Sunday, 15 December 2013

Tunes, Runs and a Bit Of Everything Else

Happy Sunday Runday folks!

Well, chances are if you live anywhere near me, it was not a 'happy' run day.  Nova Scotia got a ginormous blast of Winter at its finest today. I actually feel that this past week alone has presented us with more challenging conditions to run in than the entire Winter season of last year......possible exaggeration, but you catch my drift. <-----You see what I did there: Snow drifts, get it? ;) 

Tempo Tunes
My music motivation has come from many sources over the past couple of weeks, but recently since my Big Freakin' News I've enjoyed "Coming Home," by Diddy ft. Skylar Grey. :)

Also, if you are in a cranky mood give this tune a will surely make you happy. It's "Drive By," By Train. I LOVE it!!!

Here's what I've been up to since we last chatted on Wednesday:

hmm, I don't quite remember moving to the  Arctic Circle???? Maybe Matt drove us there when I was sleeping. ;)  Basically tonight's run was one of those where when you sniff, your nostrils stick together. Yep, it was that cold. Not surprisingly, I STILL managed to overdress---How does that happen when the mercury drops to -21 degrees Celsius?!?!?  I thought that since I was wearing my breathe Thermo tights (which are effective to runs where it's -20 or warmer) I'd need my Wind blocking pants over top of the tights. Seemed like a good idea.  Until I was roasting. I guess it's better to be too warm than totally freezing your buns off.

The Run
6.3 miles
52:09 minutes
8:17 avg. pace/mile

Look what came in the mail today!!!!!!!!!! Merry Christmas to me! I cannot tell you how excited I am to return in 2014. Let's just say that my 18 week training plan begins TOMORROW and there will be many posts on my Boston training, many. ;) 

We also had our staff party on Friday evening. I was so excited by this beautiful blue tree on my way into the party I just had to take a pic for you even though it nearly froze my fingers to bits.  And then as I was going to the elevator I saw these super cute white trees....aren't they stylin'?

Okay, we had this spectacular view for the party and even though it made me dizzy to even step out onto the balcony with my tremendous fear of heights, I did it for you....You're welcome!
These were the only pics I snapped at the appears I was having too much fun to take photos. That's it I guess when you work with an awesome crew. ;)

Dear goodness, it was even more freezing on Saturday's run! How can that be?! In fear I'd repeat Thursday's mistake and overdress, I really put thought into my choice of gear. I layered with my Clima warm Adidas shirt from Winners....which by the way I love for cold runs. It has thumb  holes and is nice and long. I wore a t-shirt over it and my running jacket over top of that. I also used the Buff from Maritime race weekend 2012 as my neck/chin warmer. :)  I definitely made a good choice with the tights & wind blocking pants combo today. The entire way home there was a dominating head wind that was blowing Arctic air right at me. There were ice crystals frozen on the back of my neck and braids when I got home. :S
The Run
8:23 miles
1 hr 8 min
8:17 avg. pace/mile {as I am typing this I realized that this was my exact pace on Thursday :) }

I made this coffee immediately as I got in the door. Have you tried this awesome flavour???
I apologize that I haven't been taking photos during the runs recently. The reason is that when I did take my phone along on the last super cold run it was acting 50 shades of Bonkers for the rest of the day.  So until it warms up, you will have to settle for Selfies from my drive way, LOL.

The remainder of Saturday was spent Christmas shopping and decorating......two of my favourite things to do in December. :)

Stormday, I mean Sunday ;)
Okay people, who ticked off Mother Nature??? I mean I'm always up for a sweet Snow day, DURING THE WORK WEEK, but certainly not on my Sunday long run day.  That ain't cool!  There are only two types of weather that I will NOT run in: Thunder/lightning storms and Ice storms. And today was definitely an ice storm.

When I first got out of bed there were mega snow drifts on my street and the sidewalks/roads were not ploughed. :(  I had hopes that the plow would come soon and I could head out. So I got ready in my running gear and waited.......and then the ice pellets came. :( 

I did manage to concoct my version of Storm Day Veggie Stew! I basically threw every vegetable + some chick peas, chicken broth and oregano into the Crockpot and enjoyed the smells. Mmm.

Then I finally couldn't take it any longer......I had to run!!!! LOL. Off to the gym I went! 

At the gym I discovered how badly in need of a tan I am......try not to stare directly at my legs... haha.
 I decided that I would run until I mentally couldn't take it any longer. Longest 8 miles of my life, especially since there were a grand total of 6 people at the gym.

Well, I'm off yet again! Just between us, I was totally hoping that the storm would hold off until Monday morning which would = a glorious Snow Day for moi! .....No such luck.....LOL.

Have a beautiful evening and thanks for checkin' in on GGR.

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Nice work on decorating with us and excellent runs in the freezing cold and wintry conditions; nothing stops Mommy! - Matt & Lola

    1. Thanks! You guys helped out great with the lights and ribbon ;)

  2. I'm excited to follow your Boston training!

  3. That blue tree is insane!

    I'd rather be chilly on a run than warm, but not when there's danger of frostbite!!

    1. In the dead of summer, I wish for the dead of winter, I wish for summer. :S

      I loved the tree too!

  4. Yay for the Boston Marathon! I'm looking forward to following your training! And isn't random veggie stew the best?? Makes me hungry...

    1. Thanks Hillary!

      Random veggie stew is the best! So awesome when you get a lot as well...makes for great lunches for work ;)