!

On Monday morning I did strength training with upper body and core and then in the afternoon I cross trained by biking out to the Bike and Bean....just in case I don't get out there any more until school starts. :)

You just don't go there unless you indulge in their scones and coffee. :D I even brought one of these scones home for Matt.

It wasn't that busy when I went there....clearly.

How is it that I ALWAYS see snakes when I'm alone?!?!?!
 I snapped this shot, scurried away and then saw two DEER!!!! (who were way too fast for me to get a shot of, but they were adorable!)

And of course, I finished Monday with the ALS ice bucket challenge!
Lola tried real hard to steal ice cubes....LOL. 

After my run this morning I headed into work. :(  Bye bye summer vacay. Is it weird that I looked at the distance on Mapquest (19.2mi) and thought "I could run that!" But obviously I won't....LOL. 

For my run today I did the Coke Plant route via the trail. This is one of my favourite runs to do. I am still dreaming of the day I run by and there is someone giving out free samples. :D Someday.

Yes, you are seeing correctly---> I DID wear one calf sleeve so that I could keep my K tape on. ;)
Post run smoothie: Banana, ice, cranberries, strawberries, peaches, mango, spinach, kale, chia seeds, flax meal, protein and almond milk! LOL. Lots of goodies in there!
So, there's a jumbo post yet again! Who is going to remind me to post more frequently??? I think the problem is that I think I have nothing to say and then once I start typing I just can't stop! LOL.

Thanks for reading all about my Training! Have a wonderful evening. :)

Suggestions for my next Netflix Binge Watching Show???
What do you put in your smoothies??? 
Have you done the ice bucket challenge? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I swear everyone saw a snake on their run last week! You're so speedy - your alar pace is my fast pace, lol.

    Don't worry - I've done the one compression sleeve thing too! You are icing your shin at the same place I was. Now it's just the hip :-(

    1. Thanks Rebecca! How long did your shin take to heal??? :( I hope your hip feels better.

    2. about 4 weeks - I didn't run that much at all for about 6 weeks. I was hobbling the week before the Ottawa half marathon and pretty much stopped after that (minus one 5K race I randomly ran) until July. Now it doesn't bug me at all.

  2. I'm currently watching The Mindy Project on netflix. My "treat" smoothie is chocolate almond milk, a banana, peanut butter, ice cubes, and protein powder...tastes really good! - Caitlin Clair

    1. I am loving the Mindy Project! I haven't had a chocolate protein smoothie in a LONG time! I need to make one. :)

  3. You are so brave to take pics of those snakes. I scream like a girl when I see snakes. There are pumpkins and fall stuff out at our grocery stores too. In fact, 2 weeks ago the one store had Halloween decorations!

  4. Great job on the runs!! And thanks for posting the ingredients of your smoothie! I'd love to see a picture of your fridge...with all those ingredients, I don't know how you have any room in there!

  5. 1. I love those sparkling waters! So yummy!
    2. Amazing job on your 20 miler! My 20 miler is schedule for 9/20 and I'm SCARED! lol
    3. TOO EARLY for pumpkins! I know fall/Halloween decorations are out (because retail has no concept of time!) but no pumpkins! Pumpkins are late September/October! lol!!!!

  6. Watch Charmed! There's 8 seasons! I am on Season 4. Ha ha I love it! Ugh snake! The women saw a moose in the change room at the crossfit box (gym) this morning. They wouldn't go in. So I had it all to myself! Lol Great job on the runs!

  7. 1. Lola's stink eye is hilarious. Romeo gets SO sulky unless we spend the next few days reminding him that he's "very handsome" then he'll get over being groomed. and 2. I saw my FIRST snake ever on my run the other day and I was terrified! of course, I shrieked and it got scared and slithered away... haha and 3. great runs! :)

  8. Lola, my paws are tired just thinking about running 20 miles too :D

    Heather!!! I just sent you a message via your contact form with a question! :)

  9. I NEED to try those gels! They look amazing!!! Great job on 20 miles, girl!! You rock!

  10. great job on the 20 miles! I miss those days! Give me about 9 months. My favorite gel is salted caramel. I can only take the chocolate or caramel kinds, the fruit flavors I just can't get down. I also take notes from Hungry runner girl. one day i'll get to the pace shes at!

  11. Apparent Suits is amazing!! I'm not really a smoothie fan but probably strawberries!

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