Saturday, 7 December 2013

A Runner's Wish List!

Are you wondering what to get that crazy dedicated Runner friend of yours??? Well, never fear! GGR has some sure fire gifts that will propel your Runner to the finish line of their next big race! ;)  Or at least these are things that secretly I wish for.....hehe.

If your Runner friend runs outside even when Penguins are bundled up inside, then I would highly suggest these tights made my Mizuno. I bought the older version of these tights 4 years ago and they are still in spectacular shape. They keep my legs warm and toasty in runs where the mercury drops down to -20 degrees Celsius!!!
Looking for something that's super cute but also practical?  Then you can definitely purchase your Running Pal some of these totally awesome Rundies! You can buy them here or here.  Hint to Matt: I would certainly love Santa to bring me some of these!

Next up: No one likes to run with the wind biting their ears, right? I know I certainly don't. Well, I am super thankful that Melissa suggested this headband from Lululemon to me back in October. This is pretty much my favourite running accessory this year! Santa is bringing me the thicker aqua coloured one for Christmas as you can see. ;)

Compression Obsession! If your runner friend enjoys running for miles on end, then you will need to insist that they have the most stylish compressions out there as a part of their long run routine or recovery. I personally like Pro Compression's Marathon Socks that come in many colours and designs. Plus, they offer Sock of the Month where you enter in a discount code to receive 40% off! 

I have also ordered from Lunatik Athletiks and LOVE their Zuza Argyles!

Stocking Stuffers!!! Yes, I realize that it is totally weird to request Gels and Nuun tablets in my stocking....and I am okay with that. ;)  I really hope you've tried the Salted Caramel by now! The Running Room carries both of these products. :)

Is your Runner a night owl? Well, I would highly suggest the gift of REFLECTIVITY! My FIL gave me this vest last year and I love it! Random strangers would tell me as I ran by that they were "So glad you (I) got a vest!" And, it's only $14.99!

Post Run Treats: My first thing to do after a chilly winter long run is to brew up some Java! These Christmas blend K-cups from Starbucks are the jam! And while you're at it, you might as well get your runner friend a super cool mug to enjoy them in. :)

You've gotta protect those smoochers! When running outside, especially in the Winter, you will want to ensure you keep those smackers plump and moist. No one likes dry chapped one! There's nothing worse then realizing midway through your long run that you did not put on an effective lip protector. :S My favourite is the Vaseline Brand Lip Butter. It comes in plain and coca butter...mmm. It's super inexpensive too...which is always great! Another brand that I use is the Nivea kind. This one isn't as thick as the Vaseline type, but still works great. 
Protected Paws: The first thing that feels cold on my body when running are my hands. I used magic gloves beneath regular mittens for a while when I first started Winter running. This was not the most effective method. Last year I bought these convertible babies from the Running Room and they were well worth the investment. They have a flap that you can pull over your finger tips to create a 'mitten' and when your hands get real nice and toasty warm, you can tuck it in to wear as gloves. They also offer a reflective stripe, which is always a bonus. I love these!
Basically anything that comes in this bag will earn you BFF status for life. :)
After a gruelling 20 miler during marathon training, nothing flushes toxins out of the muscles like a great Epsom Salt Bath. I was psyched to find Holiday Scents! My masseuse told me to add a teaspoon of sea salt into every Epsom Salt Bath. I did not know that before, but she always gives me the best advice. Be sure to keep a tall glass of water by your side as well. :) Another sure fire thing your runner friend will appreciate is something that smells super awesome. You know, that doesn't smell like sweat and salt that's had the time to dry nice and yummy onto your skin. ;) So in other words, anything from Bath & Body Works like this Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel.....a-mazing!

Footwear: I would actually not recommend that you go out and purchase your Runner a new pair of kicks that are the latest 'new thing.' Runner's are very particular about their footwear as they have to be properly fitted by a specialist in many many cases. That being said, can you give a gift card to a sports store so that your friend can purchase their own trainers? Sure! I personally LOVE gift cards....the more the merrier. :D
Not really running related, but who wouldn't like to receive the best Christmas CD ever made in the history of the universe?! Christmas with Boney M is #1 on my Holiday Music List.
And just for fun......................... hehe
So there you have it. Now you have oodles of ideas to help shopping for that Running friend of yours....or maybe even for yourself. ;)
Happy Shopping & Running,
Heather :)


  1. Those Rundies are kind of adorable!

    1. I know.....I'm wishing Santa will bring me some :)

  2. Great list. I definitely need some of those things!

  3. From this list, I would like: the tights, the gloves, the undies, the lip balm, the Epson salts, and of course...anything from LuLu. LOL

    1. LOL......I got the tights (well Mom and Dad got them) ;) Send the list along to Santa! :)

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