Sunday, 27 October 2013

Soggy Sunday Run

Happy Sunday Runday everyone!

I had decided before I left my house that today's run was going to be great!  Despite the fact that it was pouring from the heavens. That wasn't going to stop me from enjoying my first Sunday run post-marathon.  :) 

I hadn't clearly decided on a route today, even when I headed out the door. I knew I'd see very few people in the trail and since it was pouring I decided against taking my phone. So, after 2.5 miles in the trail, for safety reasons, I switched to the roads. You know, just for comfort sake.
The run felt incredible, rain and all! ;) And, how fun is it to splash in puddles?!?!  I passed by a guy on a bicycle and he gave me the same look I gave him: "How badass are we for working out in this weather hey?" LOL.  Other than him, I did not see one single other runner/person. 
Once you are wet on a run it pretty much doesn't matter any more. Except for unexpected head winds on your way home when you are already squeezing your shirt sleeves to drain the water and your sneakers are proudly saying, "Squish squish squish," with every step on the pavement. Wet and Soggy Girl + Frigid Head Wind = Numb hands. Brr. Even if I ran with gloves, they would have gotten soaked and cold, so I did the best I could and curled my hands up underneath my soaking wet shirt Good Times.
Remember how I told you yesterday that I was excited to try out my new ear warmer recommended by Melissa? Well, it was another ball cap run day with the rain. I guess I'll have to wait for a chilly clear day to try it out. :)
I love how my neighbours who drove by me today give the confused face and wave. It appears they are not sure if I am dedicated, or just purely insane. Who can tell? ;)
The Run
10 Wet miles
1 hr 22 min
8:14 Avg. Pace/Mile
After a wet run where you get chilled to the bone, it is super important to warm up right away when you get home. I immersed myself in a super scalding hot shower, blow dried my hair, dressed in very warm and comfy clothes and had a Belgian chocolate coffee. :)  Doesn't that sound toasty?

Next up, I have to give a super big shout out to all my friends who rocked their races today. Remember my speedy friend Erin from this post? Well, she nailed down a first place finish today at the Niagara Falls Half Marathon running a 1:21 and change race!!! A couple of others broke benchmarks in Vegas this weekend and in Moncton! Way to go everyone!

I hope you all have a RUNderful favourite word from Distant Runners! I'm trying out a new Taco Soup recipe from the Hungry Runner Girl today. Stay tuned!

Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 20 days!!!


  1. We must have just missed you on the trail as you would have been sure to see 15 of us coming your way. LOL

    And I always feel badass when running in the rain...crazy stares from onlookers and all. And we both know that there is a fine line between dedicated and insane. LOL

    1. I bet I just missed you guys!

      A fine line indeed ;)

  2. I LOVE running in the rain, but I don't like when the puddles are so deep I get wet up to my ankles. I've definitely flirted with a few almost-blisters that way.

    1. Yes, I encountered a few of those puddles today and my sneakers are stuffed with flyers now to dry out :S