Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Leaving in the a.m. and Other Rambles

Clearly the heat from Sunday's long run left me delirious since I forgot to tell you about my totally awesome Frozen White Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream I had post run!!! If you haven't had one....drop what you are doing and go get one! mmm.

I was pretty sluggish and stale when I woke up Monday morning. As it turns out, my body feels that 16 miles is where I draw the line between jolly long run and REAL long run territory.

My recovery run for Monday would definitely be happening on the flat trail. Oh yes. No doubt about it.

Oh my goodness: My Camelbak cut me during my long run and I didn't even know it until the dreaded sting in the shower!

I realized I have become a famous blogger when.............
Meg's cat Jelly was caught checking in on GGR!   :) If felines are reading my blog, I must be a big deal, right? ;)

Oh gee, look what finally showed up! I ordered these before Sam and she received her's before I did, yet again! This always happens when we order...lol. It's like Pro Compression knows I avidly check my mail every single day.

Secretly I will tell you my latest Netflix crazed addiction.
I had HIGH doubts I'd like this show when Erin recommended it to me. HIGH. It did not sound like my jam. After 5 episodes I've come to the realization that I am hooked and I should never doubt Erin's suggestions. After all, she did suggest I begin watching Orange is the New Black and I think we all know how much I loved that one!

Tuesday's run had me slightly intimidated. For real. It was scorching hot before 9 this morning and I had to do 8 miles with several at Tempo pace.Gulp.

My first mile sucked! But it's super true that you should never judge your run by the first mile. I warmed up, with great thanks to the humidity I'm sure, and got to work. I ran the neighbouring subdivision to incorporate some rolling hills and it was a challenge. With some self coaching I kept plugging away and before I knew it I was six miles in! My last 2 were really warm! Even though I wore my mesh Brooks tank!

Take extra notice of how it's suctioned to my belly with moisture. 
So many lovely things in one photo: Free latte at Physio, my pineapple shorts from Old Navy, which I love, and my Barracuda nail polish that I am obsessed with!

After a crazy hot 8 mile Tempo run, I had to replenish my sodium stores. ;)

I'll be jetting over to Newfoundland tomorrow morning super duper early! So the next time you hear from me, I'll be on the rock! :)

I'm sure going to miss these crazy eyes. <3
 And these.... :)

Thanks for visiting with GGR on this sticky hot evening! Have an awesome night. :) 

Who's running the Tely 10 on Sunday???
Have you tried the frozen white hot chocolate??? 
Pretty Little Liars: Fan or no? 

Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. I tried a frozen hot chocolate at Serendipity in NYC, but never a white one!
    You were super sweaty after that run! I love when that happens, except for when it gets in my eyes! Have a fun trip to da Rock;)

  2. Jelly's secret goal is to be featured on as many blogs as possible. He feels if he branches out, he may hit it big time! Hey lots of luck at the Telly 10! You are a racing machine. :)

  3. I have not had one of those frozen treats....but they look mighty yummy!!! Good luck on Sunday...hoping the weather isn't crazy humid for you...either way...you will rock it!!

  4. I hate the infamous stings in the shower. Owwww! I had some yesterday and had I put on Vaseline!
    Good luck at your race this weekend! You rock!!! :)

  5. ha! That's some serious sweat, I have that same tank and have come home looking similarly drenched lol I hope you have a great race! You are quite the speed machine :) I love getting new running gear in the mail, so much better than bills lol

  6. YUM! I've had frozen peanut butter hot chocolate from Serendipity's in Vegas and it was amazing!!!

    Hope you have an awesome race this weekend (I am sure you will)! :D

  7. yup, my body drew the line at 15 lol. Much different day after from 8 miles and 15 miles. Wow attack of the Camelbak, I've been lucky to avoid water pack attacks so far. have a safe trip!!

  8. Oh that drinks sounds heavenly. We have a local dessert shop that has a frozen hot chocolate, that is amazing...and probably very on par with delish looking beverage! Dang, you are F-A-S-T! Way to get after on your 8miler! I admire anyone who has to run in humidity...this Cali girl feels like melting anytime I run in humidity...I'm sooo not used to it! xoxo, ganeeban

  9. OMG that picture of Jelly! You're definitely famous now!

    That frozen whit hot chocolate...drooooool! That makes me want Starbucks so badly!

    Are the ProCompression short socks padded at all? I can't run in their marathon socks because they're too thin.

  10. That is some sweat! Although my runs have been like that too lately! Stoopid humidity

  11. Great job on that tempo run! Tempos are always so hard for me. And if it makes you feel better, I look like that after pretty much every run. I'm a sweaty beast. :)

  12. I actually think you are more of a badass for running in summer than in the dead of winter. It's been a hot one! Have fun in Newfoundland!