Saturday, 7 December 2013

Santa Shuffle Recap

Were  you shufflin' this weekend? ;)

Tempo Tune
I am totally digging this song right now on REPEAT! :D It's Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly with "Do what you want to my body." You must add this to your playlist! Like now. You're welcome. :)
A work Professional Development day = Lunch at the best Thai place in town. :)  Cashew chicken is rapidly becoming my favourite thing to eat.

 Thursday evening I headed out for an easy short run after work. On my way out the door I ran into Marg from the neighbourhood who was on her way home from her run. I ran 0.6 of a mile with her and then looped around the area for a total of 4 miles.

Oh and did I mention that when I was done running and proofreading reports I had to bake 60 cookies for a cookie exchange?!?!?! I baked "Pudding Cookies" from this recipe....mmm. 

Yep, you know it...REST day! It was a good thing too. After work Erin and I went to Jodi's place for a super awesome and super fun Cookie Exchange. Does laughing count as a workout??? No? How about lifting cookies to your mouth??? ;) 

Jodi had the coolest hot chocolate station...
 and the best peanut butter dip!
 Oh......and she had her Stella and Dot all set up too! Cookies, laughing and jewellery = awesome!

Santa Shuffle Day! Courteney came to pick me up at 8:15 and we were off to pick up Heidi, Samantha and Katie for the 5k fun run.
 As you can see, I'll take any opportunity to wear a funky skirt or tutu in a race.....and I mean any!
 I truly hope Samantha, Katie and Heidi still talk to me after I take sneak photos of them from shot gun. ;)

The run was a very beautiful route through Dartmouth's Shubie Park.  Embarrassing confession: As a Nova Scotian Runner, this was my first ever run through Shubie! I have a new respect for runners who do the Full Marathon at the Blue Nose. This route is a part of their marathon route and it is           H-I-L-L-Y! 

I was frozen like a popsicle at the start so I felt very stiff and sluggish for the first 2k. I spent the first 1k weaving around people, but it wasn't too congested since Marg and I headed up to the very front at the start....hehe. I was wearing 3 shirts.....yes 3 shirts people! Who is going to remind me that this is never a good idea and that I roast when I do this??? My ipod came unclipped from my skirt when I was adjusting my 3 shirts and was dangling between my knees for a bit before I noticed....LOL. I took off my gloves, hung a sharp left turn and nearly fell into a mud puddle from slipping on leaves, but I still had fun. Since it was an out and back route, I saw friends, coworkers and former coworkers along the way! :)

And did I mention that I also took a wrong turn near the end and ended up running slightly further than 5km??? LOL....Typical me. I also forgot to hit STOP on my Garmin and therefore I have no idea of my time or pace. I do know the clock was showing 23 min and change when I ran through the finish. :)

No matter how hilly the run or how many mishaps appear, it's always a blast when you see so many friends and familiar faces. And who doesn't love seeing Santa?! I ran into Janet at the finish line for a blogger selfie too. :)

After the finish, we all headed over to the Chilli booth! Yes.....there was super yummy hot chilli. :)  Say what?! ;) 

You know what they say about friends who run together: they'll take any opportunity to snap a shot of their feet and bling! ;)

The Santa Shuffle race is in support of the Salvation Army and they raised a whopping $35 000 today!!!

Post run I was totally chilled to the bone. My super duper hot long shower didn't quite get rid of it. But this Starbucks and a trip to Costco did!
I think I may consider my 'intelligent' decision to conquer Costco, Sobeys and Wal-Mart on a Saturday afternoon workout #2 for the day. The End.
Are you loving any Starbucks Holiday drinks right now?
Did you do the Santa Shuffle?
And how fun are cookie exchanges?!
Thanks for poppin' in on GGR on this Saturday evening. Have a wonderful night!
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Charlottetown Santa shuffle race recap coming up in a few. It would have been so fun to have some friends here to run with. Looks like you guys had fun!

  2. I really like your multiple-day catch ups on your blog. I feel like I catch up with you:) The SS was a lot of fun!

    The best thai- is that at Chabaa Thai?? It kind of looks like their tables. Thai is my favourite food, but during pregnancy I have been craving lebanese food A LOT!

    1.'s the only way I can keep readers updated since I usually dont' get time to do daily blogs. I really wish I could do that though. :)

      The SS was super fun!

      Yes, it is Chabaa Thai! My new favourite. :D We'll have to go there together sometime.

  3. Sounds like a super fun race! I hate overdressing for a race, but it's so easy to do by accident because the start can be so cold!!

    1. I always!

      I'm eager to find out how Sup and Run went!

  4. Yummmm thai. So good....and now I have a craving.

    Great seeing you at the Santa Shuffle!

    1. haha......go satisfy that craving! ;)

      Great bumping into you too! I have a feeling we'll see each other a lot in 2014 as well. :)

  5. We did the Santa Shuffle in Fredericton - there are actually three of them in New Brunswick but only one in PEI and NS. I guess people love shuffling up here in NB!
    - Molly

    1. Wow, I didn't realize we had a limited number of shufflers here... ;) That being said there were 1100 runners there :0

      I love NB! I've run the marathon in Fredericton 2x, and one time in Saint John & Moncton. We may be returning to Fredericton in May for the run :)