Thursday, 28 November 2013

Repeat Song & Some Daily Miles

You'd better be having an awesome week! And a very Happy Thanksgiving to my American blogger friends!!! : D

Repeat Song
Okay, if you're looking for a super fun running song to add to your playlist, this is it! Apparently you can repeat this tune many times on a 7 mile run. ;)  Check out "Timber," by Pitbull and Ke$ha! I sort of felt like I should be running in a cowboy hat with braids and a plaid shirt to this one. :)
In case you were wondering, I AM loving my Jeff Galloway book, "Marathon." I have read it until I fell asleep for the past two nights. :)  Matt just loves waking me up to come to bed as I'm passed out on the couch with books on my 

Tonight I got home from work late, which meant I ran late. Obviously. I did my rolling hill subdivisions route, as I like to refer to it as. :) I knew Wednesday was forecasting a storm, so I tried to do a mid-distance run on Tuesday in case I didn't get out on Wednesday. Is it just me, or was that really wordy??? lol.

The Run
8.46 miles (13.5km)
1 hr 9 min
8:15 avg. pace/mile (5:08 avg. km)

I was very excited to go post off my Blogger Christmas Swap gift today. It's awesome that Leigh organized this for everyone! I have Amie 's name as my partner. I hope she likes her present! :)
So, the run. We had a teeny bit of wind and rain today. Slight under-exaggeration. It was a definite storm and 40 000 people in Nova Scotia lost their power. Yep....that happened. Schools were even closed on Thursday due to the power outages....but not mine. That didn't happen. :(  LOL.
I decided to go for a run anyway on Wednesday evening. I knew it'd be short and to the point, except I didn't account for all of the resistance training I'd get!
I did my little neighbourhood loop which covers slightly over 4 miles. My first mile was in the low 7s.......speedy credit goes to the spectacular tail wind! Don't even ask what my final miles were returning home on my route...... great tail wind on the way out=mega head wind and slow paces on the way back!!! 
The Run
crazy windy and wet 4.28 miles (6.8km)
35:38 minutes
8:20 avg. pace/mile (5.11)

and I did not blow away. :) 

After I sloshed my way down to the laundry room post-run, I prepared a colourful dinner of veggies, pasta and chicken. Running in a 'hurricane' really works up an appetite! ;)

And muscular strength..............evidently. ??? Clearly I'm not even aware of the power of my huge biceps when chopping broccoli, lol!

Pretty much sums up Wednesday right here....................rain storm & soggy sneaks. It's funny though how getting my run in, even when it's pouring from the heavens and blowing a gale, offers such mental clarity and mood boosters. :)

Grocery day! Look what I found........Candy Cane Ice Cream! Uh oh! FYI: it is no longer this full :S

This was my 'repeat Ke$ha and Pitbull song' run I referred to at the beginning. :)  I ran out to the post office and back in my LED light up Saucony vest. I'm sure passers by think I'm a total dweeb, but I feel super safe in that thing! 
The Run
7.1 miles (11.3km)
57 minutes
8:03 avg. pace/mile (5 min kms) 
Tomorrow (Friday) is a rest day......and I'm looking forward to it. This work week has been el nutso
Off to bed I go! Thanks for checking in on GGR :)
Do you run in crazy weather? or hit up the treadmill?
What treats do you sneak into your grocery cart?
Rest day: Love 'em or hate 'em?
Happy Running,


  1. Crazy running girl...I was worried about you Wednesday night....please stay safe!

    1. Best compliment I got all day! ;) I am always safe, "mom" LOL

  2. I love peppermint ice cream!!! It reminds me of Christmas and my grandparents...we used to eat it for breakfast the day after Christmas if we spent the night lol.

    Talk about a hardcore run...way to get out there!

    1. Peppermint ice cream for breakfast......that is happening! ;)

      It really wasn't that bad, until my way home. You know, when I was already exhausted and

  3. Full disclosure: I looove me some Kesha. I'm embarrassed to admit how many time's I've listened to that song on loop power-walking to work. It's so fun though!!

    Wow, good for you getting out on Wednesday night! I was lucky that the storm hit just between my run on Wednesday morning and Thursday morning.

    Also is that a road ID on your shoe?

    1. LOL.....I am so glad to hear someone else loves Kesha! Matt asked me if I was embarrassed that I liked the song when I sang it in our kitchen. I replied, "Embarrassed?! I'm putting it in the blog!"

      Yeah, a lightening/freezing rain storm is pretty much the only weather I choose not to run in outside.

      I got the Road ID for my birthday from Courteney :)