Thursday, 24 October 2013

Return to Running

Ahhhhhh, that feels better!

I finally got out for a few easy miles tonight after work and it was so awesome.  It was just about dark when I headed gets dark super early now btw.  :S  It was a hat, glove and reflective vest kind of night. I also got to try out my brand spankin' new Kayanos that I got from Hashem last Saturday.  Love at first sight Run :)  I'm going to rotate these with my other, still perfectly fine, Kayanos so that I have two pairs of runners in cycle.

I kept to a subdivision nearby and it felt like the entire city was sleeping with the darkness and quiet. That was until I went up a hill near a field where a football practice was going on . Clearly that's where everybody in the neighbourhood was hanging out. It was actually really cool to see the field lit up at night since I've only usually run by there at daytime.

Frequent reminders were required tonight to run easy so that I did not run all guts out from my left over Marathon adrenaline. To help do this I listened, on repeat, to Norah Jones' "Say Goodbye." How much do I love this song!?!?

The Run
3.5 miles
27:58 minutes
7:59 Avg. pace/mile
The legs were surprisingly stable tonight on the run. I didn't really notice any little niggles or tugs that was cause for concern.....always a plus! I do plan on having an epic Epsom salt bath this weekend though. :D

Food for thought
Well, the sugar train has pulled out of the station, so to speak.  It's back to clean healthy eating.  It just feels like such an investment in yourself once you view your food intake as fuel and make better choices.  But hey, who doesn't like a few 'food vacation days' post marathon? ;) I'm pretty sure I've been nominated as the president of the Candy Corn Fan Club these past few days. :S

  Tonight's dinner: Salmon, roasted vegetables, rice and garden salad (not shown).

Look what popped up online today:  :0 "Marathon Photos!"

This first one is probably my favourite. Surprisingly this shot was taken near UPEI in the very late stages of the race. I like it because it reminds me of when I decided I was going to power through to the end of this marathon even though my body was screaming for me to roll over on the curb and cry for  I also like it because I had just passed a whole bunch of guys who were ahead of me at the start, hehe.  Did I tell you that at the halfway point I was in 69th place and finished overall in 47th??? That's 22 passes! You know it's rude to count out loud when you pass people, right? ;)

Okay, next up is my most hilarious and least favourite, but I figure I owe it to you to share. I have humbly titled this one, "The Grimace." Only a face a mother would love for sure!

I also really like this one too. This was before 9-10k as I was still wearing my dollar store gloves that I chucked at the 10k point. I probably like it since I don't look as much like death as I do in the one above, lol.

Well, I just wanted to stop in and say 'Hey.' Now it's off to count some sheep if you catch my drift. :)
Thanks for poppin' in!

How many days after a marathon/race do you take off from running?
Do you purchase your race photos?

Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. nice pics! I think we all have the grimace face ones, those are usually my favourites because they kind of show what you went through!

    1. Yeah, it's weird how I kind of like I'm glad they didn't get any of me when I was having the side stitch.....That one would have a whole other titile!

  2. Looks like the beet juice worked!

  3. You look so happy in your pix! I don't see a grimace...I see a grin of satisfaction!

  4. Thanks Ali! I was just laughing when I saw that picture at the extreme facial expression I had...LOL.

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