Wednesday, 23 October 2013

It's quite ridiculous & More Marathon Moments....... :D

Happy Wednesday!

In case you were wondering I have not fallen off the face of the blogging world. :) I've been relishing in the much needed, and earned, R-E-S-T! Not to mention my increase in sugar consumption has led me to crash around my usual screen time. Therefore, no blogging.
With extra time not spent running, I can bake cupcakes!
I've been following Hal Higdon's Marathon Recovery to help my muscles, bones and tendons heal properly and also to prevent getting injured!  He suggests the first run to be on the Thursday after your marathon. :D

It's quite ridiculous really how excited I am to go out for a little easy 2-3 mile jaunt tomorrow. I don't even care if it rains cats and dogs or is hailing outside, for real.  Since my Marathon on Sunday, I've been so pumped and motivated to get back out there to train.  It's funny how a really sucky race motivates me to train hard (harder) and a really awesome race has the same effect. Weird. Sunday's race was totally awesome and I've been replaying bits and pieces of it over and over, and even over again!  Somehow, it totally slipped my crazy exhausted mind Sunday evening to tell you that this was indeed my fastest Full Marathon so far and it has also given me a Boston Qualifying time with a -2:24 differential!  Take that BAA! I'm just kidding. Please let me come to Boston 2015! :D

On the way home from PEI Matt and I were already brainstorming possible Spring Marathons! Addicted??? And yes, we do have one in mind. ;)

Last night I finally uploaded my Marathon to Garmin Connect. It was so exciting to go back and revisit each of the 26 miles and 385 yards. :D  Take a look!
Avg Pace
Summary: 3:3:32:36 26.2miles  8:06avg.pace

18:02.8 1.00 8:03
28:06.4 1.00 8:07
38:06.2 1.00 8:06
48:15.0 1.00 8:15
58:04.2 1.00 8:04
67:54.3 1.00 7:54
78:05.9 1.00 8:06
88:00.3 1.00 8:00
97:57.0 1.00 7:57
107:56.3 1.00 7:56
118:06.3 1.00 8:06
128:27.6 1.00 8:28
137:52.9 1.00 7:53
Stitch!!!148:14.5 1.00  8:15 
157:45.4 1.00 7:46
168:07.2 1.00 8:07
177:57.1 1.00 7:57
Stitch!!!188:19.6 1.00 8:20
197:50.8 1.00 7:51
Feeling weak 208:28.3 1.00 8:28
Checked Garmin
3 x between miles
21 and 22!   21



228:21.1 1.00 8:21
Second Wind :)237:47.6 1.00 7:48
 HILLS!248:18.8 1.00 8:19
258:19.0 1.00 8:19
268:07.8 1.00 8:08
Finish, oh Glorious finish!!!



Marathon Moments
I keep thinking back to the most challenging parts of the race. For some reason the 'easier' miles, and I use that word loosely, are not as prominent in my mind.  I think with the challenges we overcome, we create a special place in our memory for it. And that's what makes us stronger. :) 
In particular the last 8 km (5 miles) were my struggle.  I was running low on energy stores and my legs were gently alerting me of it.  I did not develop calf cramps as I do at some hot/hilly marathons and I'm honestly believing my compressions helped with that, along with on the run fuelling and hydration. But my toes were beginning to cramp. I had to pay special attention to my footing to prevent any sort of halting what so ever. 
With only about 5k to go I played "Radioactive," and then "Reflektor" by Arcade Fire. This was my repeat song, which is 7 minutes 24 seconds long! It was such a great song for the final miles of my marathon. I hope you've tried it out. ;) 
Erin of Swift Fox took super fabulous finishing photos of me, along with a few of Matt and I. I am forever grateful. :)  

Okay, take a look below. I was not fixing my hair for finish line it appears I'm doing. My sweaty ponytail was getting hooked in my earrings and it was sort of tugging.  THAT'S what I was doing....LOL. I thought this was sort of funny. ;)

Remember how I told you that the medical volunteer was sort of stalking me? Well, here was the start of I really don't blame him though. I staggered the whole time walking up the chute and in the food tent.  I can only imagine how out of it I looked! The PEI Marathon had spectacular volunteers and were super duper well organized!
"Well, Mam, the Medical tent is just right there." 

I am really wishing I  removed my shades for this pic. :S
It may have hid my fuzzy strands! LOL

I have to tell you that all the motivating Good luck wishes and congratulatory comments motivated me to no end! I also thought of my readers on the run.  I felt like, "I can't let anyone down and I have to do as best I can." You guys are great!
Thanks again for visiting GGR! Don't forget to check in tomorrow evening to see how my first run post-marathon goes. :D
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. You inspire so many of us....sending you good luck and well wishes is the least we can do!!!!

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  3. I just saw the Reflektors on Colbert...I guess they're technically not the SAME as Arcade Fire even though they are lol. I love the song! Such a good running song! Your splits are insane, btw! (Accidentally commented as my husband, lol!)

    1. LOL...he can comment too.

      That is a great song. I think I like it because it lasts almost a mile for me, which makes time seem to go by faster ;)

      I think this is the most evenly paced marathon I've run. There's only a minute or so in difference between the half and finish. That will probably never happen again, lol.