Friday, 15 August 2014

Friday 5

Happy happy Friday!

Pretty soon these 'Fridays' will be much more appreciated by me than they are currently. My Summer vacation is coming to an end, real soon. I plan on absorbing every single second of what's left to the max.

I could literally photo shop my head on his body and be completely true...and that's okay. :)
Let's get this Friday 5 started: 

1.  This girl. <3

Lola Ludy has made summer vacation extra cuddly. She enjoys long walks in the park and snuggling up to watch Pretty Little Liars. Maybe just the first part of that last sentence is true, lol.
"What's that I spy in the horizon?" lol

She also enjoys laying around in the most random places of our house....silly girl.

2. Running....whenever I want to! :D Yes, I know this will not be an option very soon. Resist the urge to remind me....please. lol. 


Insta Repost 

 3.  Finding this super comfy $7 top at H & M! 

 4. Race Kit Pick Up followed by Lunch with Sam.  

In case you don't check in on my Start Line Schedule page, I'm running the Navy 10k this Sunday....eek! I haven't run a 10k since 2012!

Our lunch was more than awesome and we were both STARVING which made it taste a kazillion times better!

5. Stocking up on fuel at the Running Room. I'm doing my long run (19 miles) on Monday, since I'm racing the 10 km Sunday, so I had to make sure my stash was sufficient. ;)  What are you using for fuel on your long runs these days??? I will likely take one gel and a couple of those chews along with my water for my long run. 

Take that 'Friday 5!' I didn't think I'd come up with five things to talk about and I ended up cutting out 2 things...LOL. 

Are you doing the Navy 5/10km??? 
Have you entered the Runalicious Giveaway yet???? Sunday evening is the deadline!!!! 
Favourite long run fuel: Go!

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Not running the navy 10k, but I did sign up for Courteney's 5k:)
    I think you know my new fave fuel- the cherry cola stingers. I'm seriously hoping this injury passes by, I am now 4 days with no running! Going crazy lol!

  2. Girl your arms look JACKED in that cute H&M top! Please, teach me your ways! ;)

  3. Lola is awesome. She looks so stoic and regal in that pic. :) Good luck at your 10k! You are a racing machine!

  4. I haven't run a 10K in a long time! I think 2012 as well....Next year though!

    I do take fuel for runs 12K and up - I have to re-stock soon too. I eat GU Gels and those honey stinger/zinger whatever they are called gummies. No Nuun for me (or anything else with sorbitol)

  5. Your lunch looks YUMMY! Good luck on your 10k - I'll be on the sidelines cheering for you all!

  6. Man, you are a racing machine lately! Good luck tomorrow!

  7. Hahaha, I love office space quotes! Best. Movie. EVER! Good luck on your 10k!

  8. I have totally been loving to run whenever I want but it is slowly coming to an end! lol

  9. Hope your 10K went well. 2 years without a 10K is a long time, wow! I love the Hammer gels, they are the easiest on my stomach. I also love Pro Bar Bolt Organic chews that I stumbled across last year, they are delish and help during a long run! Your lunch looks amazing! xoxo, ganeeban

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