Friday, 1 August 2014

Reflecting & Recovering

TGIF everyone! And just so we're clear, I'm using the acronym 'Thank Goodness I'm Fit!' I am totally kidding btw. I saw this on Instagram and thought it was pretty clever. ;)

You probably saw this from my Instagram page, but in case you missed it:
I have no clue where Janice found this photo, but Thanks to whoever I owe Photo Cred. :)

As it turns out, when I'm RUNgover and recovering from a race I have ample time to reflect and ask questions about the race.
You know,

  • what if I ran through that last water station instead of walking? 
  • what if I wore the first pair of shorts I'd selected? 
  • thank goodness Janice was carrying TP! 
  • and that she let me sip her Powerade when I took my Gu! 
  • wow, I'm completely shocked I didn't crash in that heat! And lucky for that matter. Looks like the Halifax humidity did prepare me more than I thought.
  • I have GOT to figure out this darn side stitch thing! Imagine if I didn't have 3 walk breaks! Would I have broken 1:14? Who knows!
  • I wonder how I would have done if the run didn't start at Hot O'clock?! 
Ah, ha! Check out that last sentence! I knew it was the downhill! Grr.

Side note: I am VERY happy with my race, but I think you can agree that we all go back and replay the race video in our minds. We're our own worst critics after all! ;) 

Oh you know, just browsing Twitter and saw myself on the Tely 10 

Vacation eating at it's finest. To be quite frank, I felt silly eating the Tim Horton's Oreo donut in the airport wearing my Boston Jacket and Tely 10 shirt, lol.

After arriving in Halifax, my first stop was pretty much.....

Back on the Healthy eating train.

This was probably my favourite meal this week: Salmon, corn & pepper mix, kale chips and brown rice. 

 If I'm going to foam roll and yoga it out, I'm watching Bridget. ;)

I have to show you these new chews I've been using. I ate them before I headed to the race on Sunday and they taste like Candy!

Did you see my IG post of my nails that my sister Trudy did?! Aren't they funky?!

I have had 2 visits to Massage Therapy this week. Two! It's a good thing I have an awesome insurance policy!

My first "run" of the week happened on Wednesday. I really wish you could see me doing air quotes when I said "run." It felt more like a hobble, so I chose not to go too fast or far.

On Thursday I gave it another go....

I felt sluggish still but I ran real easy.

This is still hanging in my living room. :)  I usually leave my medals out in the open until a couple weeks after a race. Then it goes downstairs on the medal hook with the others. Except Boston! That one is always out. :D

I made my return to the gym this week as well. As it turns out, taking a week off from lifting actually makes the 12lb'ers feel much heavier and don't even ask about the 15s!

Okay, I couldn't have written a better e-card if I tried! LOL. So ME!

 The Tely 10 finishing photos were posted last night and look who I found crossing the line! ;)
This is how I look apparently when I'm fighting back vomit. Yep. It wasn't pretty. 
Well I'd better be off to shower and pack. Looks like we're running the red soil tomorrow. We were invited to PEI to take part in a 5 mile road race there tomorrow morning. We'll get to see Hashem and browse his latest stash of running shoes. ;)  Clearly I won't be racing all guts out since it took me until Wednesday to not have to walk sideways down the stairs due to strained Vastus medialius. Oh the joys of downhill running. :S 

Thanks again for checking in on GGR. Have a beautiful day! 

Did you run the Tely 10?
Do you leave your race medals out and about? 
Have you tried the Oreo donut?!?!?!? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I've never run the T10, but my friend Nicole spoke of it a few times.
    I will def. try those chews, thanks for telling me about them!
    Yep, totally tried the oreo donut and it's a-mazing.

    1. You should definitely run the Tely 10 some year. It's awesome! The Oreo donut = amazeballs!

  2. Awesome post!
    Congrats! You are so speedy! 10 miles in 1 hour and 14 minutes? Holy cannoli! I run 7 miles in that amount of time! I have tried that Power Bar gummis and they are super yummy but didn't do much for me! Have a great Friday! :)
    PS~One of my friends is in the Halifax area this week!! :)

    1. Thanks Heather! That is so cool....if you are ever in the area we have to meet up!

  3. I would so cheat on my lover, the maple bar, to try a Oreo donut! Or is it doughnut? I'm always so confused, I use both all the time ;) I know I've said it before, but DANG you are FAST, even your slow days are FAST!! Good luck on your trail run and I definitely got a good laugh out of the e-card/bib thing...taking off a sweaty sports bra is an art form! Have a great weekend! xoxo, gaeenban

    1. Thanks!
      I have no idea: I've used both

  4. You looked so cute in your pink skirt!
    I always have a pack of the power bar gummies on hand. They are fabulous!

    I hate donuts but when I saw the ad for the oreo one I will admit that it tempted me. I actually forgot all about it until you mentioned it,

    I had my Disney Princess medals hanging in the dining room for a good month or two!

    1. I definitely don't eat donuts on a regular basis, but I promised this one to myself as a treat after the race was

  5. Great pics! Your food pics are inspiring me to eat more veggies. I have seriously been lacking on veggies this summer except for the tomatoes and peppers from my garden... but I need to get back to eating the HEARTY ones! I was laughing at that eBib- That was me today taking off my sports bra! It's so disgusting.

    1. Thanks Meg. :) That e-bib is so bang on!

  6. That Oreo donut looks divine!!! Your dinners are always so well-rounded...I usually do a meat and a side. I need to branch out!!

    1. I used to always do a meat/side and now I'm trying real hard to eat better. :)

  7. Post run "what if" thoughts can be so annoying! I have a twitter friend that ran it and it seems fun! Maybe I'll road trip up next year for it! That e-card is spot on. I got rained on for my run yesterday and I could barely get it off!

    1. Those post-race thoughts are so dangerous too!

  8. I love your finisher photo, you look awesome :) The Oreo donut makes me drool lol I do the same thing after a race or even a run, I ask myself...why why why??? You did so great! I hope you can get the side stitch under control totally frustrating.

    1. Thanks! This side stitch business is really starting to annoy me, lol.

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