Sunday, 29 December 2013

Last Sunday Runday of 2013!

Wow, the last Sunday Runday of the year!I truly cannot believe that I just wrote that! Now if only I could run as fast as this year went by. ;) Did you claim some miles on the last Sunday of the year?

In preparation for today's long run I was sure to fuel up properly. Therefore, last night's dinner consisted of broccoli, turkey and cheese This has to be the most wonky combination of food ever in the history of the world. I actually steamed the broccoli, warmed some leftover turkey and made a cheese pizza from multigrain crust, tomato sauce with some mozzarella cheese sprinkled on it. There are no pics since Matt and I both ran 10 miles yesterday which made us both Rungry. :D

This morning I ate oatmeal pre-run along with my favourite coffee flavour as of late. Just Us puts out a fantastic Holiday Blend every Christmas and I am already on my second Also, check out my cute mug Matt gave me for Christmas, hehe.  What's your favourite pre-run fuel?
Today I ran along the main road in the opposite direction than I usually do. I haven't run this way since the end of Summer! Partially because the shoulder is completely covered in snow and ice now, plus there is no sidewalk :S 
There was very little traffic, this being Sunday morning and all. The wind was also at bay, which therefore meant very little head wind. :D My legs were slightly stale after yesterday's 10 miles, along with the previous 6 days of running without rest. I realize I need to take a rest day. And I plan to. It's just not that often that I'm on vacation and can totally take advantage of running in the daylight. :) 
It was a pretty uneventful run overall. The conditions were great though. It was plus 1 degree with overcast skies. My mind was busy thinking about my year in running and what 2014 will hold for me. This made time fly by! Then at 8.5 miles I saw Samantha again. We've been 'running' into each other quite often lately. :) 
Today I fuelled up on the run with my new Grape Flavoured nuun water. I am really liking this kind.
The Run
12 miles
1 hr 41 min
8:25 avg. pace/mile

Remember how I told you yesterday that I signed up on Daily Mile?  Well this is one of the best features I believe! Check out how they graph your mileage for you:  

And not only are the mileage graphs cool, look what else they do for conversions:
 I did not realize that I ran for over 6 hours this past week! I hope you noticed that I've apparently burned off 25.47 donuts! LOL.
Week #2/18 for Marathon Training is in the books. :)  How has your week in training gone? 
My turkey soup is bubbling on the stove top now so I'd better go give it a stir.....and a sample of course. ;) 
Thanks for visiting me on this Sunday afternoon. Have a beautiful day!
P.S. Lola says, "Hey" ;)
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Oh...I love your turkey soup!!! I'm excited to follow all your running journeys in 2014 and hope I get to toe the line with you at some races again!!!

    1. You should stop by for some :) It's my best batch I think!

      I'm sure we'll do many races together again!

  2. Turkey soup?? Sounds tasty! Way to go on your run today! I can't believe you're three weeks into your training now! I'm looking forward to keeping up with your're like a bunny! Your pace is so fast! (Of course, relative to my pace, everyone is super fast!)

    1. Yes, my mom used to make it when I lived home. It's just basically a vegetable soup with leftover turkey in it. :)

      Haha.....thanks for the 'bunny' reference! It's all relative though: a friend of mine can do a half in 1hr 17 min!!! I feel like a tortoise next to her! You're doing great! Keep running :)

  3. Going to find you on Daily mile and add you as a friend :) I love using it to track my workouts

  4. That is really the best coffee flavour, I love it. Love the stats- the donuts burned, gas saved, etc., it's a bit more fun than just miles and calories run.

    1. It is the BEST flavour! :D

      How have I not been using daily mile until now?!?!? lol. You should add me.....I looked for you but can't find you.

  5. My first thought was that they must be underestimating your doughnut burning! But damn, that's a lot of tv power :) I use Running Ahead for my tracker but daily mile looks like fun, maybe I'll give it a try!

    1. That IS a lot of TV power! I actually looked twice at the stats.

      I've never used Running Ahead. It's amazing how many apps there are to track Workouts! :)

  6. This post made me sooo happy that I got up for my run Sunday even though it was pouring!! It was definitely the right way to end the last weekend of 2013!

    I'm glad you're enjoying DM! It's the best!