Thursday, 8 May 2014

Thankful Thursday

Please resist the urge to tell me how cliche this title just really found it fitting for today and feel that I have so much to be thankful for. :)
Photo cred: SLRace Photography

I am thankful.....................

That I only had 1 black toenail after the Boston Marathon.....oh yeah. ;) 

For muscle repair and the ability to run again.

For awesome reading material and snuggly bed buddies. :) 

That Matt always suggests great songs for me to play abuse. I just take 6 months to agree, and then I beat them to death. LOL.
That when friends come visit, they bring fudge! And not just normal fudge: the kind with chocolate and caramel inside!!!

For super fun get togethers with friends and coworkers on the weekend. Even if it was a Psychic party that freaked us out to our very core! So fun though.....and totally awesome food. :D

That Booster Juice is super duper close to where I run most of my errands. :D I had The Marathon. It's totally awesome!

For signs like this I see on my run.

For this fuzzy face at the end of my work day. <3

When visiting friends they let you play dress up with their baby. :)  And of course have great run chats.

That I was not being attacked by ninja stars......Just took the sharp off ramp turn too quickly...oops!

That the trail looks like this again! :D

And Lola would like to add that's she's thankful that it's "Let your ears flap in the wind weather again." <3
Your turn: What are you thankful for today??? 

I am also thankful that you stopped by to say hi. :)

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Blue Nose 1/2 is in 10 days!


  1. A 1/2 in 10 days??? You don't stop, do you? :) THAT LOLA PICTURE IS PRICELESS! I love her :) I am thankful for all the new cat toys that came in the mail today! :)

  2. Oh...a psychic? I want to hear more! And I agree with Megan...that pic of Lola is super cute!!! Couldn't ask for a better cuddle bug!

  3. Thankful for the ability to run again (so like you said, muscle repair!). Looks like a fun week!!

  4. Glad to see you again! I'm thankful that i'm finally healing up and a few more steps closer to getting out and running again!

  5. love that headband!

    impressive that you survived without more black toenails :)

  6. Love the positivity of this post! What exactly does one do at a psychic party?

    1. It was actually quite interesting! The seven of us sat around a circle we all got Our tea leaves read I ndividually and then we got our fortunes told basically using Taro cards and other things like crystals. it was very cool!

  7. You looked ripped in that picture!!

  8. This is wonderful! You look absolutely amazing in that picture! I inspire you to lift? Holy lord! YOU inspire me!!!

  9. That fudge looks amazing, you have great friends! haha
    I'm thankful for the amazing weather we have now and getting to spend my birthday out shopping with my boyfriend (yesterday).

  10. Happy to see you blogging! Hope you get great weather (no hurricane winds) at the Bluenose this year!

  11. Hi! Hope you are doing well! I haven't commented in forever! :)
    I think it is great to stop and be thankful even if it is on Thursday. I hate how Thanksgiving gets all the hype for being thankful when it should be everyday!!! Glad to hear you are recovering well from the marathon!

  12. I'm a little late to the game, but of course I have to comment on the adorable Lola pic! My husband won't roll down the windows for our bassets because he's afraid one of their ears might get chopped by something!

  13. I LOVE this post!!! It's so heartwarming, and it's definitely what I needed right now. I feel sooo lame for being off running for 3 weeks now! This made me so happy. I may borrow the idea ;o)

    1. Definitely 'borrow' the ;) It made me feel very happy to read it after I was done. :)

  14. I love reading your blogs! Just letting you know that I nominated you for a Liebster Award! You can find the questions I asked you here: