Sunday, 6 October 2013

Two For The Show!

Yes that's right-in exactly two weeks to the day I'll be running in the Prince Edward Island Marathon!  All of the high mileage and hard runs are complete and now to Taper down for race day. :)
Tempo Tune
Okay, here is another song that  you must absolutely add to your running playlist. It has been my repeat running song this whole weekend, and when I'm driving and when I'm cooking. So I'm totally obsessed with it.  It's Capital Cities' "Safe and  Sound." Check it out!
Hal had a scheduled 4 mile run today for me. I have to tell you that today was honestly my favourite type of running weather. It was definitely a crisp fall day with sunshine to spare. How badly do you want to run on THIS trail?! 

Yes, you can be truly amazed. It is THIS beautiful. :)

The Run
4.3 miles
33:13 minutes
7:38 Avg. pace/mile

It was a totally awesome run. I managed to chick three men who were out running together....hehe. So of course then I had to maintain my pace so they didn't catch me, lol.

I didn't even want to go home it was such an ideal weather running day. Okay, I know, enough about the great trail and weather........but it is spectacular, just sayin'.

And no Saturday afternoon in October would be complete without a tall PSL from Starbucks! This drink literally has my name written all over it.....haha.

Miss Lola went to her groomer on Saturday to get a face trim. Look at those big beautiful brown eyes. :)

Our Saturday night dinner was a super fabulous Cashew Chicken recipe. I could eat this until it comes out of my ears. So good. You can get the recipe here.

Today's long run was a 12 miler. I always for some reason round it up to 12.5 miles, which makes for an even 20km. 
Well, yes it was another awesome day for running. I even had to whip out these bad boys since the air was a bit frigid. 
I was feeling like a rock star clicking along at sub 8 min/mile paces until   4.5 miles. That's when I had a brand new to me type of running injury. :S  Bam! Right in the face.  A bee!  And yes, it DID sting me....right below my bottom lip.  I am 31 years old and 11 months and this is my first bee sting EVER! I couldn't even get it off of my face, lol....I had to whip it off with my hand.  That's when the throbbing and swelling began. :(  I called Courteney, while still running, and she told me that it should be okay but to put butter on when I arrived home.  So I continued to run the remainder of my run with a swollen lip......what a sight. It was still a great run though, despite the bee sting. :S 

I was very relieved to return home with no swelling.....My face is still throbbing though :(
The Run
12.5 miles
1 hr 39 min.
7:56 Avg. pace/mile

Now go enjoy the rest of your weekend and watch out for those bees! ;)
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. This was a funny blog post as you had some cute little lines in there. I loved running yesterday and this morning...It can stay like this forever!

    1. Haha.....thanks! I am definitely hoping winter skips over us this year ;)

  2. PS....I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogging can check it out on my site at: Keep up the inspiration and great attitude!!!!

  3. ouch!! you poor thing, good for you though for pumping out the rest of your miles!

    1. Oh man, I had a totally new respect bees and the pain they can inflict after that! LOL. It was super painful. It felt sort of like what I imagine getting punched in the face would feel like!

  4. What a trooper, gets stung, swells up, keeps running, calls for advice regarding sting while continuing to run, and completes the 20km!

    Dedication/Hard Work. Tough times don't last - tough people do.

  5. Hooray for the taper!! Good work, girl!

    1. Thanks Ali......Hip hip hooray, I say! LOL

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