Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Hills & I"m Leaving On a Jet Plane!

Hey there runner peeps!

I'm thoroughly enjoying every bit of my March break to the fullest! Yesterday I did not get out of bed until 9:00!!!! (or shortly after). ;)  It was awesome. :D
Some of us got up a little later than that, lol.

I did a few things around the house and Lola and I enjoyed a long walk. My furry BFF is sort of the best. <3
All tuckered out from her walk. :)
My schedule called for an 'easy 5 miles' today, so that's what I ran. I was only 1.4 miles in when I bumped into Heidi, Tate & Sadie. I am so excited for Heidi's return to running! I'm crossing my fingers she gets into the NYCM this year. :D

On my run I had a nagging side stitch, yet again, that wouldn't let go for the entire run. I took it as a sign that I needed to ensure I did this run slower than I'd usually do it. Hint taken. Now enough with the side stitches....grr!  
Lunch: How great does a grapefruit smell when you cut it?!?!?

When I got home, Matt called and asked how my run went. I replied: "Awful. Worst run ever!" LOL. Too much of a Debbie Downer??? I felt sluggish, obviously from the previous day's 18.3 miler, and the side stitch just topped it off altogether! I told myself that tomorrow will be better..................and it was. :)
Oh yeah, I also finally put my Boston bib into a frame! I left the pins on it for keepsake. :)  It looks much nicer now than on a cork board in my kitchen, lol.
I've been working really hard during this training cycle to make my body strong. Core strength is essential to marathon runners in order to maintain form, especially in the later stages of the race. This is where my wheels tend to fall off. Therefore, I'm becoming really good buds with the guy from 8 minute abs. ;) LOL. My 12lb weights are really fun to use for my arm exercises as well.
You will also notice your body getting more lean during the high mileage phase of marathon training. Between careful nutrition and diligence on core work, I'm beginning to see my abs show!!! I texted Matt a photo of them yesterday morning because I was so excited, LOL. Too much info???? ;)  He thinks I'm crazy.
My mind was buzzing when I got up today since I'm leaving for NL tonight. After Lola and I had our walk, in the snow by the way, I went straight out for my HILLS!!!
You're going where??? But I'm not packed Yet!
I ran into Sam during my warm up and we were both wearing the same toque!!! It's really fun to high-five a running pal during your run, especially when it's not a race.
The snow falling was super pretty, but was really starting to become a pain in the butt after a while, {raised eyebrow}. On my downhill repeats I literally had to close my eyes because the snow was making them hurt from the way the wind was blowing it, (sigh). Then footing was starting to be an issue as well. So, my plan to close my eyes was no longer acceptable, lol. 
I love the elevation profile on Garmin connect during hill repeats!
Conditions considered today, I felt really good. I chipped away at all 6 uphill repeats and really focused on my form being perpendicular and not leaning in or back. Arm pumping really helps propel you up the hill! And it also helps when you have some good tunes too. :) 
Tempo Tune
This is a pretty cool song if I may say so. How can you not be Happy when you're listening to Pharrell??? ;)

Post-run I had the best smoothie yet! I'm certain it's because of these two ingredients:
I also put in frozen pineapple, chia seeds, protein, banana, raspberries and ice. YUM!

After lunch I had a much needed leg massage. I ate a Luna bar on my way there. I really like this flavour!

We worked on my calves today. And then they were happy. :)

Time to go finish up my last minute packing for NL. My sister has been texting me with meal options to pick from. This is going to be a good trip! ;) There's also going to be a snowstorm while I'm there, oh joy! Hence, the need for this text message:

My laptop is coming to Newfoundland with me so continue to check for updates from GGR. Thanks for paying me a visit. Have a beautiful day!

Happy Running,
Heather :) 
The Moose Run is on Sunday!!!


  1. Great job on the hill repeats!! I bet you have a blast in NFLD with your sisters and family. I love the 'Happy' song! I'm also behind the times as I'm now digging Timber which you posted about eons ago!!!

  2. Great post! I hope you have a good trip. I laughed at the text screen grab!

    1. Thanks Erin! The TM saved the day (2x) :)

  3. Take lots of pictures! Have a great trip!

  4. Side stitches are THE WORST! I always say I've had the worst run ever when I have a big side stitch. For me, it usually happens when I haven't hydrated enough.

  5. Rock it girlfriend! I love hills! I will definitely be doing some core work for my marathon!!!! Have a safe trip!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. MMMMM grapefruit!!

    I wish I were on break already!! Two more days!

  7. Jealous of you being on spring break! My husband doesn't have his until the week after next. Hope you have a great trip to see your sister! :)

  8. I just downloaded that song! It makes me smile ever time I listen to it :)

  9. So jealous of the abs! I would totally take a picture of them and send them to my boyfriend if I had them shining through! :-P Safe travels. I hope your trip is a good one!

    1. Ha, they are a work in progress for sure! Thanks Rachel!

  10. I'm glad that you framed your Boston bib! I wish my sister would do something special with hers. It still sits in her closet! Have a safe trip!

    1. You should remind her to frame it! Mine was looking all crinkly from the race itself and I really wanted to keep it. It's quite special :)

  11. HAVE FUN!!! The hills on Garmin Connect are a fav of mine too :) Looks so pretty! All these snowstorms are ridiculous...spring now, please!

  12. Have a great trip! It's nice you get a spring break :) We lost all of our break days to snow!

    1. Thanks Meg! I can't believe they punish you in that way because of weather!! That seems so many shades of cruel. :S

  13. It was so nice getting to chat with you, sorry Sadie was getting a little impatient lol! Glad you got into physio. for a quick appointment. Enjoy your time at home!

    1. Thanks Heidi! Tell Sadie I'm sorry I ruined her walk....lol.