Friday, 18 July 2014

5 On Friday!

Happy Friday!

This week has been jam packed with training and boy am I ready for this rest day! Even if I did sneak to the gym for core and arms for an hour. ;) There was no running I swear!

1. Look what came in the mail yesterday!!! All of my Twitter peeps and IG followers have already seen my "In-Training" tee from Maritime Race Weekend but it's just so darn cool it had to make a blog appearance!

2. Grocery Shopping: I'm really focusing on good nutrition with this training plan. I've always considered myself to be a pretty healthy eater, but hey, we all have our weaknesses. I'm lookin' at chu' nachos!!! ;)

3. These earrings! I have basically worn them every day since I've found the missing one. Even if it is just to bask in the sun. :)

4. Watermelon!!!! How good is a slice, or two, or three post run?!
Don't worry, I plan on doing my nails tonight.....or at the latest tomorrow. :D

5. I finally got a haircut! Okay, it's 1.5 inches My hair dresser asked if I wanted it styled and I told her I was heading to the gym after ward so she insisted on giving me a cute gym do! I was rockin' that braid with a pony! ;)

My weekend is pretty packed with back to back longish runs and a bike ride. My bike is finally up and running again after the tire tube replacement! Thanks Matt :D

Lola's exhausted just thinking of all the miles I have to run this weekend, lol.

Thanks again for checkin' in with GGR on this fab Friday! Have a wonderful evening!

Tell me one highlight of your week! 
Any fun weekend plans???
Are you doing Maritime Race Weekend? 
What are your thoughts on Rest days??? 

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. In the fitness and nutrition course I am taking, they explain why rest days are a must and how a person can basically waste their time training if they don't take a day off to let their muscles you bet I'm all for them!!!

    This weekend? Laying by the pool and doing an outdoor fitness class with Cyclone Fitness. FUN

    Lola is so cute with her toys!

  2. I commented on my phone, but it didn't end up going through. whomp whomp :) I embrace my rest days lol! I really do though, I work hard and then enjoy a day of relaxing. However, I don't like unplanned rest days like today. I took a quick trip to Cape Breton so I missed my tempo run. I'm not at a tempo speed with my stroller yet haha! Cute MRW shirt, and yep, I'll be there!

  3. What. Great shirt! I am doing a training plan now that has many rest days built in. Right now I feel like I want to run on my rest days but as my mileage increase I know i'll savor the rest days!

  4. I wish I could do a braid like that for working out! Alas, I have no idea how!

    That rest day owl I'd the cutest!! And yes, watermelon is the perfect treat post-run!

  5. I believe half of a large watermelon is the perfect amount to eat post-run during the summer! :D For long runs, a full watermelon may be necessary!

  6. Love the side braid! That looks like a nice shirt! They have shirts for NYC marathon - but the stupid shipping costs to Canada are redonkulous - more than the actual cost of the shirt ?!?!

    I have to do rest days - at least that is what I think. I have a 10K to get through at some point this weekend though....yay!

  7. Don't worry, I am all for counting and upper body workout as a rest day for the leggies... cause it IS right!? :) I really love those earrings.

  8. Nice hair! I love those side braids! I love watermelon too. Lately I have been craving pineapple. Oh so good!

  9. Love those earrings! I have to wear earring always, unless I am running of course :)
    I also love watermelon...sooooo good!! :)

  10. I love how you said you snuck into the gym on your rest day! Runners are a crazy bunch, claiming a "rest" day, but they refuse to actually rest ;) So random, but I love those mini shopping carts, they are so cute!