Saturday, 21 December 2013

Winter Solstice and Running Recaps

Happy Saturday!
I welcome the Winter Solstice today! With this being the longest night of the year we will begin to see more and more daylight from now on in.  I very much look forward to this.
Are you candy-caned out yet??? I'm definitely not. This is just my late morning blogging snack. ;) 
Tempo Tune
With the dead of Winter already setting up camp in my town, I need some help getting my quality runs in. And this song is certainly helping! Check out an oldie, but a goodie: Blue Lagoon's "Break my Stride" is da jam! It helps to sing this song on a TM run since I feel that it (The TM) limits my range of motion as well as when running in the snow ;)
Guess what?! I had a SNOW DAY TODAY!!!!  It was one of those completely unexpected ones where you don't really think it's going to happen....especially since they did not close all schools on Monday when conditions were treacherous! Either way, I took it! :D
The downside: The roads were totally un-runnable. :(  yes, I know that isn't a word. Or is it?
My training plan called for 5 miles today and I had to resort to the TM. Embarrassing side note: I have not  yet mastered running on the Treadmill. I caught myself twice, not once, TWICE, from falling. On one instance a man nearby totally saw me.....LOL....embarrassing!!!!

The plus side to running at the Canada Games Centre: Subway post-run! The Turkey Jalapeno sub totally hit the spot. :)
Behold the Purple Potato!
I picked some of these up at Pete's today while I was out on my Snow Day excursion.
These vibrant spuds are jam packed with antioxidants and taste very similar to a sweet potato. I cooked them in a large saucepan with EVOO and then sprinkled them with fine sea salt. Very satisfying. I also thought they looked cool mixed together with my orange carrots. :)
Check out this sky as I walked Lola this morning. 

After work today I ventured out into a Christmas Winter Wonderland to run for 5 easy miles. There were so many pretty sights along the way.

This van totally ruined my plan to stand by the tree for a photo op. :( 
The Run
5.22 miles along the snow covered streets
42 min
8:10 avg. pace/mile
Rest day and last day of work before my 16 days of Christmas vacation!!!
Look at these completely cute reindeer chocolate covered cookies a student brought in for our party. :)

Today was super mild out and it was pouring when I walked Lola. By the time I finished up around the house and headed out for my run the rain had stopped.....and everyone cheered! Okay, just me. :) 
I wore tights, jacket, ball cap and thin gloves. And yes, by 2 miles in I was roasting! :S This weather is certainly confusing my core temperature!
I ran in a nearby neighbourhood ..... and waved to Heidi's  dog Sadie through the window. :)  Then I headed out along the main road towards the post office. This was where things got a  bit tricky and totally WET! A sincere thank-you to all the cars who seized the opportunity to SPLASH me as they sped by.  Honestly, I really hope Santa doesn't forget your coal. ;) 
The issue was that the drains were clogged with ice and the sidewalks were flooded in many areas. Especially since the air was super mild today.
The Run
10 miles
1 hr 21 min
8:09 avg. pace/mile

Okay so I'm off now to embellish in the Shopping frenzy also known as Last minute Christmas shopping at totally insanely packed malls. Try hard not to be jealous :S
Lola says she hopes your holidays are rockin' so far. ;)
 Thanks again for checkin' out GGR!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. I was nice on Friday and let my kids eat candy canes, assuming they'd each have one. Not the case...they seriously had like 4 each. I can't eat that many in a row!!

    I love that days actually get longer in the winter, but people think they get shorter!

    1. I wish I didn't like candy canes, or chocolate! lol.

      I'm thoroughly looking forward to the longer days and am super envious of your running in the sun ;)

  2. I'm not a huge fan of candy canes, but the bank has mini ones in their candy jar and I just can't resist grabbing one every time I go in! (It probably also has something to do with the fact that I usually just had lunch when I go by the bank). :D

    1. The grab and go candy are the best! I too cannot resist free candy. ;) LOL

  3. Glad you got out for your run today, it was nice and mild out for sure. Sadie keeps an eye on the place, doesn't she? lol

    1. Sadie makes one good guard dog :) She always looks happy to see me too when I run by!