Saturday, 28 June 2014

A Peek Into My Week & 5K

I ate two donuts this week. Two! (donut or doughnut??? does it matter?)

Based on my opening sentence you may gather two things: 1. I have let go of all discipline I displayed for a solid 18 weeks during marathon training OR 2. It's the last week of school and stress is to the max so when coworkers bring in super soft deliciousness covered in icing and sprinkles, I surrender. Definitely 1 & 2, lol.

Either way, I officially have 4 hours of work left and I so got this! I can smell my summer vacation.
Pretty Much

Guess what: I have a new tune for you! It's Siren Call, by Little Daylight and it's pretty darn good.

You cannot tell me this isn't awesome. You just can't.

So here's a peek into my week:

I did some running.

This run was awesome!

And this one was pretty craptastic. I really have to monitor my cupboard raids when I get home from work ravenous and on the hunt for ANYTHING.

I had great plans to pack up my classroom......but first, Let me take a selfie. Okay, so this was stuck in my head after one of my students said it to me, LOL. 

I ate this super awesome cupcake a sweet student gave me. :) 

Since I'm working at a different school next year, I had to take advantage of Habaneros being across the street on my last full day at work. Obviously.

I bought myself an end-of-year treat at the Running Room! So long to sucky long runs where I run out of fuel! ;) This bad boy holds 2L of water!!! Yes, I am in my PJ pants still. :D

I tried out my Camel Back on a scorching 12.5mi run (20km). I loved it!

I took this lady to the groomer.

"Who Me???" Yes You Lola. ;)

And she was super happy to see me at pick up time. :)

I feel like the only thing I have to say about the photo below is "Duh." ;)

Hehe, I saw this when I got smoothie supplies. Come on, you giggled a little. ;)

Tomorrow morning I'm heading over to my old stompin' grounds, Bedford, to run the Bedford 5k to Beat Lung Cancer. This is a pretty sweet route and it's for a great cause! Now if only I could decide what to wear...Runner Problems. ;)

Fill me in: what's something awesome about your week? 
Does your pet like the groomer? LOL.
What do you eat when you can't fight temptation??? 

Thanks for stopping by GGR and have a beautiful day! 

Happy Running,
Heather :) 


  1. Yay for only 4 more hours of work. I know how stressful the end of the year is, I do not blame you for eating donuts! Jelly tolerated the groomer but with Christmas... well, we got a call from the groomer after 45 minutes of trying to calm him down. He wasn't having it. They were really nice, they didn't charge me even though they spent 45 min trying to get him to a relaxing state so he could be groomed! Good luck on your 5k tomorrow. :) I am sure your outfit will be super cute because you have really nice running clothes! OH and I can't believe with all the miles you run you haven't yet had a camel back! Did you used to set out water?

    1. Oh no. :( I used to worry about Lola so much when she was at the groomer until I learned that she had a blast She gets super excited when I tell her we're going.

      I know! I can't believe I didn't have one! I used a fuel belt that held 4 bottles of water (small bottles) and sometimes I'd have to run with a hand-held one as well. I'm really looking forward to this new camelback! Can you put nuun or gatorade in it? Or is it just for water?

  2. Awesome this week: getting to spend some time with my out-of-province relatives!
    What I eat: trail mix, nuts, chocolate. Not a huge sweet person but SALTY… yes! I can't resist!

    Congrats on being done the year! My mom is a teacher so I know the feeling!

    1. I used to love salty snacks too, and I still do of course. But lately, I've been on a sweet kick and that's not a good sign! LOL

  3. Was the camelback awkward or heavy on your run? I still have not tried out the taco truck by Kent...maybe this week! YAY to being on vacation with only 4 more work hours. YAY!!!!!

    1. You MUST try the Gecko bus!

      The Camelback is not heavy at all. The weight is balanced out and feels more sleek than the clunky fuel belt.

  4. yaaa for awesome speedy runs :) Lola is so cute!! have fun running the 5K, I imagine you will be super speedy!

    1. Thanks! Lola knows she's cute and takes total

  5. Thank goodness you are done on Monday!!! Hopefully packing up your room is all done so you will be able to relax!!!!! Love the Camelbak. I have a "water backpack" as I call it and I just LOVE it. I always have to get use to it at first but then I adore it because water is RIGHT THERE!!!! Happy almost summer :)

    1. finally right! Summer vacation rocks!! I am loving the Camel back!

  6. Love the minion pic. That habaneros looked AMAZING!! Awesome camelbak, I don't run without mine. Can't wait to see how the 5k went.

    Something awesome, mrs Schlub and I are getting married Sat. Our pets HATE the groomers. I keep Clif bars in the house for when I need to get something I'm my stomach.

    1. CONGRATS ON YOUR WEDDING!!! That is so exciting. :)

      Habaneros is amazing!!! I'm so happy I surrendered and finally purchased a camelback. :D