Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Random things from the final week!

Hey everyone!
FYI: I am down to single digits until the PEI Marathon!!! ((like try 4 days + a few hours!!!)) :0
Tempo Tune
I'm sure you're dying to know what my recent repeat song has been on my last few runs, aren't you? ;)  Well wait no longer! It's "Hold on, we're going home," by Drake. I know what you're thinking: I'm only a fan of certain Drake songs as well. But seriously, I love this song! Try it out:

Thanksgiving holiday Monday means one thing in this house and one thing only:

Yes, pumpkin pie.  I was very good though. I just had a teeny tiny piece.....sort of. ;)  My FIL came over for a nice dinner with us and guaranteed me that I'd be happy I had the pie during the last 2 miles of the Marathon. Advice taken! :D
I followed my final week of tapering schedule today with absolutely no running.  I did do a bit of core work and arm/back/chest exercises with the 10lb dumbbells. And of course, there was some foam rolling.  :)
Can we backtrack to Sunday for a second?  Remember how I said I was out cheering that day? Well, it got a bit chilly as I was cheering and not running. I was so paranoid of getting the 'Marathon Sniffles,' that I'm so famous for in the week leading up to a marathon, that when I got home from my run that day I took extreme measures. ;)  There was plenty of hot tea, a super long hot shower, fleece pants, a big hoodie and super fuzzy socks and slippers to keep warm.  Doesn't that sound cozy? Even if it was 17 degrees outside by mid afternoon. :)

I also made spicy cashew chicken for dinner that night. Have you tried this recipe yet? If not, get to it--It's awesome! Unfortunately I took this photo before the broccoli was on my plate, so I compromised. :)
 Here's a pic of Courteney and I from the Valley. I told you it was beautiful out!

After work today I walked Lola and Indy (Courteney's Dog).  I like to call this one 'Girl gets pulled by dog.' Needless to say Indy can pull much harder than Dainty Miss Lola.  Something's obviously very important underneath that fence. 

Oh yeah! Mail run certainly paid off today-----New Runner's World! Perfect timing if I may say so myself. :)

Trick question for you: Who get's injured taking off tights after work???? No one right? Wrong! Me!  Tights are called 'Tights' for a reason and when you're rushing to get changed for a run you can kink your neck apparently. Ouch! Let's just say my easy peesy lemon squeezy 3 miler turned into a 'watch my form, don't make any sudden movements' kind of a run. :S  Oh well, I got it done, lol.
The Run
3 miles
22 min 59 seconds
7:39 Avg. pace/mile
I hope your week is off to a terrific start and thanks for checking out the scene at GGR. ;)
Have you ever kinked your neck and if so, what do you do for pain relief?
Are you racing this weekend?
Do you love pumpkin pie too???
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Just came across your blog and love finding other Canadian bloggers :) Ah 4 days until your marathon! Will this be your first?

  2. Ignore my question...just noticed your marathon count on the side of your blog and dang, you are fast!! :)

    1. Hi Leigh! Thanks for checking out GGR! This will be marathon #7 for me. :) It will be my first time running PEI though. I'm super excited!

  3. Mmmm pumpkin pieeeee....

    I need some of that!

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