Saturday, 17 May 2014

Blue Nose Pre-Game!

Happy Blue Nose Eve!

I'm boiling my pasta now as I type this post....gotta get those carbs! ;)  (Yeah, like I ever have an issue with that!)  

First off, check out yesterday's lunch some coworkers and I had:
We went to Habaneros and ate outside in the awesome sunshine on our PD day.

After work, I did a super duper easy 5k on the trail. I love that it's shorts weather again.....even though I'll be the first one to complain about the heat and humidity on my Summer runs....hehe.  

So I checked out the weather for Sunday's 1/2 marathon at the Blue Nose and it's pretty excellent. :D Remember my American Friends, this is Celsius!

At noon today I headed down to the race expo with the girls. You just know you're in good company when there is a Starbucks Stop along the way and we all acted like it was Christmas! LOL.
Thanks Random Stranger for our mini photo shoot outside the WTCC. :D
Once again I met Mr. John Stanton (Founder of the Running Room) and I was thrilled to be in his company. When I reminded him of our 2012 meeting he claims that he remembers, lol. Basically I was sprinting up the side of Citadel Hill to watch my students take part in the Youth run and when I got to the top I nearly bonked him to the ground, LOL. This is a true story people. 

I got some ink at the Maritime Race Weekend booth too! Don't worry, it's temporary. ;) This is a phenomenal event if you live anywhere near Nova Scotia, and even if you don't...come anyway! (The bling is that awesome!!!). Remember when I ran the Tartan Twosome at MRW last year???

We went to cheer on the 5kers after strolling the expo for a bit. That Mr. Miles in the Blue Nose costume ran the 5k in 27 or 28 minutes wearing that gigantic costume on his head!

Of course, here's the race day bib all ready and set to go! And so is Miss Lola. ;) 

I'm really excited for tomorrow's race. The Blue Nose is a pretty big event here in Halifax and it always attracts large crowds. I don't know how I'll fare based on this silly cold I've had now for 11 days, but I'm going to give it a whirl and see what happens. Wish me luck!

Have a beautiful evening and thanks for visiting GGR.

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Blue Nose is tomorrow!!!


  1. Good luck!! And every time I see your tattoo I think how much I love cute!

  2. Have a fabulous run my dear!!! I see your hand ink is temporary but what about that cute ankle ink- is that a real tattoo?? RUN STRONG!!!

  3. I bet John remembers you. He has a fabulous memory! Good job on the half today. Hope you are better!

  4. Whoa, Miles did good for being in the costume,and it was hot out on Saturday! Well, this year made me realize that I really can't be missing the Bluenose marathon weekend! I definitely need to participate every year!

  5. Of course, this is old news by now! But I am so glad you had a great race! You are always so amazing!

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