Friday, 27 September 2013

Evening Run & TGIF!

TGIF everyone :) 

I just love Fridays, inside and out! 

It made total sense for me to do a post here tonight since tomorrow is going to be full of running craziness including an a.m. Fun Run at Ski Martock in the Run or Dye 5k and a p.m. leg of the Rum Runner's Relay that's nearly 13 km! I am a Run or Dye virgin.  The Rum Runner's Relay however, I've done every single year since 2009!  This will be my 5th RRR and my 4th go at that creature of a Leg #8.  This leg has at least 3 nasty hills that I remember and the last mile or so always includes a strong head wind as you are heading down towards the ocean.  But it keeps me coming back for more. :)

Tempo Tune
This song may not make you run fast necessarily, but it sure is an awesome one to add to your running playlist.  It's 'Hard Sun,' by Eddie Vedder.  Heck this song is great for times even when you're NOT driving maybe.  :) Okay, I honestly think that was the first time I'd ever used the word 'heck.' It even felt strange to type it out! LOL. 

Oh and of course, I have some randomness to include.  My red daily planner for work is nearing it's end coming this December :(  But don't you just love my new owl one?! I already ditched the red Keep Calm and transferred all important dates into my new hooty one!

So, as I promised you on Wednesday, I did get out for a good run that evening.  Because I have a race on Saturday I didn't want to overdo it with 10 miles.  Therefore, I opted for a nice 8 miler.  It was totally dark by the time I got down to business so I absolutely wore my reflective vest that my FIL gave me for Christmas last year. :) 

I ran in the subdivisions surrounding my neighbourhood to avoid the main road since it wasn't daylight out.  This meant that I did a run with rolling hills, which I like doing so that my body is constantly engaged and guessing.

The Run
8 miles
1 hr 3 min
7:55 Avg. pace/mile

After work on Thursday I headed over to Cleve's, along with the rest of HRM and surrounding area, to pick up Courteney's and my race kits for the Run or Dye 5k.  How psyched am I for this race?!  Every kilometre coloured dye powder shoots out at you. :0  And yes, that is a pink tutu :D I've always wanted to do a run in a tutu!!!!

Today I rested since tomorrow includes A LOT of running.  I also have my final 20 miler this upcoming Sunday. I cannot believe that this is already my last one before I head into Taper mode!

Courteney stopped by this evening for a visit and brought along these cool coloured wired bracelets for us to wear tomorrow. :)
So thanks again for stopping by! Be sure to check back tomorrow night for some totally cool pictures of BOTH my races! ;)

Happy Running,
Heather :)

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