Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Running in the Rain and Semi Long Run

What were you up to Monday evening around 6:30? I know what I was doing......sloshing through puddles and battling some serious head winds on my 10km run.....that's what! ;)

My usual Sunday plans are to run long and feel the fatigue deep in my muscles and ride the runners' high. Yep, the usual drug for distance runners. ;)  However with the relay only being 7km and the coffee date afterwards, I did not get a long run in. 

I was hoping to get a somewhat long run in on Monday, but we sort of had a hurricane, (not an exaggeration).  Rain was teaming down and there were gale force winds. And I ran. In the rain. And the wind. One thing that motivated me to get out the door was the fact that in a short while, this will all be snow! AND possibly ice!!! :(  Then the rain didn't seem so bad. :)

As I splashed my way up and down the streets doing loops I thought of several things that runners need to do to run in the rain. See picture below:

Running in the Rain 101
  • To avoid developing a 'rat's nest' ponytail that will take ginormous amounts of conditioner to untangle, braid your hair long-haired running peeps!  It does not need to be a fancy braid, as you can see by mine. Just ensure that you have no long loose hairs gallivanting about during the run. ;)
  • Drivers have a difficult enough time with visibility on stormy days and they are most certainly not expecting to see a passionate  crazy person out running the streets. Trust me.  Therefore, you will need to be seen. A headlamp, LED light, or clothing with reflectivity are a plus  must!
  • If you are running in rain that is also accompanied by crazy strong wind, run based on effort, not digits. Forget pace! I like to think of the head winds as 'resistance training' and I also like to tell myself that if 'Race day' has fair weather, it will be cake compared to what I'm running in now.
  • Wear a brimmed hat. I like to do this to prevent the sideways rain from going straight into my eyes. No one likes that!
  • Remember that Cotton is rotten!  Wear moisture wicking/tech fabrics to prevent chaffing and blisters. Your skin will thank you. :)
  • You will need to ensure proper drying of your running shoes. Leaving your trainers out all soggy to 'air dry' will only lead to not-so-pleasant odors later on.  Also trust me on this one. ;)  My speedy friend Erin gave me this newspaper tip nearly 5 years ago and I have also passed it on. Thanks Erin! Stuff them with those flyers, that you'd probably only recycle anyway after you're done reading them.  I like to place mine near a radiator in the cooler seasons or nearby my dehumidifier during the humid months. Check your newspaper periodically because if your shoes are saturated, you'll need to replace the paper once it's sogged too.
  •  Just because you're body gets a fine soak, don't neglect your hydration. Getting wet is not the same as hydrating with fluids....lol.  Not even a little bit. Either follow your usual routine of on-the-run hydration with a fuel belt, or if you are not running long, hydrate when you get home.
  • Lastly, know that it may very well rain on race day and a rainy day does not need to turn into a 'I didn't run day.' No one is happy on those days! ;)
The Run
6.25 miles (10km)
51:42 minutes
8:16 avg. pace/mile (5:08 avg. km)

As I rolled over to hit 'snooze' this morning, I decided to scan the social media world on my phone with the usual half-eye-open facial expression when I suddenly went into a mini-shock mode.  See photo below. Skinny Runner, yes THE Skinny Runner 'Liked' one of my Instagram photos! This girl has run 54 marathons and her times are nothing to sniff at! She's also a promoter of Pro Compression and is truly the reason why I own three pairs. :D I had a similar reaction when the Run EMZ 'liked' the first picture of mine on Instagram. These ladies don't know it yet, but we are now BFF's. ;)

All day today, I was at Professional Development for Early Literacy Teaching. There is such a different flow to the day when you step 'outside' the elementary classroom and get to hang out with your peers....and get paid. ;) You even get to go out for lunch at awesome restaurants.  Check out this margarita pizza with Cesar salad! mmm

 Which leads me to my Tuesday evening Semi Long Run. 
I am still keeping the pace slow and easy since racing my guts out on Sunday at the Relay. The air was super cool and crisp tonight, not to mention much more dry than last night. ;) 
My run took place in local subdivisions with some rolling hills. I have found a new hill that I get excited to incorporate into my route. It's not a beast by any means, but it gets my belly burning!
The Run
10 miles (16km)
1 hr 22 min
8:14 avg. pace/mile (5:07 avg. km)

The run burnt up 893 calories, and I bet I'd need to run another 10 miles to burn off the rest of that pizza! But it was so worth it. :D Recovery tonight was once again Blue Monkey Coconut Water. :)
Have a spectacular evening and thanks for stopping by GGR.
Happy Running,
Heather :)  


  1. Ah, yes! So many important tips. I need new socks for rain-running because I always get blisters, and I need to find a brimmed hat because a real downpour will take out my contacts!

    1. Oh my goodness, I didn't even think about contacts! Yes that would be unpleasant. :(

  2. Is that a photo that I took??? LOL

    I braid my hair for almost all longish runs. Mine gets knotted up so easily! (I loved your use of gallivanting) LOL

    I learned the newspaper trick when I was tree planting. we worked 12 hour days (not counting the hour drive there, and the hour drive back!) and it rained ALL summer. There is nothing worse than putting on wet work boots first thing in the morning, knowing that you'd have to wear them all day. I just wish someone had told me that trick at the beginning of the summer, and not when we only had 2 weeks left. LOL

    1. Yes, that IS the photo you took! :D

      Gallivanting is one of my favourite words. ;)

      That newspaper trick has saved the day for my runs many times!

  3. What hill did you find? Richard?? Great advice on the rain running...I can't believe you ran in that. LOL

    1. I like Richard, but I usually do White Birch.....there is less traffic and Richard gets the City bus going down it often.

      I can't believe I ran in it either! It was tough!

  4. I knew about the newspaper trick but I'm always to lazy to do it - making me regret it the next time I go to grab my sneakers!
    This is my first comment but I just wanted to say I enjoy reading you blog ... I am a fellow East Coast runner and a former Haligonian :)

    1. Great to 'meet' you Molly! I will definitely have to check out your blog. :) Thanks for stopping by!