Saturday, 21 September 2013

Wonderful Weekend!

Happy Weekend everyone!

Even though it's only two weeks and a bit since I've been back to teaching, I already see my weekends as precious. I made plans to run and shop my butt off this weekend! :D

Tempo Tune
I like to start off my posts with a great tune whenever I can. Here's a song that I realize isn't new, but I've only recently listened to the lyrics.  I have to admit, K'naan did an excellent job in conveying a serious issue into a pop song.  I love this song and I may have welled up on my drive to work this past week listening to Please give it a listen and add it to your running playlist. :)

It's "Fatima," by K'naan.
Secondly, if you'd like something a little more upbeat for those intervals or Tempo Runs, check out Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness." It's awesome!

As I've told you time and time again, my Thursday night run is the hardest of the whole entire week! For real. I was capital E-xhausted! Matt and Courteney told me how I'd feel so much better once I ran, but it's STILL hard to get your butt out the door when all you want to do is cozy up on the couch and watch Coronation Street.  TMI??? ;) 

I did finally decide to head out and get this 5 miler over with  My legs felt a bit sluggish and I was a little sore.  I ran easy and didn't push too hard since my weekend has back to back runs of 10 and 20 miles respectively. :0  I'll get it done, don't worry.  I just have to avoid the section of the trail where a black bear was spotted recently! Yes Mom, I'll be careful!  ;)

The Run
5 miles
40:47 minutes
8:09 Avg. pace/mile   

When I got home I indulged in some Pineapple Coconut water. Yes, I still love that stuff!!! :D

We had salmon, veggies, kale chips and brown rice for dinner on Thursday.......super tasty! This was followed by Chicken, rice and veggies on

My usual breakfasts have been oatmeal, chia seeds and whatever berries I happen to have on hand. I was out of strawberries when I took this picture so black and blueberries it was! Don't you love my Starbucks 'Canada' mug?! I have the Boston, Miami and now Canada ones. :)

A much needed much appreciated REST day. Lola and I enjoyed a nice walk after work....which is insanely busy this time of year.  I had a nice chat with Courteney on her front step and I didn't miss Coronation Street. All great things. :D

While I watched Coronation Street I decided that I'd try a plank.  I made it to 2 minutes 35 seconds.....I can do better!

I took advantage of 'not' having to get up at 6:00 today by sleeping in until was great! After I puttered around the house with laundry, vacuuming, and other odds and ends, I walked Lola.  It was a nice cool morning...perfect for running!

My schedule had 10 miles planned. I ran easy today along the trail for the first 5 miles, and then in fear of the bear, I did the last 5 miles on the main I haven't heard any word on any other sightings of the bear, but I don't want to be the one who finds him, ;) 

A plus side to running along the main road is all of the neighbours you see driving by who offer you encouragement by beeping at you. :) I saw two separate neighbours drive by me on the run home today!

The Run
10 miles
1 hr 22 min
8:13 Avg. pace/mile

My fuel for the day was blue Gatorade and Strawberry lemonade flavoured nuun water. I used the nuun water on my run and gulped down 1/2 the Gatorade when I returned home.  And then of course I followed that with a pineapple orange protein smoothie. FYI: the little black dots are chia seeds. :)

I've been dying all week long to go here....................................
Between work and running this past week I didn't make it there. Today was the day my friends. I got to go to Target! That also has a Starbucks inside! If you need me, here's where I can now be found. ;)  I enjoyed shopping while sipping a tall pumpkin spice latte.  Life is good.

Last Saturday's 1/2 Marathon
As you can see I clearly found a couple of minutes to experiment with my photo collage app to create a mosaic of me.....lame I

I also took a second to finally upload my race onto Garmin Connect.  I was super curious to check out my splits and the elevation chart. Take a look.  I've highlighted the hills for you with my fat

I am overall very pleased with my run at Maritime Race Weekend and I truly believe that if I didn't have to stop at ten k to tie my shoe, I would have broken 1 hr 40 minutes for only the second time ever.  Maybe next time. :)
New Food
Today also involved a trip to Costco. The next time I tell you I'm going to Costco on a Saturday, slap me!
Janice recommended this Qia mix to me so I thought I'd give it a try.  I really enjoyed it in my vanilla Greek Yogurt this afternoon. :)  It has chia seeds, hemp and buckwheat in it.

Well, I'm off to bed now.  Did you know I have a 20 miler in the a.m.????? Wish me luck!
Thanks for checkin' out GGR!  And Good Luck to all the folks in Newfoundland running the Huffin' Puffin' marathon tomorrow as well as Courteney who is running in the Sneaker Shredder!!!  
Happy Running,
Heather :)


  1. Good Luck on your 20 miler! I ran out of chia seeds and totally forgot to stop into Bulk Barn today to pick more up.

    1. Thanks Heidi, I'll certainly need the luck! Costco sells chia seeds for a great price too. :)