Monday, 9 September 2013

Planks, Prep & Runs

Hey everyone!

After Sunday's long-ish run, Lola and I hit up Starbucks for our weekend fix. :D  Yes, we did get soaking wet when we opened our window for the drive-through guy.  

With a pumpkin spice latte in hand, I continued on with my food prep for the week. These preparations are mainly for cooking purposes, as opposed to snacks. I like to take grab and go fruit such as oranges and bananas for snacks at work, as well as yogurt and the salty crunchy things like I showed you on Sunday's post.
Bell peppers, celery, red onion and carrots.
When all my chopping was done, I was pumped! :D Food prep makes life and healthy eating all that much easier.

The little ones are gone home for the day, and I'm refuelling with coffee at my work station....exhausted!

I shifted my training schedule around a bit this week since I'm running in the Tartan Twosome. This includes a 5k run at 7:00 p.m. on Friday and a 1/2 Marathon at 8:00 a.m. Saturday morning! Yes, I just said that. 

That being said, I ran my 5 mile run tonight, tomorrow is 10 miles and Wednesday is another 5.....Thursday, yes Thursday, is R.E.S.T.!!! Can someone tell my students that????

Monday's 5 mile run was at an easy pace. My legs were a little stiff from the previous day's 12.5 miler.

The Run
5 miles
39:47 minutes
7:58 Avg. pace/mile  

I forgot to tell you about my Sunday afternoon Plank PR butt kicker! I was determined to see the ticker go past 3:30.  It was tough, but I did it.  

How fitting is this picture below that I got from the "Women's Running Community" facebook page?! LOL

Especially after I've hit 3 mins!

As any distance runner knows, core strength is crucial.  Hard work, but crucial.  Just run a marathon or a 1/2 for that matter and try to battle late stage race fatigue with a weak core......Good luck! LOL.  I've been there tried that.  It didn't work out so well.
Knowing the importance of a strong core, I'm not always the most diligent when it comes to ab exercises.  Now when there is a challenge, like trying to beat Matt's time, I'm game!  ;)  I've been working my core much more since the beginning of August than I did this past Spring and I'm hoping I'll feel and see the benefits.
Why Plank?
To actively engage and strengthen the muscle groups highlighted below that are key to efficient running form.  :)

So there you have it.  Give these workouts a try, but listen to your body.  :)
Thanks again for stopping in and visiting GGR. Have a beautiful evening!
Happy Running,
Heather :)
Maritime Race weekend is in 4 days!!! 


  1. I love planks! I try to do 2 minutes daily, but I tend to miss days when I have really tough runs. 3+ minutes?! You're awesome!

    1. Thanks! :) I've just recently re-started doing planks. I felt so much stronger as a runner when I did them regularly so I'm giving it a try again. We'll see what happens!

  2. That photo is so me doing planks lol! You rock doing 3 minutes! I agree, meal planning and prep does make eating healthy so much easier. :-)

    1. Hahaha....I think we can all relate to that photo at times! 3 mins was super hard and I was shaking vigorously!!!

      I am definitely making Sunday afternoon food prep 'a new routine.' So far my dinners for the week have been veggied-up! :D