Saturday, 26 October 2013

Food, food and more food!

Happy Weekend!

Lola wanted to pop in and say 'hi.' :) She also wanted to say "don't even think of takin' my toy!" ;) 

Teachers in my school board had a Professional Development day today. Erin and I hit up a Science Conference, even though I teach nothing but Literacy this year. Oh well, it was pretty cool and their lunch menu pretty much rocked:  Lasagna, Cesar Salad and Strawberry Shortcake!

Apparently we hadn't had enough to eat and decided after our conference was over to go out for a quick bite to eat. Say hello to Cactus Nachos! Definitely made my day. :)

When I got home I took Lola for a super long walk as a form of cross training. Even though I probably should have ran today, based on all the food I ate, I resisted the urge since I knew I'd be running both days of the weekend and I didn't want to risk an early injury since I'm in the Marathon Recovery stage. Plus, one of the workshops Erin and I went to was 'Yoga in the Classroom,' and we actually got to practice a few poses. :)  Does that count as a workout???
Check out the gloves we got in our race kits for the PEI Marathon! These are the perfect running gloves since they're super thin. They also make for nice dog-walking gloves as well. :)  

This morning I went to meet up with a bunch of local ladies for a group run. Courteney organized a meet and greet type of run for a brand new running group she recently created. It was super cool since I didn't realize there were so many people in our neighbourhood who were runners. We hit up the trail and the weather couldn't have been better.
Thanks Courteney for the photo!
The Run
3.9 miles
34 minutes
8:45 avg. pace/mile (long run pace)
When I arrived home I was a bit chilly and I decided that tea was a must. Then I realized that I bought some Strawberry Jam at a local farm when I took my students apple picking the other day. :) Toast is rapidly becoming one of my favourite things to eat....and {cough} Lola's.  
And yes, predictable me indulged in a tall PSL this afternoon when I was out running errands. I honestly don't know what I will do when Starbucks puts this baby away for the season. :(
When I was running this morning I ran with Melissa and she was wearing the perfect type of ear warmer headband. I immediately asked her how she liked it and picked one  up myself this afternoon. I'm super psyched to try it out for my morning run tomorrow. :D  With these cooler temperatures, my ball cap just isn't cutting it when it comes to chilly ears and I don't feel quite ready to set into 'toque mode' yet. :S
Okay, I know I said that I'm heading back to eating clean and healthy but, a part of my Marathon Celebration Food List, yes that is a real thing, was to visit Cherry Berry Yogurt in the city! Well when Matt asked me to go there tonight, I obviously put up a big fight and he dragged me there. Sort of. ;)  And, I wasn't excited to be there, at all. I ran into one of my grade 5 students there from last year.....I feel like they become shy for some odd reason when you see them in public, hehe.
Lola wasn't really digging the yogurt, so she settled for a timbit. :)  
I am really looking forward to running tomorrow. I'm aiming for 8-10 easy miles along the trail. I know many people who are running in a 1/2 marathon tomorrow where I went and did the full last year {Moncton, New Brunswick}. The first part of that full was super awesomely flat and the last half was a brutal nightmare, for me anyway, lol. However, I was telling Matt today that in a weird way I was envious of those runners who were racing tomorrow, even though I ran a marathon last Sunday......Runners are certainly a strange breed.
Next on my racing agenda is the Lucky 7 Relay where Courteney, Erin and I are running as the "Swift Bloggers." That should be super fun. I wonder if they'll be up for wearing our pink tutus??? ;) 
Enjoy your Sunday Runday tomorrow and thanks again for stopping by.  
Happy Running,
Heather :)
The Lucky 7 Relay is in 21 days!!!


  1. don't worry...Starbucks comes through with their Christmas drinks so you'll be covered ;) Their PSL's are really one of their best drinks though!

    Saturday's run was fun! I'm definitely feeling the pregnancy is slowing me down A LOT, but I'm still pumped to just be getting out there! Strength training today though:)

    1. Ah yes, I seem to recall a peppermint mocha that I was quite fond of. ;)

      You are seriously kicking butt with your running and working out during pregnancy! You look amazing btw. :)

  2. I'm up for tutu's any run! LOL
    What kind of froyo did you have???

    1. Yes!!! ;)

      I had a monstrous mixture of red velvet cake, birthday cake and cheesecakealicious! Super awesome!

  3. I love discovering that you are surrounded by other runners and never knew it!

    That coffee looks divine!

  4. So, what kind of ear warmers!?

    1. Hi Amy!
      It's a thick headband-type accessory that I picked up at Lulu lemon. :) It's also reversible!